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Hello, everybody. My name is Markiplier and welcome back to West of Loathing!

Now, we got done with all the sheriff stuff,

And we got done with all the bar stuff, except for Susie, who I don't know how to please just yet.

But I believe that now we can buy a horse. OR we can figure out how to learn dickering.

And I don't know how you learn dickering, but I imagine it's gonna be a book. But I have no idea. Either way.

Oh. Aw, I don't have enough! Ah, this looks like a good horse. Who's "the most typical horse you've ever seen".

Is there anything special about it? It can whinny.


Hey, I got another needle! Is there needle in every haystack? "Afternoon, sir. What can I do for you?"

"How's business?" "Oh, you know, everyday I'm hostlin'. To tell you the truth, it's pretty terrible.

All my horses keep running away. Well except for this completely ordinary one."

"That's rough. Maybe I can help."

"Oh god, yes! Thank you! Please I'd go fetch them myself except for this injury.

I'll give you 300 meat each for finding them."

"How many are there?"

"Three. Here, let me see your map. They pretty much always runaway to the same places"

He draws three little pictures on your map. "Orehole Mine",

which is where the shovel is.

I discovered the new "Boring Springs Boneyard" and "Thousand Snakes Gulch".

"Why these places?"

"I think they like environments that are.. thematically *giggling* appropriate.

Here. When you find one, feed it some of these oats. That should send it back here."

A bag of *giggling* homing oats..?

"How does that work?" "They're special pigeon-infused oats."


I'll just I'll accept that as reality.

I got another needle. K don't mind as I skate off through the poop.

Okay so, I now have locations... with which I can gooo

I'm gonna go to Ore Hole Mines first because I know,

that there's something behind the outhouse.


Hey! He wasn't kidding. Not that this would have been a funny thing to

*giggling* kid about I guess...

I got a shovel, so with this shovel.

Oh, there's still some mea-MEAT ORE?

Oh! That's where they get all their meat

From the MEAT MINE

I got fifty meat! Well good for me

I feel bad for just slopping through that meat. Got a mug.

I don't know what's going on over here, but let's go in the mine.

Hello. oooh. Dark and spooky. Alright

"The mechanism is labeled 'Cargo Elevator Control'.

A poster on the wall behind reads:

Blasting Cap storage, plungers.. both kinds.. and tools.

Where do you want to send the cargo elevator?"

Well, I don't know yet. So I'm gonna leave that

alo-ooooooooOOoh not ready

I gotta look around a lil' bit first.

*giggling* unrefined

You find a disgusting chunk of meat ore you got 'unrefined meat nugget'.



"This looks dangerous. At least there's no plunger hooked up to it."

Oh! That kinda plunger. That's what you're talkin about.

I guess I'll send it to...



Am I- I'm not in that am I?


Ohhhhhh Blasting Caps

"The period is part of the label. That's why it's inside quotes like that." Okay.

"Dangit. Looks like you're gonna need a crowbar to pry one of the crates open."


How about 'tools' then?

So I need tools... to be able to pry open the crate..

and then plungers.. di-uh-to do something about that.

Alright "Pick a lock" ohhh...

Yeaaahhh alright! Needle ruined but that's okay

because there were two needles in that haystack.

Alright. Got a crowbar.. which is good..

So now all I need to do.. is turn down.. this volume goddamn it.

But then I need to open this Blasting Cap thing.

Got a Blasting Cap... and then if I get a plunger I won't blow myself to smitheroons.

Which is something that I don't want to do in this mine...

..of meat.. and add my meat to the collection.


I don-uh there was a sign attached to that I guess I didn't read it.

Can't get past this rubble.. well then good.

Hook the plunger up.

"Fighting against your instincts for self-preservation you've

hooked up a plunger and strung it a fair distance away."

That doesn't seem fair enough!



Let's go for this.

"You press the plunger You forgot to hook up the blasting cap."

Well ain't I stupid?

"Once you've succeeded in putting yourself *giggling* in grave danger."

Let's see.




Well that went awfully better than I thought I did..

Oh! .... Hello!

Good meat.. oh 'dig'.. I got a silver nugget.

Much better than *giggling* a meat nugget I guess..


"You see the dark horse. Barely. Approach her."

"Hey girl it's okay, I'm a friend."

*really close to microphone* winny.

"The horse shies away from you, though in this case it's more like

*giggling* 'cripplingly introverteds away from you."

