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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today's video I'm going to be doing my most ever extreme

declutter and room transformation. I'm going to be tackling our garage, which is by far

the worst room in our house. You've probably never even seen it because I would never put

it on video because it is that bad and I'm so embarrassed. I often call it my Monica

closet because if anyone walks in there they're like "Whoa," it is so bad. We've just been

putting things in there, you know like because it's out of sight, I guess it's out of mind

and we just keep putting things in there and in there and you can barely open the door

now and basically it really gets to Matt as well whenever he needs to find a tool or anything,

suitcases and stuff, it's quite stressful. So he's been meaning to clear it out for so

long. But as a Father's Day present to him, I'm going to surprise him by cleaning it all

out, reorganizing everything and hopefully making it look a million times better. I'm

going to do that today because he's actually gone away for the weekend for a stag do. So

he's away for two nights and three days, but I only really have today to tackle this because

tomorrow's the weekend so the boys will all be at home. So I have some friends helping

me. I don't have just one, not two, but I have three friends that are going to come

over for a few hours today and just help me pull everything out, chuck everything. I feel

like I should have got a skip maybe, but I didn't because there was no way I could get

a skip here and have it away by the time that Matt got back.

So I've just lowered all the seats in my car and I'm going to hopefully put things into

the car and then take things to the skip if they need to be. I'm going to try and be so

brutal with this and just chuck out anything that we don't use or reach for anything. I

tend to even like put boxes in there and old toys the kids used to play with. There's just

so much stuff. I have been completely dreading it. But I'm going to face it today and I'm

going to share it with you guys. So I hope you enjoy this video. If you do, give it a

thumbs up. And if you're new, I'd love for you to subscribe and stick around for more

cleaning content. Without further ado, I'm going to show you how bad it is.

This is it guys. I'm so embarrassed. It's not even a full single garage. It's kind of

like half a garage because we used some of the garage for our extension. But as you can

see it's just a total mess. Like things just get chucked in here. I tend to hang onto boxes

for some reason. I don't know what's wrong with me. So yeah, we're going to just take

everything out and Marie Kondo it all. This is the garage from the other side when it's

open, so you can't even get in there. There's the lawn mower, random suitcases everywhere.

I'm so embarrassed. First off, my friend Juliette and I are just

going to tackle this head on and pull everything out of the garage. As we were pulling things

out, we were putting them into three different piles. We had one pile of things to keep,

one to throw and, one to donate. And we did have to be careful because it was like Jenga

in there, the way that everything had just been piled up on top of each other. And I

also had Jackson on this day, you may have noticed. Normally if I was going to do a task

like this, I would ask Matt's mom to help me with childcare, maybe have him for a few

hours, but she was also on holiday and I really wanted to do this while Matt was away. So

I just decided to go for it. And do you know what? He was actually really good. He was

pretty excited by some of the things that we were finding. He also had a nap and the

iPad as well for a bit. So it wasn't ideal, but you know what? We managed to do it and

I'm really pleased that we did. We're just going to pull everything out.

For the record.


For the record.


Right. We have pulled all of it out. This is the way it's looking right now. Everything's

on the drive pretty much. We've been saving this sideboard so that's going to stay, but

we really need to sweep, hoover, and I've also bought some garage flooring to put down

because I didn't want to paint the floor. I just thought it'd be too messy. I also have

loads of tiles here I don't know what to do with, but this is all the to-keep pile.

Next up, we swept the garage floor and it was so very disgusting. We also hoovered it

and then our floor arrived. Right. This is the garage flooring that I ordered and I thought

it was just going to be like a soft almost like play matte but it is like proper strong

garage flooring and there's just so much of it. I think I over ordered, which is just

great. I've got more to get rid of. Also the delivery man wouldn't take the pallet back,

so I'm stuck with a pallet as well now. Just like look at all this. I don't know how we're

going to get it all back into the garage. I don't know how we're going to get it all

back in but just my friends hoovering in there now.

Once the floor was clean, I also washed down the shelves because they were really dusty

and dirty as well. These are really old shelves. They were here when we bought the house and

then we have a couple other ones from Ikea, but I didn't want to spend loads of money

on new shelving for a room that no one will really see except for us. So I just kept the

old shelves as they were. After that, my friend Juliette started to try and sort and work

out where our new storage boxes should go. I got all of these on Amazon. I'll link them

down below. I measured these shelves before I ordered them. Then really it was just a

case of going through the things that were in the to-keep pile and sorting them further.

