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Yeshivat "Orot Shaul" for me, is a big gate

to "avodat hashem" and to God

It's a Yeshiva that creates a lot of joy, lots of light and vividness

It's a profound Torah with a strong heart

and responsibility for the Jewish nation

We fulfill our vision of the right way to understand the Torah

This year, the Rosh Yeshivas of "Orot Shaul" have decided to take another significant step

For our nation, and moved the yeshiva to Tel Aviv

Southern Tel Aviv is not an easy place, It's a tough place

and we want to create a dialogue

a connection, a patnership, and an influence

From the world of the Torah into the big city of Tel Aviv,

with hopes to influence the entire State of Israel

"The first circle"- the Beth Midrash

The innermost circle is our will to keep learning our deep, touching Torah

We want to be a yesiva with a vision, with a statement

When we learn the Torah, we strive for meaning

"I want to know Hashem's words, because I believe Hashem is telling me something,

that Hashem is talking to me through the Torah,

I want to understand what is he saying"

On the one hand, a Torah which is intellectual, rational, analytical

profound, thorough, professional

and on the other hand, a whole world of heart, of emotions

of working with our soul, our neshamah

of connecting and listening to ourselves

And the third section is the social world, the ethics

I believe that the connection between these three sections

creates something very unique, which is also very challenging

The scond circle is taking an active part in the community and the neighborhood

by inviting people into the Beth Midrash, going out and doing acts of chesed,

and by helping people who want to connect to the Torah and the Jewish tradition

We see more yeshiva students- in the grocery store, in the playground, in the streets

We feel safer, we like it

It's wonderful that the yeshiva has opened its gates to a variety of people:

whether it's seniors who come here to learn or teens

our own children come here and have chavrutas with the yeshiva students

we have more Torah lessons

"Simchat Torah"- the yeshiva students celebrating the holiday on the city streets

I feel good when I hear them singing, when I hear their loud, powerful prayers

I see their kind faces

you can ask for help if you need, and there is no way they would say no

"The third circle- Tel Aviv, the culture capital"

In the first Hebrew city, and Israel's culture capital

there is a growing spiritual thirst, and our goal is to take an active part

in city life, and to create the space for our unique Torah to grow and spread

On Hanukkah, a lot of yeshiva students came with drums and guitars

to a local cafe, that doesn't have any affinity to the religion

Suddenly, we heard Hanukkah songs, and we saw the boys coming

the excitement was enormous

We became a part of the Tel Aviv community

not in a condescending way, but as a partner

and we can already feel the influence,

the unusual friendships, the connections that are forming

and I have no doubt

that the things we do are vital, especially today, to our nation

To me, the move of yeshivat "Orot Shul" to the Shapira neighborhood

is a revolution

We believe that our yeshiva in the Shapira neighborhood

can serve as an example of unity

love for humanity, love for our Jewish nation

and love for the Torah, all of these things can be together

So anyone who believes in our public presence,

believes in building a bridge between different parts of our nation

and anyone who wants the yeshiva's vision to expand its influence in Israel and in Tel Aviv-

a vision of Judaism that won't divide us, but rather unite us -

We ask for your help!

Help us accomplish our mission!

Join us by supporting yeshivat "Orot Shaul"

It's time for the Torah of Tel Aviv!

The Description of עכשיו תורה; של תל אביב