"Aw c'mon, don't be like that. Look, I brought some oats for you.

They aren't poison or nothin."

"In retrospect, I guess that wasn't a very comforting thing to say."

I'll pat you on the nose.. horses like that right?

Your big old snooter.

"You reach out to pat her nose, the horse ducks and steps further back into the shadows."

"Aw, c'mon" How about some oats?

"Here you go. Yum yum?"

"She sidles away from you warily and makes a surprisingly good attempt at hiding in her own shadow."

"Come on, please?" *giggling* I'll eat the oats myself

Won't that cause me to home?

Look, they're fine. You take a handful of bag and toss them in your mouth. *Eugh*

It's like the roughest blandest breakfast cereal you've ever eaten

still it's better than dry cat food..

Don't ask. You smile to show the horse that you're fine, and realize that you've

unconsciously turned around and walked out the door. *giggling* Jeez, these are powerful."

"The horse looks at you warily as you re-enter with a cheerful wave. See? Perfectly fine."

How 'bout some oats? "Here you go. Yum yum?" Alright.

How about a nose pat? Ah ah "doesn't actually flee". Now oats?

"Warily, begrudgingly, she eats them then she gestures at something behind you. You turn around to look,

but don't see anything when you turn back she's gone."

Alrighty, then. Well, that's a convenient game mechanic that somehow made me able to get that horse back to town.

That's one down, but also whoo

God that looks weird

I'm gonna go back to town real quick because,

You'd go to town because there was a- there was a digging hole over in yonder- what? oh. "Shovel it"?

*Stammering* I did- it's nasty wo- I didn't want to shovel it!

*Grumbling* I didn't wanna

Okay, I got "mysticality" from shoveling poop. That makes a whole lot of se- oh whatever. Alright?

We'll forget that happened. Alright. Whelp, I hope it's down to grateful for what I done did. I got another mug, okay?

I'll return the mugs later when I actually have enough to return but now we need to go to south

Maybe going to Thousand Snakes Gulch wasn't the best idea, but here we- ow. These rocks are really shining.

Oh, we got a shiny rock.

Ow. Ow. Dangit.

Hello. Snake looks sleepy, but not that sleepy. I'll leave it alone. Ah. Well, can't leave alone alright. Let's go for this the first. Oh


Melee. Bam! Whoa

I'm a good snake puncher too. I thought I might be only a cow punching kind of Cowboy but not so whoa

I punched it's neck broken.

The poor sleepy rattlesnake. Why did I do that?

That's so mean

Alright, whatever. Another one. "Well, I guess it's not called one snake Gulch." Alright. Hey, whoa these jerks are quick

I guess he's not so sleepy. No mo'.


Poison? What a bunch of stupid. Oh this one's a toughler.

Toughler yeah, that's word. I know I know I know well bam

Take some of that home with you when you're dead, and you can't go home because everyone knows that you're dead

Are you intimidated by my incredibly stupid walk?

"The snake looks really angry! You're gonna need every trick in the book to beat this one. I'm good at tricks."

I think I am anyway, oh

Alright, let's see what else we got. What is uh how ok, what is a shoot that don't do nothing beef up, ooh?

I should probably do that. Will not end my turn. I'm beefy baby, and then I'm gonna hit you good

Yeah, how do you like my beefed up hitting fists. These whalers are a bit more meaty than they once were. I got a backpack

full of meat and a single meat nugget. You want that in your face?

I don't think so. You take it back with you when you die. Alright. I got

I got

skill up in gumption.

"Whole cowboy thing doesn't work out, you could always get a job as a snake exterminator." Ow. Yow.

This horse looks- has gone snake-crazy? Or maybe use some other kind of crazy before. Right, hello

"Hey there, boy. Hey, fella. I'm a friend" NnneeRRgh!

It's okay. It's cool, all right? Be cool. Don't freak out on me.


Alright. I'm gonna look him in the eyes

You calmly look at the horse in the eyes. One of them is fixed in a glassy thousand-yard stare

And the other is revolving madly in its socket like he's trying to escape it in every direction

simultaneously. It looks to be calming down a little now that it's clear you are actually aren't made of spiders, though. Pat his nose.

You carefully and gently pat the horse's nose.

