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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What's in the BOX Challenge!!!!!!! (ANIMALS)

Difficulty: 0

("Light it up" by Major Lazer)

(pops and screaming)

- [Mom] God.

- Is this a knife?

(Morgan snickers)

- [Morgan] Oh my God

- What?! It's wet!

- Hello guys and welcome to the

'What's in the Box?' Challenge.

Oh my God. This is going to be crazy.

And my opponent for this challenge is going to be Mom.

And bam! There we go. Mom is here.

So if you care to explain what this challenge actually is?

- It's a box.

I don't know.

You've not told me, you just said come down

and do something with the box.

- [Man] Oh well done.

- So basically, we're taking turns

to be stood behind the box and

the other person, in this case, Mom

can go round the entire house

and find an item to put in the box.

Anything in the entire house.

And then the box man

has to put their hand in the box

and feel it and try and guess what it is

without being able to see it.

Just being able to feel it.

You can put anything in this thing.


And we're also gonna make this a little bit competitive.

Whoever guesses the most correct, wins.

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Mom how many likes should we smash?

- [Mom] 30,000

- Yo, there we go. 30,000 likes.

Guys, smash a like.

Subscribe and also click the little bell

and turn on notifications for the channel. But Mom...

- Let's go.

- Let's do this.

- Woah! I can see your tummy.

- Oh wow. Exposed.

- Exposed.

- Mmmmm.

- Alright so Morgan's turned his back.

I'm gonna get the item and put it in the box.

And I've got a bag of items.

This is the first one.

I've got to be careful I don't say what it is.

Everybody see what that is?

Well Morgan, we're ready to go.

- Alright so mom, can I go with a item one?

- Go. Go for it, Morgan.

- Okay. I'm going to enter my hands.

Okay so...

It's not...

- It's not big.

- [Man] That's what she said. (laughs)

- Oooh. I found it.

It feels like...

It feels like a hand.


(Mom laughs)

- What?


- Any ideas?

We can do clues. Do you want a clue?

- Yeah. Clue.

- Children like them.

(Morgan gasps)

- [Mom] You've broke it.

- It's cold. It's a freezer...

It's like an ice lolly.

But I don't know which ice lolly it is.

It can't be a chocolate.

It's too cold to be a chocolate.

I feel like it's too...

It's not like a...

Ah. I don't know.

Oh my god. Nope.

- Seriously? You're giving in?

- No. I'm giving in. Should I just take a look?

- Yeah.

- You are kidding me.

- Do you know what it is, actually?

Seeing as you never cook.

- A fish finger.

- Yeah.

- Oh my god.

- You've been beaten by a fish finger, Morgan.

- My finger is gonna smell horrible now. (laughs)

First go not looking very good, is it?

Let's move on.

Okay then mom, turn your back

because it's my turn to go find an item.

Are you ready?

- Yes.

- Are you ready?

- Don't put anything in that can

cause me physical damage.

- Can't promise about that.

(upbeat flute music)

Guys, that is the item

in the box.

- I'm scared actually I don't trust you at all.

- Oh you should not trust me

because this one is bloody horrible.

I'm certain of that.

Single woman, reveal yourself.

(Mom laughs)

- [Game Show Host] Single man, reveal yourself.

- I can't-

My arms won't reach.

I'm not big enough.

Something jelly.

I'm gonna have to put one arm in further more

because my arms...

It's a jelly.

(slime flops)


- Plastacine.

- Not Plastacine. That gooey stuff you use

to make your fidget spinners.

Gooey stuff. Gooey stuff.

- What do you call it? There's a name for it.

You must know the name for it.

- Gooey stuff. Gooey stuff.

- Is that your final answer?

- Yeah. Gooey stuff.

- No. Mom. I'm afraid the correct answer was slime.

- Gooey stuff is slime! It's the same thing.

- I'm afraid I'm gonna have to be harsh

and I can't give you that point.

