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♪ ♪


LIZ (over TV): My father, Carl Reddick,

stood with Dr. King, stood on the bridge at Selma.

Your daddy was a fighter.

Yeah. It's the end of an era.


GRETCHEN: I'm closing Assholes to Avoid,

so thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

You know why this happened?

Because we were adding

on of your litigation financiers to our list.

Jerry Warshofsky, asshole to avoid.

2.1 million.


LIZ: "If you want my help, leave a flower pot

"in your office window,

and I'll meet you at your parking space."

TARA: Were you followed?

No. So what do I need to do?

Follow the women.

The affairs, the prostitutes, the love child.

Follow the women.


(birds chirping)

I'm happy.


(chuckles softly)

Am I ridiculous?


You like narrating your life.

You know, there are psychological studies

that say, when people are happy,

they look desperately for things to make them unhappy.

But that won't happen to us, will it?


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Kurt, tell me

everything's gonna be all right.

Everything's gonna be all right.

But mean it.

Everything's gonna be all right.

What could go wrong?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

JULIUS: Our firm started with one man: Carl Reddick.

He was our founder, but he was also

the heart and soul of this firm for 15 years. (chuckles)

JAY: Could you say "civil rights icon"?

Same thing, but with "civil rights icon."

Uh, uh, sure.

(clears throat)

Our firm started with one man:

Carl Reddick, the civil rights icon.

I read about Carl Reddick in the history books in school,

but to meet him here in the flesh,

it was a highlight of my life.

When my dad died, I could think of no better way

to honor his life than by taking over his partnership here.

I was Mr. Reddick's secretary for 15 years.

JAY: Can you say "Carl" when you talk about him?

Oh, I never called him Carl.

It just helps with the interview.

Was he a good boss?


We just want the video to give some sense of the man.

Um, if you could talk a little bit

about working with him...

Like, what was a typical day like?

What's the first thing he would say

when you got there in the morning?






(thunder rumbling)

ROGER: Who are you?

Who are we?

Deep down,

who are you?

Uh, mid-size Chicago law firm.

No, who are you really?

The website, it's fine.

The video of Carl Reddick will help; it adds media.

But what do you want to say?

Tell us your story.

Uh, well, we, uh, let's-- we are growing.

We have hired 35 new attorneys.

We, uh, bought another floor.

Yes, but other law firms are growing.

What makes you different?


You're African American.

That's your brand.


That's your story.

We don't want to be sold

as an African American law firm.

But diversity is in right now.

Black Panther, Black-ish.

And diversity is something that you have in s...


(knock on door)

ADRIAN: Come in.

Do you have a second, Adrian?

Yes, I do. Excuse me.

(chuckles): God!

(quietly): I can't believe we're paying for this guy.

We need to show you something from the Reddick interviews.

Okay, what's up?

We were doing an interview with his secretary.

We think you should see it.

He said he was tired.

He had to give a speech that night,

and I could help.

He asked me to come behind his desk.

He had his pants unzipped.

He wanted me to touch him.

He said it was because of the pressure.

And only I-- (sobs)

Only I could help.

There was more, but we didn't record it.

Jesus Christ.

She said there was forced copulation

the whole time she was here.

Not now, not now. Please. Please.


He forced her for 15 years?

That's what she said.

Why would Cynthia stay

for 15 years?



No, seriously?

I'm trying to figure this out.

Why would she even agree to an interview?

She was planning to say nice things about him.

But then, when we started asking questions...

She knew we wanted something glowing, and it bothered her.

All right.

Anybody else there when you interviewed her?


I need to ask you guys

not to say anything to anybody about this.

So we can cover it up?

Marissa, I don't have the luxury right now

of being outraged.

That doesn't mean I'm not outraged.

You understand?

Yes, sir.


Are you going to tell her?

I-I don't know. I don't know.

Hey, no. I'll take that.

I'd give him a break.


Because half of our business comes from the Reddick name.

If it suddenly becomes as toxic as Weinstein's,

our firm is in trouble.

Well, then, maybe it should be.

Diane? Adrian. How far off are you?

About an hour. Why? What's wrong?

I just need your help with something...


Um, will you stop by my office and we'll talk?

Is everything all right?

ADRIAN: Yeah. W-We'll talk.

Why'd you take the .375?

KURT: What?

Why did you take the .375 to the shooting range?

You hate the Hawkeye.

Thought I'd try it out.

Who did you go shooting with last night?


Who did you go to the firing range with last night?

No one. Why?

(sniffing quietly)

(elevator bell dings)

Hey, Captain Video.

What, are you handling plutonium today?

No, I-- (clears throat)

It's a scratched cornea.