He twitches a bit, okay a lot

But he seems to recognize that you aren't going to eat his eyes or suck out his soul

Or whatever madness is bouncing around in that skull of his. That's a good boy. Erng. Feed him oats. You hungry?

I got a little treat for you. Snrf. You feed the crazy horse some homing oats,

and it gallops away with a whinny. Or rather a whiNyaRgle.

Hopefully, he's headed home and not into the 12th dimension. Cool. Alrighty, then well accomplish that. Anything else over here?


Oof! I managed to snag on every single one of those. How about the graveyard?

Ooh, spooky. Our founder, Zephaniah Boring. He was actually a really interesting guy. Dirty mug.

Benjamin Crockett. Well. He showed up

waaay too

early. Ah.

Should I dig this up? It's gonna be a fight. Beauregard Skel- what is that guy doing over there?

I'll get to you in a second, sir. I'll be right with you

don't worry about a thing. I got to fight this skellington apparently.

Oh. That's awesome.

Get beefy!


Alright. Now I'm gonna get beefy.

Bam! Oh,

how you like that? Ow. Ow! You dare attack Mumflr Fumperdink?

I'll show you what f- oh, it needs three hits. Well, this gonna be a bit more,

it's gonna be a bit more grievous than I thought it would. Bam!

My cow punch knows no limits. Hey! I got muscle up!

I got an old cavalry saber, and I got a gold tooth. That's good. Can I actually use that cavalry saber?

It seems like it might be better than my brass knuckles. Be that they may be grandma's, or what have you?

Let's see. Oh yeah! That's better.


Also, anything else that I got here. I could- I could actually use the- the broken board as a weapon,

but I'll hold onto it for just a little bit longer

Eugh. Chunk of mostly worthless rock shot through with veins of gristle and flesh and, well, veins.


Is it actually alive? Is that- is that- that whole like mine alive?

Oh. A skeleton. You're not getting past it without a scuffle.

Why am I not getting past it without a scuffle? That don't make no sense. That don't make a lick of sense.

*game moos*


I'm beefy, baby. Hi- oh my God!

That saber was worth it and getting beefy got too beefy. Oh, I'm not really a cowpuncher anymore,

I'm more cow slicer. Tough customer level two. What does this mean? What are these? What are these attributes?

What in the hell is this? Ready to- you're rough and tumble, rowdy and ready to rumble?

Intimidatin'. You have a way of getting what you want. That's so nice.

Look at me. Look at me with all my gumption and clicker and grit.


The alliteration is nice.

Oh, it's a ghost horse. Your pulse quickens as you get near the spooky translucent horse.

You approach to the weird semi-transparent horse cautiously, so as not to startle her,

though you quickly come to realization that this is not a horse that startles easily. Hello there. I'm a friend okay.


That's a little strange, how'd you do that without opening your mouth?

Well, I doubt I could pat her on the nose,

but I'll give it a go.

You pat the horse's nose, which is very cold. If you were going to ride her, you would want an extra saddle blanket to keep your

butt from freezing.

Pat her nose again. Yep, still cold. Yep, still cold. Yep. N'alright, still cold. Still cold.

I got a funny feeling there's something at the end of this train,

but I don't know if I should actually find out because it seems pretty stupid. I'm very cold.

Unbelievable. Alright, fine. Feed her the oats. Here you go, have some ats. You hold out a handful of oats for the horse,

but she just sort of stares right through you. Brr. Please don't look at me like that.

Try the oats again. What's the matter are they not spooky enough? I'm not sure how to make oates spooky.

I guess I could put some bone meal in them, but I don't have anything handy to grind up bones with. Grave dirt? Whiiiinny~

Is that a yes? Weird, okay. Add some grave dirt. Sprinkle the oats with just a little bit of grave dirt and hold them out again.

The horse gazes expressionlessly at them, then eats them.


That's weird. Why does the horse guy sell a ghost horse?

How's that even gonna work? Timothy Cochran, devoted husband. Elizabeth Cochran, beloved daughter?

Silas Cochran, a baby.


no, that's sad. And why can't I go past here? What can't I do anything?


I'm so mad!

Alright, fine. Time to get back to town. I gotta return these, um, I gotta return all these doober dabbers.

Oof, jeez. That's a- that's a new one.

I don't think I've seen that one before. Hey, I got a bunch of bar things. I got these mugs.

75? Good god, that's not nearly enough. I deserve more, but whatever. Alright, I got your horses back.