I tend to keep every gift bag that I ever get given and I had so many, so I kind of

split them into which ones were actually good enough to keep, which ones were Christmas,

which ones were birthday, and I made a whole storage box of just gift wrapping, ribbons,

bags and boxes so that the next time I have to wrap a present it'll be really nice and

easy. We did that with everything and we also laid

the floor. Here my friend Donna was having a go. It came with this big mallet. It was

really easy to do. You just have to start from the front of the garage backwards and

I watched a little YouTube video on how to do it before we actually undertook it, but

it was pretty fun. You'll see Jackson there. He was really interested. And don't judge

me. We found Fruit Shoots while we were doing the garage. I did like water this one down

because he is so very young but I was like "Just have it, it's fine." He's also just

woken up at this point. Yeah, we just like laid the floor. As I said, it was super simple

to do. You just have to give it a good whack and it does feel very secure and like durable.

We're finally getting somewhere now. I feel like I haven't been able to show you and like

film as much as I've wanted to but there's been so many of us running in and out and

it's like a lot of heavy lifting. Whereas when I do like a declutter video inside, I

just like move the tripod and then move it again. But this is like, it's been like quite

a lot. So I've done two skip runs now. All things just to chuck like things that we've

hung onto like extra skirts and bought extra tiles just in case one day one of them gets

damaged and then we need it. There's just been so much stuff. Also baby stuff. I have

so many weaning books to donate, so many toys. I need to fill up the car now with like loads

more to donate.

[inaudible 00:00:07:43].


[inaudible 00:00:07:45].

Yeah. You're in one of the storage boxes. Now our task is to-

[crosstalk 00:07:52] we're just doing puzzle game.

Yeah, we're doing the puzzle game, aren't we? Yeah. Now we just need to sort out into

piles what is going to go into these big plastic containers. Luckily he had a two hour nap

so we were able to get so much done in that time.

[inaudible 00:08:09].

He can't talk but when the camera goes to him, he just does gibberish. But if any of

you tackle your garage, I totally recommend getting help from friends and family, especially

if you have little ones because I basically have to get it all done like during school

hours from 9 till 2:30 so I'm so glad that there has been four of us because it is a

huge job. Like you can't believe how much you can ram into a very tiny garage.

So before the school run, we managed to put everything that I was going to keep back into

the garage so that there was nothing left on the drive and I could go and get the kids.

But I left this job of breaking down boxes for after the school run because I knew I

could easily do this in the garden while the kids would be playing like football and stuff.

I flattened everything and then I put it all into the car ready to do another tip run tomorrow

of just cardboard. Then when the kids went to bed at about 9:00, I went into the garage

to try and start sorting through more things. I also ended up shifting things around because

I realized that these shelves were in the way of something that we probably needed to

access. Yeah, just like playing around with everything, trying to make it all fit around

the edges, finding a place where everything. That's Matt's jet wash. So I decided to kind

of put it there and then hang the long bit on a hook. Really it was just a lot of like

organizing. I ended up doing a storage box just of gardening things and some of the products

we had for the garden had gone off. They're that old. One went off in like 2014. The things

like that, I just ended up chucking and then putting any gardening tools into the gardening

box and just really having a sort out. This was like a dirty job that took ages.

I think I ended up finishing at like 11 or midnight, so I just had some music on and

I was sorting through it, but I did quite enjoy it. It was really satisfying, and I

also ended up using our sideboard as storage as well. In the top of it I was putting in

the really big tools and then I found these little drinks that were left over from one

of the kids' parties. Yeah, it was just about finding places for everything.

Now you'll notice I'm wearing a different outfit. This is the Saturday evening. I had

the kids all Saturday and I think when I decided to do this, I forgot that obviously Matt is

away, I would be solo parenting. So I couldn't do anything all Saturday. But once they went

to bed, I went back into the garage to finish it off and I was able to put a lot of this

stuff that we keep in our utility room into the garage because now there was so much more

space. So I played around with the shelves, what

needed a storage box, what didn't. I got loads of cleaning products out of the house that

were doubles and I lined them all up in the garage, which was really satisfying. I will

never be buying cleaning products again by the looks of it. I just had so much. Then

I made a note on my phone of all of the labels that I wanted to make, just all of the storage

boxes that we had and I used our black chalk labels, which I showed you in a recent hacks

video. This is great because it comes with a little chalkboard pen that you can like

wipe it out and then write something different if you ever want to use the label or the box

for something different. I just labeled all of our board games, our drinks, our barbecue

stuff, our wipes, and then I went through and put it onto everything.