I mean, it should be fine. It's just--

You know, it's lights. They make me tear up and cry.

So I got to wear these for a week.

Well, I wouldn't wear those when you meet with the partners.

Am I meeting with the partners?

Julius is looking for you.


I don't know.

We're spinning out of control these days.

Oh, there he is.

Mr. Cain? You needed to talk to me?

Yes. It's just a quick thing.

We're redoing the website,

and as a part of the rebranding,

we are adding associate and partner photos and bios.

Great. That sounds great.

Except there's a chance we won't be using your bio and photo.

Mine? Why?

Don't take it as a criticism.

You're doing a great job.

We just think that it's best for the time being,

until we can establish the new brand.


Okay. Uh...

It's just-- It's not about you, Maia.

You are doing a great job.


It's about the last name, Rindell,

and the scandal with your father.

Oh, I'm fine.

I'm fine. I-I understand.

I just don't want you to be upset.


Sir, this... this is all medical. (chuckles)





(pump whirring)

Do you want me to come back later?

No. What is it?

Uh, could you talk to Maia?

I think she's really upset about the website.



(elevator bell dings)

So are we clairvoyant now?

I had the guard call up when you arrived.

Adrian wants to see you.

Yeah. What's the topic?

I've been told I speak too much, so I won't handle that.

And, uh, Kurt called.

Kurt? Why?

Why did he call? I don't know.

Maybe just to say hello?

ADRIAN: Diane.

So, we have a problem with Carl.



Yeah. Yeah, I know, he's dead.

But there's an issue that's come up

that might cause the firm a problem.

And I need a woman's help.

Well, and not Liz's?

Not Liz.

CYNTHIA: He asked me to come behind his desk...

That's Carl's secretary, from 1999 to 2014.

It was before you got here.

We need to talk to her.



(electronic chime)

♪ ♪

If there's a secret and you want someone to keep it kept

What kind of contract is the carpet

Under which it's swept? ♪

NDA, well, you don't say

Financial details, shameful stories

Favorite breakfast food

Just list the things that if they talk about 'em

They get sued

NDA, well, you don't say

You can't, 'cause there's and NDA

It's like a lawyer looking over your shoulder

Always making sure that you never tell


I think they're maybe always in a red folder

But I didn't do my research that well

NDA, well, you don't say

Let's try to count all the red folders

In the show today

You know what, who cares? ♪

Just pay attention, put your phone away

NDA, well, you don't say

You can't, 'cause there's an NDA. ♪

(thunder rumbling)

(birds cawing)

Just so you know, Cynthia,

I knew nothing about this.

I know.

I wasn't trying to make a fuss.


Uh, Cynthia, we feel badly about what happened,

and we want to make it right.

We have some plans to impose a sexual harassment course

at the firm, and I...


They had those when I was there, too.

All of the associates went, but not the partners.


Uh, that will change.

We will make sure of it.

Is there anything else that we can do to make this right?

(clattering nearby)

Would you excuse me?

Cynthia, is-is there somebody else here?

My daughter.

(dishes clinking)

(quietly): This is not what I expected.


This house, it reminds me of my aunty's house.

I thought she'd be a lot more combative.

We might not need the NDA.

MONIQUE: Mom, they're gonna have you sign a contract

that says you can't say anything.

CYNTHIA: No, they just want to make the firm better.

MONIQUE: He raped you, Mom,

and all you want is some bullshit class.

CYNTHIA: I don't like that language, Monique,

and none of this is your business.

MONIQUE: It is my business. In fact...

You know, he promised my mom something he never paid.


They're lawyers, Mom.

That's all they understand: money.

My apologies. This is my daughter.

Hi. Um, what did he promise you, Cynthia?

Did you ever work with my mom?

Did I? Uh, no.

Then don't call her Cynthia.

Call her Ms. Cromley.

Quite right.

What did Mr. Reddick promise you, Ms. Cromley?

If you don't tell her, Mom, I will.

♪ ♪


Where is everybody?

I have no idea. I'm just staying on the sidelines today.


I found out that this man...

this man has been lying the whole time, and I think...

Hold up, hold up.

Hold up, hold up.

(clamoring quiets)

Please, let's just get it quieter in here.

He promised her a pension.

He promised Cynthia a pension, and that is what we need...

He promised her something this firm can't afford,

then he died. What was he thinking?


MADELINE: Clearly, he wasn't thinking with his brain,

he was thinking with his...

All right.

I'm not interested in litigating the past.

What happened happened.

But did it? Do we believe her?

MADELINE: Are you kidding me?

Look, I know

we're all supposed to believe the women...

"Supposed to believe"? This is the problem.

BARRY: But Reddick is a target.

He's a black icon.

People want to devalue our civil rights past...