I don't know how you spotted him hiding in the mine, but thanks for sending back my dark horse. Sure thing

Looks like my pale horse made it back safe. Thanks for your help. Thanks for finding my crazy horse.

He was eating locoweed, wasn't he? Not that I noticed. That's all of them. I can't thank you enough. Here's a little extra for you.

Thank you!

Afternoon sir, what can I do for you? You said something earlier about an injury?

Yeah, I busted my knee while I was mucking out the showroom don't ask how. It's embarrassing.

I was gonna ask Doc Alice to have a look at it, but she gave up doctorin'.

Why'd she do that? Nobody knows. She just shut herself up in her office.

Said she wouldn't talk to anybody except Nurse Whiskey. Is that an actual nurse or? I'm pretty sure she was just being sarcastic.

I see.

Alrighty then. Well, where is Nurse Whiskey? I mean, where's nurse nurse nurse?

What's the sheriff up to? You doin' anything sheriff? Later. All right, never mind then. Where's his whiskey?


Oh, I got whiskey!

Whiskey delivery for you, Doc. What brand? Nurse Whiskey. Your favorite I'm led to believe?

Didn't know she made house calls. All right, hold on. You hear a rattle issue unlocks door.


Why am I invited- oh, excuse me while I slide on the floor.

Doc Alice looks to be about in her fifties. Her hair is graying and her face is lined,

but her eyes are still clear and sharp -- if bloodshot. She holds out her hand. "Whiskey. Stat." No. "What the hell'd

I let you in for then?" I shrug.

Okay, nevermind- why is- why- why is there? Yeah, shouldn't this be further away from the fireplace? Given my limited experience with whiskey.

I mean, explosives. That seems bad. The stove is spotless. Either she's really compulsive about cleaning, or she never cooks.

All right, well

Wow, yeah, let's see. Hey Doc, can I give you a look at your books? That sounded weird,

but you know I don't know how to word good

There you go. She cracks open the pot of whiskey and filled a small flask she takes out of her pocket.

She then puts the flats back in her pocket and starts chugging out of the bottle. Jeez Doc, that doesn't seem healthy.

But then again, I'm not a doctor.

Whose the doctor here? Me or you? Okay, point taken. Alrighty then.

Can I take a look at your books? Sure if you want to. Not that they're gonna do you much in this doomed forsaken hellhole.

Jeez, try to be less cheerful, Doc. You survey the books on Alice's shelf. You got a book on dickering?

Is that a medical procedure of which I can know about nurse... Doc. You're a doctor, not a nurse.

I'm not any of those. But dickering, that's the subject of which

I want to know more about. I mean I can summarize what it could mean from the words dick and

-ering. I know all about those two, but combining them as to eludes me.

All right, you take care of yourself. All right, 'Legend of Curly's Meat'. This book seems a lot like dickering!

Who's Curly and why is his meat

curly? Alright, 'The Life and Work of Fred Ferguson', 'The Goblinoid Tongues: A Primer'.

Oh! I should have read that before I killed the goblin shouldn't I have? Uh. Well that would have been nice. Oh well

Let's go Curly's meat. The book tells the story of a legendary treasure -- a massive chest full of premium meat

secreted in the hidden sense, not the extruded sense, in

the Western Desert by an old cowhand anmed Curly Butterfield.

All right, wait. Didn't I kill Curly Butterfield? Wasn't that the guy that I killed?

The life and Works of Fred Ferguson. Alright. Civil war surgeon's

autobiography. Flipping through, you mostly find reasons to drink alcohol is bad, so it's actually a ludicrous speculative fiction.

Haha. At least there are some useful appendices in back, and some diagrams of appendices.


You start flipping through the goblin language book. It's confusing at first,

but eventually get so engrossed by it that you take time break from your reading several blurfs have passed

You also know that blurf is the Goblin word for hour. You've learned to speak Goblin, sort of. All right fine then,

Yep, should have sone that before I killed that Goblin.

Oh well. This vanity doesn't look like it sees much use. I'm gonna preen. Excuse me. Grab the tweezers and pluck some of your more slightly

eyebrows. All right.

Is everything all right?

That depends on how fast I can give this whiskey into my bloodstream compared to how fast my liver filters it out.

And I can't talk and drink at the same time so... So, uh, I mean, what's the matter doc?

