Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Maxi-Cosi | Parents Quiz Ep. 6 | Jessica and Rob answer questions about pregnancies and parenting

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Oh, man.

In The Parents Quiz, young couples get four questions...

about pregnancy, babies and parenting. Is the answer true or false?

I'm Rob. -I'm Jessica.

Three months pregnant and I'm a midwife.

Round 1. They both need to answer correctly.

True or false?

True. I've seen a lot of babies...

but I can't tell you whether I've noticed that they all have blue eyes...

and how quickly they change, but I'm going to go true.


I think that's true.

That is not correct.

That's so awkward. I should know this.

No, I don't know why I'd know that. -How many babies have you delivered?

I've never really noticed whether their eyes are blue or not.

Round 2 is a bit more difficult.

True or false? -Back seat facing...

So the baby facing backwards, looking backwards.

Oh, man.

I'm going to go true. True.

If I'm wrong now, that's really awkward, isn't it?

You've already said. -True?

It is completely true.

Round 3 is about guessing if your partner will get it right.

True or false? -I'm going to say false.

He's going to say false as well. Yeah.

It depends. They could change it faster, but do it wrong, in most cases.

I'm going to say false.

That is not correct, but the question was whether you were going to get it right...

and she said you weren't. So...

But I said false as well.

But then I did say it might be that women take more time over it.

I thought you'd try to chuck me out.

Round 4 is extremely difficult, so they answer together.

True or false?

I'm going to say false. And if I'm wrong... -What are we going to say? False?

Yeah, we'll say... I'll go with her.

I feel like it's true, because it's a quiz and it seems like too long.

I'm going to go with her and go false.

Told you. You got two wrong there. -That's unbelievable.

Got two wrong there. -Well...

Pretty poor. I wanted four out of four, so yeah.

I got three. And I was right with the last one, so I'll take four.

Oh, dear.

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