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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Basic English Questions and Answers | Simple English Learning Video

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listening English practice slowly

where is Jane

she is in the living room

what is she doing

she is playing the piano

where is the car

it is in the garage

where is the dog

the dog is in the front door

what is the dog doing

the dog is eating

where are you

I am in the kitchen

what are you doing

I am cooking dinner

where are Bill and Mary

they are in the living room

what are they doing

they are watching TV

where is the cat

she is in the dining room

what is she doing

she is sleeping

who is she

she is my sister

what's her name

her name is Jennifer

where is she in this photograph

she's in Toronto

what is that building behind her

she's standing in front of the CN tower

where is the school

it's between the library and the park

where is the post office

it's across from the movie theater

where is the Royal Bank

it's next to the supermarket where is

the gas station it's around the corner

from the church where is the barbershop

it's near the bus station excuse me can

you tell me the way to the nearest bank

yes it's on Geneva Street as a matter of

fact I am going that way myself may I

help you yes please I am looking for an

umbrella what's your favorite color it's


excuse me is this your umbrella no it

isn't are you sure

yes I am sure are you married no I'm not

I'm single tell me about your new car

is it large no it's not it is small

tell me about the questions in your

English book are they difficult no

they're not they are easy tell me about

your new neighbors are they quiet no

they're not they are noisy is Alice

young or old she is young

is Bella tall or short he is short

his Albert's apartments big or little

it's small were the last examinations

easy or difficult they were difficult is

Juli married or single she is single

will you be home at about 6 o'clock yes

I will I'll be cooking dinner hey grant

what's a grant the government is giving

her money to pay for her education

that's right

does it pay for everything no she has a

loan too what's the difference between a

loan and a grant you have to pay back

alone a grant is a gift would you like

go to a pop concert well I'd like to but

when is it maybe you could change your

plans it's going to be a really great

concert maybe I will I wouldn't want to

miss it do you have a cold yes that's

why I'm sneezing so much are you taking

anything for your cold I'm taking

contact does it help yes but it makes me

sleepy what are you looking for my

jacket I'm going to the doctor why

what's the problem I am not sure but I

don't feel well do you have a fever no

but I have a pain in my chest what time

is your appointment 11:30 I'm going now

bye can you help me officer

I'll try what's the problem where are

your keys they're in the car how can you

do that with a coat hanger it's easy

where can we get a coat hanger there's

one in the police car wait here where do

you want to go 70 Maple Street please

where are you from


what time do you get up at 6 o'clock why

do you get up so early I have to be at

work by 7 o'clock what do you do I own a

bookstore what time does your store open

at 8:30 o'clock get me another drink I

guess if you're lazy no one else is

allowed to be what's wrong there's

something wrong with the phone I'm

getting a strange noise what's the

matter with the phone listen to this

particular noise it doesn't sound like a

dial tone how do we do that we can't use

the phone let's go next door and use our

neighbor's phone

how about across the street I forgot

about mrs. Reilly I'm sure she'd let us

use her phone does it take long to get a

visa it depends on the season anywhere

from one month to two months

what do I need to do fill out an

application form and wait will there be

a long waiting period not if you don't

run into any government delays

well this woman may be suitable for the

job but is she energetic enough yes she

certainly seems to have a lot of energy

she's got to be ambitious too is she yes

she has plenty of ambition and we really

need a flexible sort of person do you

think she is she seems to be determined

