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So I just got back from Sri Lanka from this really sweet, simple wedding. Just 80 of us.

So small, so intimate, and so beautiful. And it really got me thinking about how Indian

weddings can be like the polar opposite of that. Big, lavish, sabse badda, sabse glamorous.

And this one time I was flown down to New Zealand to host this wedding for an Indian-American

family. They chose New Zealand as the destination. And these guys actually got Daler Mehendi

to come down and perform when the barat was through the streets of New Zealand, which

they shut down by the way. And the groom he came with his 7 groomsmen on 7 helicopters,

which made a V-shape, because his name was Vikram. And you know that's the kind of extent

and the kind of extravagance that people are willing to go through to have these big fat

Indian weddings. So I made my compilation of some of the craziest and the most lavish

weddings that have existed in the world. And Indians pretty much are only in the list.

So the first wedding I want to tell you about is something that happened very recently which

is when the Hinduja guy married his designer bride, and they approximately spent A 100 Crore

on this wedding. A hundred crores! It's got like that many zeros. So how did they spend

a 100 crores? Well, A - her clothes pretty much started at 11 lakhs. His clothes started

at 5 lakhs. They got J.Lo and Nicole to come and perform, and that's the kind of money

that the two of them charged to perform. J.Lo stayed in a suite that cost 3 lakh rupees

per night, so did Nicole. They hired may be like 208 jets for the 360 guests that came in from around

the world. And these jets, I mean you know these babies, they cost approximately like

2 lakh rupees per hour. They spent approximately 3 crores on the number of BMW's that were

flown in from Mumbai to Jaipur for this extravagant wedding. So ya, total it all up, you get a 100 crores.

So you would think that a dad that gets both his sons married at the same

time is being a little stingy, but not Subrata Roy who owns the Sahara group. He spent a

whopping 552 crore on the wedding of both his sons in Lucknow. So how do you land up

spending 552 crores on a wedding. Its quite simple. You get the British symphony orchestra

to fly down in a private jet and you get them to perform only Indian songs. You get the

'who's who' of Bollywood to come and attend your wedding, and not only do you get them

to attend your wedding but also get to come in and perform. All the politicians happened

to be there, including late chief of the Shiv Sena, Bal Thakeray, and the Prime Minister

of India. 101 cuisines from around the world were served at this wedding. And then you

say 'Oh I'm going to open my heart out and also perform the wedding of 101 underprivileged

girls'. I mean do even kings and queens get married in a 552 crores. Actually they do.

Lady Diana and Prince Charles, they got married for a whopping 115 million dollars (731 crore).

That many crore. And who said that its only like these rich tycoons that are spending

so much money on their weddings. Our politicians they're pretty much not far behind. When this

Congress minister's son got married, he was actually gifted a Bell 429 helicopter as a

gift from his in-laws. 250 crores were spent on this wedding. How? Well only 21 crore was

spent on his teeka ceremony. 15,000 people attended this wedding, and each person that

attended was given a shagun gift of 11,000 rupees, a safari suit, and a small silver

biscuit. And other than just like normal people attending this wedding, the 'who's who' of

Bollywood was there, every single politician was

there, including the then Prime Minister of India. That's how you spend that much of money

on a wedding. But all this lavishness on weddings, it can sometimes get you into a little bit

of trouble. As in the case of Jayalalithaa when in 1995 she decided to throw a wedding for

her foster son on the streets of Chennai. Well they built this massive fortress with

mythological figures, petals were strewn all over the streets, they served food which was

worth almost like 1.5 crores. That's what they spent just on the food. And this wedding

actually made it to the Guinness book of World Records as one of the largest banquets or

receptions to ever be held in the world. 1 lakh 50,000 people attended this wedding.

It kind of got her into a little bit of trouble and that was one of the reasons that there

was an inquiry against her. So that's it from me. That's been some of the craziest and

the most lavish weddings that we have ever seen in the world. And WooHoo, once again

India seems to top the list. I'll catch you again very soon. Till then, like, comment,

and subscribe, help increase the tribe. Ciao!

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