What's the matter the whole world's gone to hell in a horse cart and you ask

"what's the matter?" Bandits, cow demons, cow demons? Is that when the cows came home? Dead Men walking?

Why don't you go ahead and pick one,

and I'll drink to that. Dead Men walking?

You haven't seen it?

Corpses and skeletons staggering around like puppets with half their strings cut, looking to take a bite out of living?

Oh, yeah, there was a skeleton in the cemetery. It's nice to get some outside confirmation that I'm not losing my damn mind

How is that even possible? It isn't possible. It goes against everything I know about medicine. Dead patients don't get back up. Patients?

Oh, ouch, oh

Every doctor loses one now and again. You never get used to it, but... well, it happens.

But what doesn't happen is them coming back afterwards and looking for revenge. That must be pretty rough. Rough? Buddy,

I don't think you comprehend the situation. It's not just patients, it's neighbors, friends...

husbands. Oh shit, okay. Um indeed.


Woof. Whoopidoopidoop woopidoop. Just gonna-just gonna skedaddle my way out of that situation,

and scoo my butt to relieve myself of what's going on. Let's see. You're not allowed in Topeka anymore, remember?

Why not? I only left home. It's not really that I...

it's not really anything about that, but hang on let me go back because I want to confirm

there was some treasure about

Wilson Wilson Beauregard, Skeleton Captain ah

Maybe not maybe not all right, whatever whoo

I'll go back all right, so I don't know if there's anything else to do besides buy a horse

But let me just double-check on everything here, and then maybe there's something else. Nah, just want to say hi.

How's it going Susie Cochran? Oh?


I saw the graves in the cemetery.

I'm sorry for your loss. Oh

I saw it happen. Saw the whole damn thing happen, and I couldn't do nothing about it. The bartender said it was cows?

Cows, right. I don't know what those things are, but they ain't cows. Not anymore.

What happened? It was a raid. See, Ma and Pa used to ranch cattle, back before... well, before they came home.

Pa didn't make it, but Ma and I managed to rebuild. We ranched pigs instead, and she left me the place when she passed. Go on.

Well, I guess a passing herd sniffed out that it used to be a cow ranch, and they attacked. Couple days ago.

Happened so fast,

I didn't even have time to get my rifle out of the gun safe.

Cows smashed in the front door and a fire started out back by the root cellar. House went up in blazes,

just like that. What did you do?


There wasn't anything I could do.

Couldn't get upstairs to the kids 'cause of the fire, and I saw Tim trampled right in front of me. I just...

I ain't want to talk about it anymore.

She refills her mug. What will you do now? Head

west, I suppose nothing keeping me here, and no desire to stay. I can't leave without my rifle, though.

Why not? It was Ma's rifle. It's all I got left of... of anybody.

Left it at the ranch like a damn fool. Listen can I ask you a favor?

I need someone to go get it for me. Yeah, I'll go get it. Of course

I will! Of course I will, Susan Cochran. I'll be right back as I tumbleweed away.

I'm perfectly capable of doing this. But man, that's a sad tale.

Cochran ranch. Ah, that's a damn shame

Woof, this thing was burned to ground. All the water in this trough has boiled away.

Hoo, boy.

Yeesh. I think my stupid walking is a bit out of place here. Oh

Theeee fudge

are you doing back there? Good thing I'm a cowpuncher. I'm go through it anyway. Ooh. Uh oh.

Anybody here? Let me tuck and roll.

Somebody in the middle of fixing a knife. I got a varmint skinning knife. Is that better than my knife?


Think the calvary's still better.

Oh! Allows you to collect skins from beasts after combats.

Now, is that only if I equip it or is that without? The only way I'll know is if I don't equip it and use it,

right? These pies were... not safe. Oh.

What the hell are you? Hey! Who are you?

This thing looks angry. You're not gonna make it to the safe without dealing with it. I'm gonna deal with it.

Hey! You're not the only one that can beef up. Look at me.


I'm so beefy now. You want to mess with me. I got a lot of beef. Ha! Whoa. You can't stand up to thi-


How do you do that? Light me on fire?

That seems a little bit unnecessary, but I won anyway, so it's good. I got glamour. oh, I'm glamorous.

Oh ho.

It's the Cochran's family gun safe. Grab Suzy's rifle? Okay!

Well, I got that. La di da da da. This isn't disrespectful at all to walk stupidly around here.

