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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English Through Movies | TITANIC

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The 1997 film Titanic is one of the most successful and iconic movies ever

Produced it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes

Who fall in love aboard the ship during its ill-fated voyage

It is absolutely full of vocabulary. You can use to sound more sophisticated and polite for this lesson

We've chosen two scenes in the first one Jack joins the first-class passengers for dinner after having rescued Rose

Having a completely different philosophy about life

The lack of compatibility between him and the rest of the dinner guests becomes strikingly obvious and make for a very interesting

And somewhat humorous conversation then in perhaps the most iconic scene from the film

Jack and Rose share a moment on the front of the ship

Unfortunately, we cannot include the full two scenes here on YouTube. You can enjoy the lesson without watching the original clips


I recommend that you watch them first by cleaning up at the top then come back here for the lesson if you're ready

Then let's climb aboard the Titanic

Tell us of the accommodations in steerage. Mr. Dawson, I hear they're quite good on this ship

Jack here has been momentarily invited to share dinner in first-class

Perhaps you could join us for dinner tomorrow evening

He comes from the steerage which in a passenger ship is the part of a ship providing the cheapest

Accommodation for passengers in the past. This is where immigrants would sleep when traveling to a faraway place

When we say accommodations, we mean a place for someone to stay temporarily

For example when you're in another city

You might need to find accommodations to stay the night on the Titanic

The passengers accommodations are the room where he or she stayed

Example the price for the holiday includes flights and accommodations

the university provides free accommodations for first-year students

Then the woman says I hear they're quite good

when we say I hear we're basically saying I know about something because someone has told me about it and

We use it to introduce a subject that we want to talk about with someone

So Barney, I hear you and Nora had a fun time at laser tag. I don't know what you heard that it was a disaster

This is different from the common expression. I hear you, which means I understand what you're saying

Like I said, we will love you back until late. I hear ya. Mrs. Dunphy you could trust me

Jack answers the question about the state of the steerage in the following way the best I've seen man hardly any rats

Ma'am is short for madam and is a word we use to address a woman in a polite and respectful way

Go back and turn the heaters on in our rooms. I'd like a cup of tea when I return

Hardly any rats means almost no rats or very few rats

Example there is hardly any traffic

This is a comical response which gives us an idea of what you could expect in the steerage area of a ship. For example

Rats wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary

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It was of some assistance to my fiance

We're going to analyze this utterance from a connected speech point of view try saying this utterance

Did you say it like this he was of some assistance

if you didn't you probably put stress on the words was and of

Resulting in he was of some assistance

These are structure words meaning you don't put stress on them another feature

You might have missed is the linking between was and of was of some was of some assistance

Another reminder is that the F in of is actually pronounced moon if you pronounce it as in

You will say off

Amy I was off by a factor of

10,000 in the following two examples of is linked with the S consonant from the word before

Months of my life glass of milk. I put 10 months of my life into this place a

glass of milk or something to wash that down with

It turns out that mr. Dawson is quite a fine artist. He was kind enough to show me some of his work today

We used this phrase to be kind enough to do something to express our gratitude for an action

Someone did we only say this in formal situations?

Example he was kind enough to hold the door open for us in the following example

We hear this phrase used together with other similar polite sophisticated vocabulary

Like the words ma'am as we've seen and pardon me which equals to excuse me

Two champagnes, please, sir

Pardon me young man. Would you be kind enough to order me a whiskey sour yes, ma'am. I can miss

Frozen I differ somewhat in a definition to find out

Not to impugn your work, sir

Somewhat means to some degree

For example, you could say that the Titanic is a large ship and this is a small one

Then this one would be a somewhat big ship meaning not as small as this one, but not as big as the Titanic you

Seem somewhat familiar if I threatened you before

I'll make a point of avoiding familiarity with pirates

Not to impugn your work, sir

Impugn means to criticize a person's character intentions, etc

By suggesting that someone is not honest and should not be trusted

This is not a very common word outside of formal settings nowadays

Yoshiko free don't dare impugn me honor boy. I

Agreed to go free but it was you to specify we're nowhere

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Where exactly do you live? Mr. Dorsen?