enough but she's a little tough what are

you so happy about

you're grinning from ear to ear sandy

and I are going out this weekend which

night are you going to see her Friday or

Saturday on Friday she isn't going to be

in town on Saturday and Sunday what are

you going to do on Friday I don't know


how about taking her to a Chinese

restaurant I've heard that she likes

Chinese food that's a great idea

what are you going to wear on your date

I'm going to wear my new suit how about

your sports jacket are you going to wear

it on Friday night no I am NOT go ahead

and wear it did you sleep okay last


no I didn't what did you do yesterday I

went to a nightclub last night and

danced all night did you have a good


had a wonderful time but I'm beat today

what time did you leave the nightclub I

left at about 3 a.m. which nightclub did

you go to fantastic it's on Ontario

Street it's really nice

you already have your ticket yes here

you are can you put your luggage up here


sure I have three suitcases

can I carry this one with me

No I'm sorry it won't fit under your

seat that's $45 a window seat or an

aisle seat

I'd like a window seat please

can I see your passport certainly here

it is have you got anything to declare

yes I have

I've got some whiskey and some

cigarettes how much whiskey have you got

it leader and how many cigarettes have

you got 200 what about perfume no I

haven't a boy or a girl you never saw

such a cute girl nine pounds three

ounces and as cute as a button doesn't

this call for cigars oh yes I forgot

about the cigars here have one how's

your wife

she's just fine

where are you going to Canada

why are you going there I'm going to

learn English there's a school there

that has an excellent program

is learning English going to be

difficult yes I have to study and

practice a lot where is your school it's

in a town called st. Catherine's in

Ontario where's Kevin he's in front of

the house what is he doing washing his

car not again

yes he takes good care of his car yeah

what are you getting chicken peas and

baked potatoes how about steak perfect

I'll get steak and mashed potatoes what

vegetables are you getting I'm not

getting any I don't like vegetables

what is it lisa is going to have a baby

do they want a boy or a girl a girl

when's the baby due in the beginning of

September do you work around here yes I

work in that building across the street

really what do you do I worked in a law

office I am a secretary what about you

what do you do I work at do a restaurant

are you a cook no I'm a waitress do you

live alone Jean no I don't I live with

my family how about you whom did you

marry his name is Jeff hunt he lives in

my building Oh what does he do he's a

doctor do you do everything yourself I

trimmed the bush and weed the flowerbeds

myself who cuts the grass oh it's so big

that I hire one of the boys in the

neighborhood to do it for me why what's

the problem he is not doing well in

school did you talk to his teachers yes

I did what did they say he's a nice boy

but he's very lazy have you thought

about getting him a tutor maybe that's a

good idea I really want him to excel

what time is it it's 3 o'clock can I

Drive you there sure that will help

do you have a toothache yes and it's

very bad who is it it's me dear do you

have your key no let me in what's in

that box

what did you get a new dress honey

what's wrong with all the other dresses

they're not this one that's a great idea

where shall we go let's go to the park

how far is it about a mile is it a nice

place sure

it has picnic tables and a beautiful


what's so terrific about it

I'm going skiing skiing are you serious


it's lots of fun do you make dinner

every night yes I usually make dinner

and my husband washes the dishes

where do you live

near the pen center

does your husband help you do housework


um yes he sets the table almost every


and he makes our bed every morning but I

usually make all the meals how about

cleaning we clean the house together

every weekend and vacuum the rooms and

he usually sweeps the floor of the

kitchen and he does yard work does he

help with the laundry too well he's

never helped me do the laundry hey Cindy

have you finished the exam yes I have

whew was it hard well yes it was pretty

hard did you pass I don't know mrs.