- Well that's it now. I'm not giving you any chances.

- Oh you're on.

- Can I look at it?

- Yeah. See? - Oh.

- It's slime. It's even green.

(Morgan groans)

- How long will it go? See how long it can go...

- Oh my god.

- ...before it breaks.

That long?


- No nill. - No nill. Let's keep go-

(Morgan laughs)

- That we meant.

- Let's keep going.

- Are you turning around?

It's my turn to get an item.

What are you doing, then?

- I didn't do anything.


(upbeat music)

- [Mom] Oh actually this could be a r-

This could be really funny.

Right Morgan. We're ready to go.

Turn around. Single man, reveal yourself.


- [Game Show Host] Single man, reveal yourself.

- I'm going in for the kill. Get ready.

(upbeat flute music)

Oh I know exactly what this is.

- Oh no don't do that.

Don't do that! Don't do that!

- Okay I'm not going to do it.

Get in the shot. Get in the shot.

I'm not going to do it.

- Don't do any-

I'm standing to the s-

- So I think it is...

Get in the shot.


(screaming and laughing)

- God! (beep)

- A party popper.

- You know what, it never crossed my mind

you would pull that until I actually

put it in the box and then I suddenly thought

will he aim that at me?

- That's like giving me a loaded gun.

Mom it's 1-0.

- I can't believe I put that one in. What an idea.

Right Morgan.

- Right mom.

- I'm ready. That's 1-0 to you.



- I need to think of a good one.

- Well I'm prepared. I brought things around with me.

- Oh. Is this too bad?

I'm going to risk it.

- Remember. Nothing that can burn me...

- I'm going to give you a little safety precaution.

Don't go in fast. Go in slow and careful.

Turn around. Just be careful when you go in there.

- If I get my fingers blow off or anything

I'm going to be very very very angry.

- [Driver] Oh sorry.

- [Passenger] Oh sorry.

- [Morgan] The hands are in.

(Morgan gasps)

Oh my god. She's got-

She's grabbing.

(Morgan gasps)

- Is this a knife?

(Morgan snickers)

(Morgan laughs)

- What did I say about don't put anything in there...



- 1-0. You got that fairly quick didn't you?

- Yeah. Because it was sharp.

- Hey. Drop the knife. I don't trust you with a knife.


- [Mom] You will never never never

never never never get this one.

Right Morgan.

I will be a staggard if you get this one.

- Right and if I get it then yeah?

- Yeah. I'll be amazed.

(bag rustling)

You've got no chance.

You've got no chance. That's what ya got.

(bag pops open)

- Oh my god I think I know what it is.

I think I know what it is.

(Mom laughing)

It's the head of a mop.

- It is.

- What?

Yes! Oh my god.

- You've got no chance.

No chance.

(Morgan yelling)

- How have I done that?


- It's yours. That's a gift from me to you...

- It's my mop.

2-1. Your boy's back in front.

Guys, next round.

Okay mom it's time for another round.

I'm gonna go searching down here into my cave.

Oh this is perfect.

This is bloody perfect.


Oh wow mom. Get ready for this one.

Stick them hands in. There we go.

- Is this a dangerous one?

- Yeah.

- If I squeeze it...

- I mean, you can do if you want to.

It might be a bit of a risk

but if it's a risk you're willing to take

then give it a go.

Hey I've just realised when your hand

is in the box I can do whatever I want to you.

Oh my god. She's picked up the box.

(upbeat music)

There we go.

- What is it?

- There we go, Mom.

- What's that?

- You've got it. It's a stress ball.

- I knew it was one of those.

Oh my god. That's revolting.

Oh my god. Look at that. That's amazing...

Look at that.

- Yo she's fascinated by this stress ball.

- I like it.

- She's fascinated.


Mom. You ready for the next round?

- Yeah.

- Let's do it.

- Right. The next one I'm going to go for is...

That. I think.


Single man.

- Easy.


I say...