The outhouse is the only thing standing. Eek, yeow, dang it, oof, ah -



I still hear that. You should be dead, so I'm going to cartwheel off to safety. Excuse me. All right. Let's go back.

Susie. Suzanne. I got your gun!

Ahh. Doodley doodley doo~

Hey! You find my rifle yet, stranger?

Yep, here she is. Susie's eyes well up with tears as you hand her the rifle,

and she roughly scrubs her sleeve across her face before any of them spill over. Thanks stranger. I didn't catch your name?


Mumflr. Thanks Mumflr. Can't rightly say what this means to me.

She looks at the rifle for a long moment, then looks back up at you. She sighs.

Well, that's enough wallowin' in misery. Time for me to hit the road. If you want me to tag along with you

you head west, you just say the word. Sounds good, Susie!

I'm a handstand over here. 'Scuse me. Wanted to see if maybe there was anybody down here, like any Goblin

traces left over that I could possibly scour through.

Let's see. Alright? I don't know when I'm heading west, but I think I can buy meself a something. What's it with you?

Wait, who me? Oh, wait. Oh?

I be mining these mountains longer than a deft left-handed sandpiper can whistle Dixie. Uh-huh. Okay?

Is a- that there's a right shiny rock you got, stranger!

I'll give you seven meat for the rock. That doesn't seem like a lot.

Suit yourself.

Notices the nugget of silver you found earlier.

I'll take that old silver nugget off your hands, if you like. Give you eighty-one meat for it. No, thank you.

You ain't seem like someone got much use for unrefined ore, stranger. I'll buy it off'a you for

73 meat.

Alrighty, then. Well, what if I- what if I change my mind? I'm gonna change my mind.

I'm gonna sell all these to you. Take that. Thank you. Take that. Thank you. Take that. Thank you

Pete's eyes narrow as the gears start to click in his head.

He fixes his gaze on you, and the tick in his eyelid seems more pronounced. Listen, kid. All this stuff I been buying from ya...

You been spending time underground, ain't'cha? Well, you listen to old Pete's advice: You'll stay outta Orehole

if you know it's good for you. There's stuff down on the 40th level that ain't worth messing with if a fella wants keep his eyes...

if you catch my meaning. Not sure I do, but I'm about to go down there, immediately, now. All right, well.

I am literally gonna go down there. All right. Well,

let's go to Orehole and find out what's on the 40th level.

Doodlee doodlee do skadoodalee do~


Let's see, suddenly you remember that weird thing that Pete said about level 40. Is that real thing?

All right.

What's at level 40?


It's a strange black chest.


A wave of nausea hits you as you slide a heavy lid off the chest. Inside, there's a hat.

It looks...


Not in an abstract way -- it has eyes, and they look like the eyes of a murderer

And it has teeth, which look like the teeth of an animal who would be murder if animals understood the concept of murder.

Well, I think they kinda do, but maybe not in that sense

I'm going to put on the hat.

Yeah, I'm putting it on. You have a sense of foreboding something tells you this is a bad idea. It's me. I'm telling you

this is a bad idea. If you want to put this hat on, you won't ever be able to take it off, and things will

be much harder for you.

It will be as though your life is a game, and that game's difficulty level and greatly increased, if you catch my meaning

I'm gonna put on the hat! Bring it on! Things haven't been that hard anyway!

Maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I should. Ah but I'm just- ahh I want to wayyy

Ugh, it's such a nice hat, maybe. Ah! I'm so confused! Ah! What do I do?

I'm gonna put on the hat!

You got item: hard hat. You grab a terrible hat and put it on your head. You hear a sigh of pleasure

coming from above your foreheadas you feel the hat's teeth sink into your skull.

This is gonna be great, a voice whispers.

Well, that was bad idea.

Well, I hope you like a bunch of stupid walks, Hard hat. So anyway, that might have been a horrible mistake

But I'm gonna live with it now because I could not resist the idea of putting on a cursed hat.

How could I resist that? It's a cursed hat!

I did it anyway!

Let me see what the old man actually says about it, then I'll end the episode there.

He's probably gonna be really pissed, but hopefully hilariously see. What do you say Pete? Oh?

Alright never mind. Don't mind the fact that I got an evil hat on me. So anyway,

Thank you everybody so much for watching. That was probably a horrendous error,

but I don't regret it in the least. So, thanks again everybody for watching,

and, as always, I will see you in the next video.


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