Lester didn't tell me what questions did

she ask first she asked me what my name

was that was easy wasn't it

yes except I couldn't remember then she

asked me where I came from and how long

it took to get here from my country and

what else did she ask she asked how long

I've been studying English here in

Canada and she asked how I would use

English in the future Oh would you do me

a favor sure do you need a hand oh can

you that would be great

can you go to the mall and buy her a new

robe pick up the dry-cleaning and get

the cake from the bakery then what will

you be doing sleeping of course are you

going out with Leonard tonight

uh-huh he's supposed to pick me up at

6:30 what time is it now where are you

going we haven't made up our minds yet

maybe to a movie maybe to a party do you

want to go shopping tomorrow I'd like to

but it depends I might have to go to the

store tomorrow and do some work

good afternoon Scott and Smith may I

help you

may I speak to mr. Scott and mr. Smith

please is there any message I can take

mr. Martin no I'll call back later

can I get you something to drink a cup

of coffee please with milk and sugar a

little milk but no sugar what do you

drink with supper tea it helps me relax

how about a drink tonight

I'd love to where can we meet how about

the relaxed bar what time is 8:00

o'clock okay what are you taking for

your throat hot tea and honey are you

going to work today no I'm staying home

do you like my new coat it looks


how much was

eighty dollars where did you get it at

Sears what's the temperature it is 70

degrees is it cold out yes it's cold and

windy where are you going

to the post office would you buy some

stamps for me sure how many do you want

ten here's the money for the stamps do

you like the snow no I hate it

why snow is so pretty yes but I don't

like to drive in it how far is it to

work six miles are we going to get much

snow about 12 inches

they say when is your vacation it starts

next week where are you going

we're renting a house on the shore do

you swim a lot not very much

why are you going to the shore because

we all bought new swimsuits who are you

playing with some friends from work are

you a good soccer player yes but I'm not

the best player on the team what time

does the game begin

nine o'clock why don't you come with me

I can't today

I'm very busy how old is she she's 16

what's your cousin's name Cathy I'm

going to her house after dinner how old

is she she's 24 is she pretty yes and

she's very nice too

is she single

no she's married and has two children

what are you getting Jim for his


I don't know yet how about a briefcase

good idea his briefcase is getting old

hello is Mary there I'm sorry you have

the wrong number

is this six eight five five two nine

zero no it's not

would you like anything else you haven't

eaten very much

no thanks I'm already full how do you

take it with sugar please no cream

what's a bidet

it's like a toilet only better I'll let

you figure it out

are there any plates yes there are

are there any chairs in here no there

aren't but there are some in the living

room where is your meeting in Dallas

Texas how are you going by plane do you

like to fly sure it's fast and

comfortable what flight are you taking


2:07 and your name please

Henry Chandler are you free Friday night

I might not be in town I'm not sure yet

a friend suggested I go to Vancouver

what are you thinking of doing we're not

sure yet we might go to a bar but we'll

probably go to see AI how's your new job

I started working today how does it seem

so far it's demanding but I'm happy to

be working what's your boss like he


to be very thoughtful and kind but they

all do it first I guess we'll have to

see did you see my car keys they're on

top of the TV where are you going to the

supermarket do you want me to go with


sure if you can is your bank near here

yes it's only four blocks away on Vine

Street are you sure it's not out of your


no not at all when can I see doctor no

he won't be free until tomorrow can I

make an appointment sure how about

tomorrow at 10 o'clock

can you make it 9:00 I'll check to see

if he's available I'm sorry but he's

tied up until 10 o'clock well can't you

squeeze me in somehow

I'm afraid not how about after lunch

will 1 o'clock be all right

that's perfect thank you excuse me may I

see your license

I'm afraid I've left it at home

can I put it all in one bill no we

prefer separate checks would you check

it again please

sorry ma'am this is your friend's bill

here is yours it is $24 and 16 cents yes

can I help you yes

I'd like some information about buses

please where to to Toronto

when this Saturday morning or afternoon

in the afternoon about three o'clock

good morning Scott and Smiths law office

may I help you yes may I speak to David

Waller please how do you spell your last

name v-a-l-e what's your phone number

or does mr. Waller habit ah no he

doesn't it's six eight zero five two

nine zero I'm sorry could you repeat

that six eight two zero five two nine

zero why do you need a loan I have to

buy a new car what's wrong with your car

they won't

and it's ten years old how much will a

new car cost about fifteen thousand

dollars what kind of work do you do I'm

a cashier at a supermarket do you like

your job

no it's not very interesting how are you

settling in oh we're still in a bit of a

mess but Lisa seems to like it here is

there a garden for her to play in yes

it's not very big but we've got a small

swimming pool have you found a school

for Gerry yes there's one near here it

only takes five minutes by car so you

like it there do you eat Neil yes this

is a very good place for my children is

there a bakery near here yes you can get

there in five minutes why are you going

to the bakery to buy a birthday cake

whose birthday is it

my daughter's she's ten will you get

some bread for me sure do you want

anything else no thanks I'll pay you

when you get back what exactly are you

looking for I'm not sure really perhaps

you can help me

what's the stone it's a ruby sir and

it's only $1,200 how old is she

she'll be

seven years old on Sunday what about a

Barbie doll set I don't think so

she has many Barbie dolls have you got

anything educational you see she's a

very intelligent girl I've got the

perfect thing can I get some tickets for

plays yes is there a specific play that

you want to see what plays are on


cats but it's sold out

are there any seats left for tomorrow


yes how many tickets do you want to

please where would you like to sit I'm

not sure how much is it in the middle

section $50 how much is it in the back

$35 what time does the play start at 7

o'clock what time will the play be over

at 9:30 are you ready

grace is still in her room what time

does the movie begin it starts at 9:30

what's the time now about 7:10 I thought

that movie was terrific

didn't you I don't know it didn't seem

to have any meaning I see you're reading

Harry Potter how do you like it I can't

put it down

have you read it

yes in fact I just finished it the

endings what kind of job a secretarial

job sandy is that you yes uh-huh

who's this it's Jill why didn't you call

me I wanted to call you but I couldn't

remember your phone number when did you

start smoking I started smoking when I

was 18 so how long have you been a

smoker I've smoked for 20 years how many

cigarettes do you smoke a day I smoked

two packs of cigarettes a day have you

ever tried to quit yes I have quit twice

once when I was expecting my baby Paul

and the other time when I had a bad sore

throat did you hear about the Smith

family no what happened had she been

suffering from heart disease yeah mrs.