Sewing kit string ring thing.

- No. That's not anything.

A sewing kit ring string thing.


(Morgan laughing)

No Morgan. Go, try and do it.

You're a man. Go on.

- Is it, floss?

- Floss?

- Floss. Is it?

(Mom sighing)

Is it?

- Yeah.

- What?

(Mom laughs)

That's the sewing kit thing.

- It's not a sewing kit thing, Morgan.

If you can guess the name of it

I might let you out of it.

I've said it's a sewing kit thing.

- You don't call it a sewing kit thing.

- Thread. It's thread.

- It's not thread.

- It says thread on it there.

You cheating me out of it.

- Your buttons come off.

Can you just get me thread and sew it back on again?

No. That's not the right thing.

- String.

- And it's not floss, is it?

So you're wrong.


- It says thread on it, Mom.

I'm taking the point.

- You're not having a point because it's...

- It says thread on it.

- Morgan...


- Condom?

- Morgan I'm not going to say

"My button's come off can you get me a condom, please?"


- Maybe.

- C-O-T...

- Cotton?

- Yeah.


- Woo!

- You didn't get it.

- I'm taking the point.

- You're not taking the point. No!

- I don't care. 3-2.

- Give me the cotton. Give me thread. Give me thread.

- It's not for you to say. I'm taking the point.

I'm taking the point.

- 3-2. Next round.

Okay mom. We're about to step it up a notch.

I've been savin this one.

The big guns.

Guys, can you see what this is?

Mom better be petrified right now.

(Morgan gasps)

Oh my god it's going in.

Guys, it's all in there.

Mom, you can turn around now.

But I'm just going to say like, be careful, alright?

Slow movements.

She's having a big dig around it.

Be careful.

- I know I am.

It's long and thin.

- Oooh.

(Mom laughing)

(both laughing)

- When was the last time

someone has said that to you, Morgan?

- Shut up.

- It's actually very long.

It feels like a, yeah...

- Like a what, mom?

- It actually feels like a...

- Like a what, mom?

- Is it a snake?

- Yes.

- It's not a real one though.

- It is.

- It's not.

- Mom.


Next round.

- Right Morgan.

(upbeat techno music)

Single man, you've revealed yourself.

- Oh my god. I've gone in so strong now.

Well I've got it.

Is there only one? Yep.

Oh my god. What is this?

It's a um...

Is it a, uh...?

- A thread?

- A chilli. A pepper. A pepper.

- What are you going for, one or the other?

- They're the same thing!

- They're not.

- Pepper then.

- Pepper, is that a final answer?

- Yep.

- No it's a chilli.

- Yo. No.

- No. You're wrong. It's a chilli.

- They're the same thing.

- They're not.

- They're the same thing!

- No!

- You're not...

She's cheat-

- Chili's are hot! Chili's are hot.

Sorry Morgan. That's mine.

You didn't get that point.

- Alright. Well I'll tell you what.

Keep your point. Next round.

There ain't a chance you're getting this.

- Right. Game on, boy.

- Game on, boy. Game boy!

- Game on, crotch stainer.


Game on, crotch stainer.

- Guys. This is the item right here.

What do we think?

Do you think mom's gonna get it?

Guys look.

Right there.

- I might do it with my left arm for a change

'cause I always use my right hand.

There's nothing in.

- There is.

- There's nothing in. Oh.

(Morgan gasps)

- She made contact.

- Battery.

- No.

- Is it?

- Oh my god.

- That was so easy.

It's got a little knob on the end

and that one's flat.

- Well you know all about little knobs, don't you?

- Yeah. You should know about little knobs.

- You take it back. Take it back.

- You take it back, little knob.


Let's go in the box of fancy.

Are you turning around, Morgan?

Put your hands in and close your eyes.

- Why would I close my eyes?

- Because I just don't-

I want to be careful.

Just put your hands in and close your eyes.

Are you ready?