Well right now my address is the RMS Titanic

After that, I'm on God's good humour

Here he means that he doesn't have anything planned after being on the ship

This is not a fixed expression

But rather a creative way, he uses to say that he's at peace with letting circumstances or her God direct where his life goes

And how is it you have means to travel I work my way from place to place

You know tramp steamers and such

If you have the means to do something you have the financial resources to do something in other words

You have the money for it example. I don't have the means to travel right now, but I'm going to start saving up a

Tramp steamer is a type of ship

He uses an interesting term when he says he's worked on tramp steamers and such

Here and such means and similar things. It is also common nowadays to hear and whatnot

I've gotta go back to work defending our nation against terrorists and whatnot


But I want my ticket on Titanic here at a lucky hand at poker a very lucky hand

In the context of card games your hand is the group of cards that you've received or you get dealt

Two deal cards means to distribute the cards among the players

Later in the scene Jack uses this expression

He never know what hand are gonna get dealt next in this case. He's speaking metaphorically to say that in life

Sometimes you have luck and sometimes you don't

He did win his ticket to the Titanic on a bet by playing poker. Sorry mama funk goolah

'du you bet I'm sorry. You're not gonna see your mom again for a long time

Cuz we're going to America

Now say

Did you say it like leo or the lucky hand at poker

But I want my ticket on Titanic here at a lucky hand at poker at like all prepositions

Most of the time is reduced to its weak form listen carefully

I'll meet you tomorrow at 10:00 at the office in Leo's phrase at is followed by a which is another word

Which you need to articulate with very little or no emphasis at all

So you say it like this out of lucky hand?

What are you doing at a high-school dance?

This came at a bad time for George senior

one day at a time penny

One day at a time Oh life is a game of luck a real man makes his own luck

To make one's own luck means to rely on one's skill ability and perseverance to capitalize on

Opportunity rather than relying solely on luck itself

Example she's a successful businesswoman who's made her own luck. And you find that sort of rootless existence

appealing to you

Literally roots are the part of a plant that grows underground

Figuratively speaking. A person's roots are his home work relationships, etc

We can use the phrase to put down roots, which means to do the things necessary for a stable life

Getting married buying a house having children

But Jack's life is different as he doesn't seem to have nor want a place to call home

So that's why the woman says he has a rootless existence. Of course, she's being very rude here

appealing means pleasing or

Attractive having qualities that people like if you find something appealing or something is appealing to you

It means that you like that thing

Example her singing is very appealing to me. I find her singing very appealing

Well, yes, ma'am, I do

I mean, I've got everything I need right here with me. I've got air in my lungs and a few blank sheets of paper

Jack is saying here. His needs to be happy are very simple. He just needs oxygen and paper to draw as he is an artist

Jack I want you to draw me like one of your french girls

Wearing this all right

Wearing only this


Mean I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or who I'm gonna meet

Where I'm gonna wind up

Wind up it means to arrive or end up in a specified state situation

Or place without planning it the past form of this phrase a verb is wound up

Psychologically speaking. It's perfectly normal to wind up with someone like your parents

Next to my mom will probably wind up with someone who loves my brother more than me

Can you think of an example where you could apply this phrasal verb to something that happened in your own life?

For example, I didn't expect to move to Barcelona. I just wound up here after teaching English and Galicia Spain

Just the other night

I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people

Rand is an adjective that means impressive especially because of size importance, etc

This is perhaps why the famous Canyon in Arizona is named the Grand Canyon at?

The time of his existence the Titanic was said to be the grandest ship in history. I

Figured life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it

To intend on doing something is to plan or want to do something

This is the verb form of the phrase to have the intention of doing something

You can say intend on doing something or to do something

And then I intend to return here tomorrow

I intend to free my father. I hope you wanted to see it. I can't let you do that by them

Hey, are you a Leonardo DiCaprio fan?

Well, then I highly recommend you check out this new playlist that features all the lessons that we've made with him

You can watch that after you finish this lesson by clicking up at the top or down in the description below

You'll learn to take life as it comes at you boy you go count

To make each day count

If you take something as it comes you deal with it in the moment rather than planning for it

This is again another way in which he expresses that he's happy to accept life as it is

To make something count means to ensure that the maximum benefit is obtained

Example you'll only have one opportunity to impress the interviewer

So you better make a count if you make each day count you live each day to the fullest

I changed my mind

This is a very common expression that we use to say we have changed our decision plan or opinion about something

Hey Mike. Yeah, I changed my mind. I don't want to do this

Then as Jack instructs rose on what to do he says

Keep your eyes closed

To peek is to look at something briefly or to look at someone or something secretly especially from a hidden place

Jack here. Simply doesn't want her to open her eyes just at that moment

Did you fly in an airplane today?

Yes, I did

No peeking did we pot roast for dinner tonight?


Then although the phrases hold on to and hold on look similar

They mean different things

When you hold on to something you make your hold or grip tighter so that you do not drop it

Or do not fall as there on the edge of the ship

She needs to hold on to the railing. So she doesn't fall on the other hand

Hold on by itself is simply a phrasal verb. That means wait

Example, hold on. I will help you once I get off the phone

Also, don't forget that you can test your English by watching the clip a final time without subtitles and answering some quiz questions by

clicking the link in the description now, it's time to go beyond the classroom and

Live your English. Oh, yeah

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