Smith had it for five years before she

died did they try surgery she had two

operations but they weren't effective

have you heard about the good news in

the Wallace family no I've been out of

town but they already have a little girl

don't they

no they

have a five-year-old boy so they wanted

a girl this time right yes they wanted a

girl for a long time was it natural

childbirth no she had to have a cesarean

what are you doing here Tommy I don't

believe it I'm going to see my daughter

she will marry this weekend when is your

daughter's wedding Sunday where is your

train living from my train leaves from

platform 3 over there how have you been

good I hear you've been to Toronto for a

few days did you have a nice visit

really nice it was very good going

around downtown and shopping

you've met Stanley haven't you sure I

met him when he was here in Hamilton

last year what's he doing these days

still teaching baseball yes as a matter

of fact he just began to teach

elementary school

have you met my nieces yes they visited

you once in the summer didn't they did

you ask her out yes we went to a French

restaurant what time with this class be

over it

finish at three o'clock have you seen my

book no but I'll ask around

what will become of that old car I think

they will sell it to a museum where's

bill he is lying down on the couch can I

help you yes I'm looking for the

restroom is he sleeping no he saw some

blood and passed out when is dinner in a

few minutes please help me clean off the

table why did you buy that suit I want

to dress up for the party what time it

does the store closed

call and find out do you know where

Anne's house is yes I do I pass by it

every day when I walk home from school

how did you get over your cold so fast

I ate 30 oranges a day for three days

what time do you get up

usually at 7:30 but on weekends I get up

later was it easy to find the house yeah

the pink paint really makes it stand out

what do you do at your new job I stand

on the sidewalk and hold up the

advertising sign of the restaurant can I

borrow your car

sure but bring it back before five

o'clock please why did the car stop

because we just ran out of gas

do you have any more DVD players sorry

we are all sold out do you have any pets

I had a puppy but it ran away two weeks

ago is everyone back from lunch

yes let's carry on with the meeting

where do you want this box just put it

down by the door Thanks how much juice

do you want I'm very thirsty please fill

up my cup why is mrs. Jones crying her

son went off to fight in the war did Bob

leave already yeah he set out early this


what happened

my flowers that boy ran over them on his

bike do you work out yes I run to the

donut shop every morning why did you buy

my lunch today I wanted to make up for

being late last week

where should I put my jacket you can

hang it up in the closet can I borrow

your bicycle yes as long as you give it

back by 5 o'clock

where are you going I am going to Ann's

house she is sad because her dog died so

I am going to try to cheer her up

did you find your missing dog yeah he

turned up last night

is John going to buy a new house no he's

going to fix up his old one why is the

shoe store closed today

the owner passed away this morning

who left the door unlocked last night

well we can rule out Mike he's out of

town how did the fire start the old gas

heater blew up you named your dog Tweety

it's the best I could come up with have

you heard from Ted yet yes he sent me a

letter last week and I'm going to write

back to him tonight why did the dinosaur

die out because the weather got too very

cold what happened to all the trees they

burned down in the forest fire last year

why are you working three jobs I have to

pay back the money I borrowed from the

bank do you like cleaning your room no I

put it off as long as possible have you

decided what to order I need more time

to think it over

why were you late for work today

a fire broke out in my apartment this


how should I care for this plant you

have to give it water every day why did

you keep out of the game I don't know

how to play very well may I have your

telephone number

yes I'll write it down for you why is

your girlfriend mad at you I burst out

laughing when I saw her new hairstyle

hey where did you get that donut they

are handing out free food at the store

why do you look up to Tim so much

because he is brave honest and a humble

person what's wrong with the copy

machine it broke down yesterday what

took you so long at the store I ran into

my old elementary school teacher where

did all these books come from the

library was selling its old books hey

Joe what are you doing tonight I'm just

going to hang out at Kevin's house his

Nate's coming to the party tonight

yes he said he would show up around 7:00

why isn't she going to Beth's party I

don't get along with her are those the

gifts from Matt's party yeah I have to

put them away before he gets home where

did you find this great article I ran