For the record.


For the record.




For the record.





Hi guys. It's about 10:00 PM on Saturday night now. It has been about two days, two nights,

five tip runs, donation runs, giving things to friends runs, and I think I've put my back

out. It has been like such a big thing to undertake, but I think he's going to love

it and I think it's actually going to be a life changing... I know that sounds silly.

I feel so much more organized now. So I'm going to give you a quick tour before Matt

is back tomorrow and we surprise him. I'll show you around.

I kept all of the shelving that was already in here, but obviously we threw out a lot

and I was able to group things together and then put lots of stuff into these clear plastic

storage boxes which I got on Amazon and then I labeled them as well.

I'll start over here. I put all of our board games up here on the top. I was actually able

to take a lot of them out of our utility room and then put them all here. I was going to

put them into a box, but actually I think it would have been difficult to access and

quite heavy as well. So I kind of just stacked them and I think the boys can just literally

walk out here, choose one they want to play with, and I can grab it for them.

There's also a few more on this one, but I've actually put games and gifts because sometimes

if I see a deal then I will buy something and then like use it for a birthday party.

So I've got a few like potential gifts here that we could give to people. Down here, we

have a few drinks which are leftover from a birthday party that we had I think for Caleb

and they were literally just chucked in a bag. I've put them onto one of my carousels

because I bought this carousel and it's actually too big for the kitchen cupboard that I wanted

it for, but it fits here perfectly. Now it's there spinning.

I've also got the boys' bubbles and then Matt's barbecue tools. He can never find these. They're

always just somewhere in here. Now they've got a little label. They're right there where

he needs them. I also came across a huge box of wipes. This must be from when we had a

newborn. I completely didn't know where this was, so I've put them in their own box. Then

down here I've got a box of like plaster, powder and grout and stuff to do with like

when we had work done in our house. I just didn't know if I should throw this or not.

It was difficult without Matt knowing what I'm up to.

Then over to these shelves. This is probably the box I am most excited about. It says gift

wrapping on it. It's got all of our gift wrapping paper, but also you know when you get nice

bags and you're like, "I'll keep that." Also some boxes and ribbons and things like that.

So whenever we need to wrap a birthday present quickly, it's not going to be a scramble.

I can just come to the gift wrapping box and it'll be nice and easy.

Here we have some travel stuff, like some life jackets, some travel pillows, but also

our picnic blankets as well. I also have these. Plenty actually sent these to me when we did

a video together, so I'm keeping them there. Moving onto this one. I have envelopes which

I send my planner out in and I also have some spice racks that I want to keep, so they're

in there as well. I also have Matt's shredder and then I have

a box of party stuff. So all of this is like serviettes, party banners, a few plates and

cups and things like that. They're all in this box, so the next time a boy has a party,

I've probably got everything that I need. Then here I have all of my cleaning things.

Please don't ever let me buy any cleaning products again because this is going to last

me so long. I did not realize how much I actually have. And I did have a box for this section,

but actually I think it looks better just laid out like that and I can just grab it

when I need it. So I've got like some bathroom things over here and then some kitchen things,

and then like my Method and some more laundry detergent and dishwasher things as well. Also

some extra cloths and sponges and barbecue sponges that Matt uses.

Then in this box, again when Matt's back, he might want to go through this because it's

all like electrical sockets and plugs and things and I just didn't know what I could

chuck and what I needed to keep. So I put it all into a box and he can hopefully go

through that when he's back. Down here I've got extra wine glasses and beer glasses for

when we like entertain. Down here I've got some extra tiles. We've got like an extra

car seat, an extra potty. Over here I've got the boys' scooters lined up and then also

all of their helmets. We've got that, and then we've got the next size up for Jackson's

scooter. We've got our paddling pool, and then there's more tiles under there.

