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A bank heist in 2020 isn't about having firepower.

If the mathematical or cryptographic implementation in security systems isn't

done right it is as easy as walking into an unlocked vault.

So one event that woke the world up to

cyber security was the Bangladesh bank heist conducted by the lazarus

group. Hundreds of millions of dollars were

stolen and no one had even noticed until 24 hours later.

The old way of doing things is still making sure that the

mathematics of security are complicated enough

to protect the sensitive information but criminals are creative and they'll find

new ways to get around that software. What I learn and what's most exciting

about cyber security is the nature of innovation in the space

it's kind of like being a secret agent who can thwart the baddies all around

the world by detecting threats to companies.

We're still innovating around how to discover errors and vulnerabilities. It is our job

to discover them all and then automate the process so that we

can predict these events before they happen. You need to think outside the box

and be creative about your cyber security. It's a game of cat and mouse -

you need to out-think the young mercenary hackers.

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