Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cochlear Implant Activation - Captioned

Difficulty: 0

Me: There it is.

Audi: Ok, so at this point, are we hearing anything?

Me: I hear something.

Audi: What do you hear? Just noise?

Me: No... It's just like echoing.

Audi: Of what? An echo of your own voice?

Me: Yes. Audi: How about my voice?

Me: I can't hear it, but I feel it.

Audi: so you're feeling something

Sometimes you might feel something in your face

Let me know if you're feeling anything. Me: Ok

Audi: Are you hearing anything when I move my mouth?

Me: No Audi: Nothing at all?

Me: No

Audi: How about now? Thats a little bit louder.

We are still at pretty soft levels so you might not hear anything

I don't want to make it

Me: I... Whoa.. ok.. It's like echoing Audi: Your voice?

Me: Yeah Audi: How about when I talk?

Me: Yeah, I hear you echoing too, but I don't hear you talking

Audi: What do you hear? Me: You are very, very soft

Audi: Ok, how about now? Is it becoming any more of a voice to you?

Me: No

Audi: Are you hearing noise, static, any kind of shhh

Me: No static, no noise, I'm just hearing like

Sounds like I'm on helium

Audi: Some, that's a common one, some people will say that you

sound like a chipmunk, or a robot, a duck, that's another one we get a lot


It usually doesn't sound human Me: Ok

Audi: Ok, but I want to make sure that you're not uncomfortable

At this point if you can hear anything, that's fine. We don't usually expect

much, especially since you've been deaf for a long time

so usually takes a little bit longer for an ear like yours

Me: Ok Audi: I just don't want to get above

where you can tolerate sound Me: Ok

Audi: Still ok? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Me: Ahhh... Audi: Susie sells seashells by the

seashore. Me: I am hearing it, but I can't make it

I hear myself better Audi: Yup, you will

Mommy: Oh, this is getting cool! Me: I'm hearing noise, but I just

can't make it out Audi: and that is completely normal

Me: Ok Audi: You shouldn't necessarily make

anything out today. Sometimes people do, that's what I mean

sometimes have, ya know I have to cry it's a wonderful experience

sometimes it takes a while before that happens

Me: Ok Audi: We just have to wait and see

Me: Yeah, I heard Audi: I'm sure in the chat rooms

Alright, volume wise, you're still ok? you're not uncomfortable

Me: No, I have no twitching Audi: No, good good

your not dizzy? it's not making you feeling nauseous or anything?

Me: No

Audi: Ok, how about now? Me: It's louder

Audi: It is louder, is that good or bad? In terms of the clarity, in terms of

what is coming from my mouth? Does it make it any more meaningful

when its louder? Me: It's just....

Audi: Can you tell that I'm talking if your not looking at me?

Me: It sounds like you're talking through a loudspeaker

Audi: But you could tell that I was talking

Me: Yeah Audi: That's alright

You could tell I was talking but you couldn't tell what

I was saying Me: Right

If you had to judge my volume, would you call me soft, medium or loud

I'll keep talking Me: RIght now its medium

Audi: Ok, thats a little bit louder, does that sound louder to you now?

Me: Yea, yeah. Audi: And if I talk behind this does

it still sound as muffled? Me: That might be a little too loud

Audi: How about now? Me: Ah yeah, yes

Audi: Is my voice still very muffled to you?

Me: I still can't hear, it's still very echoy

Audi: You can tell, could you make out anything I was saying?

Me: No

Audi: Does it still sound as echoy, I made a little bit of a change

Me: No, not as echoy Audi: So it sounds better to you?

Me: Yes

Audi: When I first turned you on, I had what was called an extended filter

which meant that it gave you more low frequencies

Me: Oh ok Audi: Than a standard filter, some

some people like it, some people thinks it makes them sound echoy

so I took you back to a standard filter Me: Ok

Audi: Most of the sounds in English that we need to differenciate words

are high frequency so that low frequency kept cutting out the

extended filter is ok, for clarity, you don't lose anything.