Over on this wall I have our old sideboard, which used to be in our kitchen. It's Laura

Ashley. It's solid wood. We didn't want to get rid of it just in case we move or if we

ever get rid of the toy storage and then we want to replace it with something. We just

couldn't part with this or sell it. But it's actually good because I have stored loads

of paint cans and some alcohol and things like that for when we entertain in it.

I've also labeled these drawers random big tools because I don't know. There's like hammers

and saws and stuff like that in there. I also have one for air pumps. Like we have so many

footballs, the boys are always looking for an air pump or one to do the paddling pool

with as well. Now that will be very easy to find. Then down here I have literally like

loads of random nails in this one. It's so heavy. On top of the sideboard, I have just

put our luggage on there and the boys' travel scooters. Then on the wall there were a few

hooks. So we've hung up like a shovel, their toboggan, the leaf blower, things like that.

Then there is another shelf over here which I kind of put behind the door because I thought

it was like quite ugly, unattractive stuff. There's more suitcases over there. Then there

are some gardening tools stacked there. Then we've got Matt's jet wash. We have his toolbox,

which is actually so old and bad. I need to get him a new toolbox, but I just don't think

I've got time before tomorrow. But that's the toolbox. I now have a whole box just with

gardening things. I know we have AstroTurf at the back, but Matt does take a lot of pride

in our front garden. So all of this is pretty much for that. Then I have all of his like

power drills. He's got like three for some reason. Maybe he could get rid of one of those

when he's back. I've also got the extension lead, which you

know, you're like always looking for it and it's right there. Yeah. Then down here I have

small paint cans, also paint brushes, paint tape, like white spirit, everything you would

need pretty much to paint, also a power sander. Yes, that is pretty much everything.

I forgot to say that I put the lawnmower over here in the corner with the strimmer as well.

Changing the floor back here has made a huge difference. It's also made this room a lot

warmer. So it's acting as a bit of insulation. Unfortunately because I got the black, I do

feel like any bit of dust... Like I've just mopped it. But any bit of dust is really showing

up. And because this was such a messy room, there is still a lot of dust settling. I may

mop it again one more time before Matt gets here, but I'm really pleased. I can't believe

that me and my friends could work out how to lay it. It's really heavy duty stuff, but

it was very simple to do. That is how it's looking now. I'm really pleased

with how it's turned out and I cannot believe how much floor space we have now. This is

such a tiny garage. And when I showed the kids, they were like, "We've never seen the

garage floor before." So I think that says a lot. I got rid of so much stuff. All that's

left to do is surprise Matt when he gets home tomorrow.

Once again, I just want to remind you of what the before was like and now the after. I find

that the most satisfying thing ever. Again, this was the before. Then this was the after.

I'm so pleased. All my hard work was definitely worth it. Now, just to surprise Matt.

Open your eyes.

Oh my god.


[inaudible 00:21:53].


[inaudible 00:21:55].

How have you done this?

Look what's behind you.

Like a house.

It was really hard.

Did you do it?

Mommy like a house [crosstalk 00:22:04]...

Yeah, with like three people.

Like a house again. Mommy like a house.

It's amazing.

Amazing [crosstalk 00:22:13]...

Right? Look at the floor.

I know. I like it. That's what those big boxes are, right?

You just went, "Where did you actually put everything?" Guess how many tip runs I did.

Oh no.


Oh my god.


Yesterday and one today.

Yeah. That's not even including what people took. My friends took stuff.

Who else helped?

Yesterday my...

Well, so...

I'm not really going to sleep in here.

Wait. Can I sleep in here?

I love it. Thank you.

You like it? You impressed?

It's amazing, isn't it? I can't believe Frazer did it all.

Frazer and all the boys came to tip with me.

Oh, I bet they had to-

They just sat in the car. Yeah. It was crazy. The guys at the tip were like, "You're here

more than us." But luckily-

But they never talked to me.

... they helped me. Right. He's been surprised. Did you love it?

Absolutely loved it. Best surprise ever.

I'm so glad. I honestly think it's going to be like life changing.

Hell yeah.

I know it sounds silly, but it's already made me like organized.

We can walk in the garage. You've done it before, but not like that. That was even better.

Yeah. I Marie Kondoed it.

She did.

Anyway, thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video. We'll see you

next time. Bye.

See you. Thank you.