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Stipe is a great guy, I really love him.

Did you expect that he will do what he did in the heavyweight division?

I know he was a talent but i didnt expect him to go this far, who would expect it.

Against Overeem,how did you watch that fight?

What fight?

His title defense?

What do you mean how did i watch it? With my eyes.

Did you expect him to defend his title?

Yes i did, i believed in him

When he caught Werdum like that i knew he...

When we were working on training..i knew...

Yes, one time you said that you didnt believe that Werdum is gonna be so good ,couse his stand up game wasnt that great then

Yes, even know he is undefined, Werdum is a very nice guy,he was here training with me for 2 years

Great guy,great character

But he is really undefined, he is not very dangerous..hes throwing those jabs like this

he isnt trained boxer, but he is dangerous in grapling

He is strong, he has great takedowns

But he isnt boxer, he has those jabs like this

He doesnt have that boxing school, when you look those boxing classics like Evander vs Riddic Bowe

In my opinion greatest and most beautifull fight in heavyweight ever

Guys were fighting for 11 rounds,Evander lost by stopage,you cant believe

But this,this is like this..and his leg kicks,he throws them,they hurt and they are dangerous but they are undefined

Im not saying they are not dangerous, Im talking about esthetics.

When you see him..if somebody is watching him for the first time they would say where is this guy fighting?

But he is great grappler, big hart ,top cardio me he is very great guy

I would like to also mention Peter Aerts, very nice guy

I really really like that guy

I like them all, i dont have problems with any of them

In the end we all went there and risk our health

Strugling,trained, traveling,had jet legs

To bring food to our familys table

There is no philosophy in that

We were all guys who worked to provide for our famillyes and thats it.

When we were talking before RIZIN , you mentioned Wanderley asked that they remove him from your hotel. What was that about?

Thats true. I said I dont wanna see his face there.

Silva knew that he wasnt gonna fight me. I have certain respect for him as my brother of arms

because we were both fighters in PRIDE days

but it was so unfair of him

first off all i dont know how sane he really is

when we were at the press conference before RIZIN last july

No fights yet, just presser

There was Baruto,Silva..who else was?

Never mind..And there was standing Silva and normaly im glad to see him.. I shake his hand to say hello, he says how are you CroCop ..we even huged

we were sitting ther for 20 mins..i was talking to him

And after that im entering in the press and he stands up

Screaming something Cro Cop, Cro Cop, something on portugese

Im asking someone whats he saying..they say I dont know

Wait until they translate from portugese to japanese

he says he want to fight you, he wants to do this and that to you

Im looking, cant believe what im hearing,few moments ago everything was normal

Ok..i said. no problem ...i he wants that ill be glad to whoop his ass one more time

I dont like that trash talk but i cant just sit there and let him talk shit

Its simply part of business ..although im minimum involved in trash talk.. i never liked that

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