Some people that wore hearing aids their whole lives really like low

frequency informtion because that is what your hearing aids give you

so for them, the extended filter sounds really good, but for other people

it doesn't, so at this point you prefer it this way, without the extended filter

right, do you want me to go back and try it again?

Me: It is, yeah.

Audi: Ok, this is with the low frequencies extended a little bit

So it will usually will sound heavier Me: You sound almost softer

Audi: softer with this one? Me: Yes, softer, like the other one you

sound a little higher Audi: So does that help, the higher?

Me: Can you back to the...(other one) (laughing in the background)

Audi: None of these decisions are set in stone, we can switch these at any point

we are just trying to find out what sounds comfort, what comfortable

for you today Me: Ok, yeah

Me: It's, I like the other better Audi: The other one, with the extended?

Me: Yeah Audi: Yeah, that is what I expected

ok, so that is with the extended filter its on right now

now there are different ways to make a map, there one way is they have you go

in and turn on all the electrodes at once and just make them louder and talk to

the person and that is the quickest way, and then there are ways you can go in

and turn them on four electrodes at a time and using just bursts of sound

trying to find out where its comfortable to you and sort of set the program that

way and the third way is with the NRI which is the test Michelle did in the

operating room where we stimulate the implant and measure the response from

the nerve Me: Ok

Audi: and that is how they map babies and thats how they map anyone who

cannot give them what they hear, so they can say this is where the nerve has

responded and we are going to set it right about there, so there are three

different ways to do it Me: Ok

Audi: Umm, we did the easiest way which is just setting it with live voice

Me: Ok Audi: I am gonna save this map, not

necessarily gonna use it but we're gonna save it since we're done it

Me: Ok Audi: Then we're going to go in and do

it with the band Me: Ok

Audi: So I'm going to turn you off Me: Alright

(some moments later)

Audi: How is it right now? Me: I still can't make out, I hear myself

pretty clearly Audi: You do?

Me: Well, not clearly but Audi: It sounds more comfortable to you

than the other one, your own voice? Me: It sounds the same, its giving me

the same effect Audi: Yeah, it probably a certain amount

of that is going to go away the more you listen with it, so you don't want to make

a lot of changes right away because its going to change to so much on its own

we want to see where its going on its own and then make the changes we

need to later Me: Alright

Audi: Um Volume wise, you feel its not very loud?

Me: It feels ok, its comfortable Audi: Now I'm going to switch you into

fidelity 120 now Me: Ok!

Audi: Which it will probably make it seem a little bit louder

(mouse clicking in the background)

Audi: Ok, your back on, does that seem a lot

Me: It sounds good Audi: Sounds good now?

Me: Yeah, much better than the other way

Audi: Ok good, how about, so the volume is ok?

Me: Yeah, good Audi: Can you tolerate more volume

less? Would you change it all if you had control of it?

Me: Would I be able to adjust this? Audi: Yes, you will

Audi: You have a range of volume... Me: This is good right now

Audi: This is good in the middle? Me: Yeah

Audi: You will be able to go up or down so this is why we set the individual we

set several electrodes and then just interpolate between them

Me: Ok Audi: To set the map

Me: All the elctrodes are on? Audi: Yes, they are all on now

Audi: but when you were listening to the beep, that was one electrode at a time

Me: Um, hmm hmm ok Audi: So we turn them on all at once

Audi: These levels are a little lower than your other map, doesn't mean good

or bad Me: Ok

Audi: Now I want to do that test where you don't have to do anything, the NRI

the test we did in the operating room Me: Ok

Audi: Now you may hear beeps and if it exceeds and you can't stand how loud

it is, tell me to stop othewise you don't have to do anything

Me: Ok Audi: Ok

(NRI mappings are just a series of beeps and I just sat there for the most part)

Audi: Now you can look through your box Me: OK! (I like opening boxes :) )

(laughing in background)

(plastic bag crinkling)

Me: This is for when I...

Audi: This is another case Me: Ok, I love cases!

The Description of Cochlear Implant Activation - Captioned