across it in yesterday's newspaper when

will you get back from your trip I'll

return in two weeks how can I get to

your house from here take bus number

seven and get off at the third stop why

didn't you abide by the speed limit I'm

sorry officer I was late for my driving

class where are you going I'm going to

drop off my rollerblades at Sue's house

she's going to use them tomorrow how did

your team do

they fell behind in the second half and

lost the game what are you writing

I'm writing an essay that I have to hand

in to my teacher tomorrow

do you want to hamburger yes I do but

please leave out the pickles how are the

negotiations great they yielded into our

demand for a lower price are you using

the computer no you can turn it off

how did Silvia win the race she was with

the other runners then she broke away

from them and crossed the finish line

first where does this stairway go it

leads to the parking garage why don't

you want some cake my dentist told me to

cut sugar why did you sell your parrot

he kept on singing Elvis songs do you

have any large size hats sorry we don't

we mostly deal in children's clothes why

did you change universities clown

College really didn't live up to my


how was your trip to the desert

I would sum up the experience by saying

it was very hot Oh No why is it so dark

in here

the wind blew out our candles will may

be gone for a long time

no she just dashed off to the store to

buy milk why did she do poorly on the

test from not studying last night

have you gotten through to Kim yet no

the line is still busy why did you take

apart the computer I was looking for a

file can we go to the department store

now okay but I have to drop by the bank

first to get some money did you shake

hands with the president

no his bodyguard held back the crowd

what do you think of my new dance moves

cut it out

trying to study what should we do with

all these grapes

let's dry them out and make raisins why

did Jimmy have to stay after school he

was fooling around in class can you wait

while I go to the bathroom

no the train is about to leave so we

have to get on now you'll have to use

the bathroom on the train what does your

middle initials stand for the S is for

Simon it was my grandfather's name Wow

you learned how to juggle it in one day

yes I caught on to it quickly what time

does your plane for Paris leave it

leaves at 10 o'clock but I have to check

in by 8 o'clock

why do these rich kids look down on Sara

because Sara's family is poor and she

wears old clothes how deep is the water

in the swimming pool not very deep it

only comes up to my waist mom why are

you giving me your dirty socks I want to

add to your collection why don't we see

if we can stay an extra day good idea

I'll look into it

how did the problem with the stove come

out I was trying to melt my jewelry

what did you do when the man stole your


I cried out for help and a security

guard caught the thief

why did mom tell us to keep away from

that dog because the dog is dangerous it

bit three kids last summer why is the

police officer running after that man

because he stole that woman's purse

do you want to come over to my house

this weekend that sounds fun thank you

for inviting me why did you cross out

Kelly's number in your book

that's her old number why don't we sell

the old piano and get a new one

I could never do away with it my

grandmother gave it to me

can you go to the concert with us on

Saturday night

I'm going to talk it over with my dad

tonight do you think I could trade in my

bike for a new one

I think you should just give it away

sorry I didn't hear you could you speak

up please I said her stereo is turned on

too loud

did you call that person who wanted to

buy the house sorry I didn't have time

to follow up on it I'll be gone for one

week will you look after my dog

yes I'll give him food and walk him

every day

what kind of job do you want when you

grow up actually I would like to become

a dentist

have you used the new computer that she

got last week no I haven't it's still in

the box because I don't know how to set

it up I can't get to sleep why don't

those dogs settle down maybe they are

barking it a burglar do you want to come

by my house and see my new CD player

sure but I can only stay for a few


did you hear that Sara cheated on the

test and got an A I can't believe she

got away with it

when you look back at your life do you

have any regrets yeah I wish I hadn't

invested all that money in stocks you'll

be late for school what will you tell

the teacher I'll make up an excuse did

you find any mistakes when you look

through my essay yes I found a couple

did you hear that will made a house out

of an old train car Wow

he dreams up such interesting things did

you see Bill and Monica kissing at the

party last night yes it made me want to

throw up he said he'd be here by 8

o'clock but it is 8:30 should we wait

for him yes maybe he got lost

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