Close your eyes.

- Alright. Yeah.

- And put your arms to to the si-

out a little bit.

(foot thudding)

- What the hell is that sound?

- Go.

(Morgan laughing)

- What? What's that? What's that?


(Morgan squealing)

(Morgan squealing)

Is that...

Is that your foot?

- Yes!

(both laughing)

- At least I got a point.

- Yeah an easy one.


- Is that 3-0 now?

- I don't know...

- It was 3-2...

- 3-0. 3-0.

- Yeah I've just equalised, haven't I?

- Yeah.

- Oh I've got the perfect item.

Guys if you're a true fan of my channel

you'll know exactly what this is.

This one's so cool.

I don't know if you'll be able to find it.

It's very hidden.

(Morgan laughing)

- What was that?

A ball.

- Plenty of different balls, isn't there Mom?

There's male balls. There's small balls.

- It's a big...

It's a big round ball.

A bull's testicle.

- No it's not a bull's testicle.

- Is it a...?

It's a bouncy ball.

- You need to give me the name of the item.

- A big, rubber, really bouncy ball.

It's a squiggy ball. A squiggy ball.

- Okay. Is that your final answer?

- Hang on. Hang on. What's that?

- You need to grow up a little bit, I think.

- I can put my finger in it.

A wob...a wobbly...a wobbly...

Wibbly wobbly ball?

- Wibble wabble, is that your final answer?

- Yeah because have a wibble wobble ball.

- Okay. It's a wobble bobble.

(Mom groans)

I'm afraid the score stays at 3-3.

- So close.

Right Morgan.

Single man. Single man.

Who's been single for a very long time...

[Game Show Host] Single man, reveal yourself!

- Why is it absolutely freezing, then?

Why is it freezing?


- You're looking very confused.

- I'm gonna reveal the bag.

- Ah!

- It's a lettuce.

- Yes.

- 4-3. Your boy is in front.

(triumphant music)

There you go. Ready?

- The plant is gone.

- None.

- Yes.

- There's never a plant...

- There is. See here.

It's a plastic plant.

- There was never a plant there.

- There is. 'Cause I was gonna put in next.

- For god's sake.

- That was too easy.

- 4-4.

It's 4-4 and it's first to 5.

- Yeah.

- If I win this round, it's over. I've one.

- Oh yeah.

- Come on Morgan. One more guess. I've got it.

- Yep. A hard one.

- If I get this right then it's all over.

- It's a small one.

- I can tell.

- You'll have to...

You've found it.

- All you are so stupid. You are so so stupid.

Because Mom, it's a packet of ketchup.

- Nah, you should've asked for a clue and slowed down.

(packet thuds)


Mom's got a chance now.

(Morgan sighs)

- I'm going to need to get a really hard one.

So for this one Mom, what I need you to do

is not only face away,

I need you to cover your ears.

Hands over your ears.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Bruno time.

- Morgan!

- I'm here. Okay.

- Can I turn around? Yep.

- Okay. Are you ready?

Are you ready, Mom?

Oh my god.

- It's wet. It's wet.

- What is it?

- My god. That is so weird. That's Bruno.

- Is it Bruno?

- Yeah. I hope it's Bruno.

(Morgan laughs)

- Oh God.

So Mom, do you know what that means?

Bruno. He's just got you the win.

- Bruno.

- Well Mom, are you and Bruno going to go and celebrate?

- Yeah. We're gonna walk.

- You're gonna walk to celebrate.

- Take walks with winners.

- When you're watching the winners play and you lost.

- [Mom] Woah winners! Winners! Huh Bruno? Bruno.

High-five for winners.

- Well guys, that is the end of this video.

Huge shanks to-


Huge thanks to Mom...

...and Bruno - Don't lick me

Not my face.

- For being in this video.

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But guys, thank you all so much for watching

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Bruno's been Bruno, and Mom's been...

- Mom.

- And we'll see you in the next video.



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