Hold on, hold on.

Has she even agreed to sign an NDA?

JULIUS: We didn't want

to bring it up until we could address the cost.

I think we're looking at $80,000 to $750,000

for one act of forced oral copulation.

I think we should lowball her. Ask 30.


DIANE: Excuse me.

Excuse me.

(clamoring quiets)

We have another option.

Let it come out.

Carl Reddick was a complicated man.

People who change history and do good

are not all good.

This firm could lose 40% of its clients.

Yeah, but we didn't do anything wrong.

We didn't cover anything up.

But if we pay someone off, it becomes our scandal.

Do we know we haven't paid already?

MADELINE: What do you mean?

JULIUS: I looked at Reddick's contract.

(clears throat) In 2012, we made a deal

to cover all of his sexual harassment lawsuits.



Adrian, did you know about this?

It was, it was standard CEO protection.


Standard CEO protection?

We need to deal with the problem at hand.

Carl's secretary.

Now, we can offer $30,000. Really?

I mean, come on. Yeah?

MADELINE: No, come on.


Wendy, hey.

Uh, you need the bathroom?

I don't think I should be the one taking notes here.

Why not?

Mr. Reddick did the same to me.

(all groaning, murmuring)

(electronic clicking)

♪ ♪

Hey. What are you doing?

Figuring out whether to watch a German series

about serial killers or a Scandinavian series

about serial killers.

What's my bag doing out?

I was helping you pack.


Well, I-I saw airplane tickets on our account.

Oh. Right, safari, just a few days.

A few days on a safari?

Yes. Why?

Well, I mean, I don't shoot anymore,

so you're not going with me.

What's wrong, Diane?

Work has me thinking.



And what they do.

What do they do?

I love you, Kurt,

but I don't think you're being honest with me.

And I hate being the wife who pretends not to care,

the cool wife who overlooks lies.

What am I lying about?

Who did you go shooting with last night?

No one.

Oh, my God, you're such a bad liar.

I mean, in many ways, it's... it's sweet.

Why even try?

It's no one.

And it's no one

with whom you are going on a safari?

I'm being paid. I don't have a job.

I'm hiring myself out to shoot with hunters.

The same hunters who borrowed your jacket last night?

I found blonde hairs on your jacket.

Believe me, I wasn't looking for them.

They-they-they were just there.

And it reeked of cologne or mousse or something,

and I know you would rather die than use girly products,

so why don't you just tell me.

It's not what you think.

Well, if that were the case, you wouldn't be lying.

I know you'll be angry.

Is it her again? Holly?

Westfall? No.

Well, then which of your Fox blondes is it?

It's not a woman.

I don't believe you. Who were you shooting with?

Eric Trump and Donald Jr.

You went shooting with...

Eric and Don?


And that's whose...

hair it is?

Eric forgot his jacket, so I lent him mine.

You call him Eric?

Oh, God.

I'm just asking the question.

They pay me, Diane.

It's money. I'm not doing it because I like them.

But you're shooting with them?

I'm being paid.

I'm working.

Oh, my God,

and that's who you're going on a safari with

this weekend?

That's who I'm being paid to go on a safari with.

(sighs) This is not politics, it's work.

It's not a woman. I'm not cheating on you.

It's two hunters and their entourages.

(groans): Oh!


You're scaring me.

No. You're right.

You have to do what you have to do,

and I have to do what I do.

(sighs) What do you do?

Something that I

fucking should've done nine months ago.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(vehicle departing in distance)

(ringtone): ♪ Fuzzy, fuzzy, cute, cute

Fuzzy, fuzzy, cute, cute. ♪

I don't have much time. I'm shooting.

I need to meet with them.


The other eight women like you, the ND8s.

They won't meet with you.

Then I need you to come forward.

We talked about this. I can't.


I'm sick of this chickenshit stuff.

We need to fight.

No, you're saying I need to fight.

Trump won't sue you, he'll sue me.

And I will defend you with every breath that it takes.

Defend me with what? I signed an NDA.

A faulty NDA.

I looked at the contract. There is a defect.

Listen, "Agreement is made between the Receiving Party,"

you, "and the Disclosing Party," him.

But then further down, it says,

"The receiving actress will refrain

"from disclosing details of any meetings,

interactions, and/or conversations."

I don't understand. Why is that a defect?

Who's the "receiving actress"?



According to this contract, you are the "receiving party."

"Receiving actress" isn't defined anywhere

in this contract.

You can say anything you want.

Can't be that easy.

It's not. They'll sue, we'll argue.

That's the way the law works.

It doesn't matter what we do.

Stormy Daniels came out, Karen McDougal came out.

People have moved on.

Yes, but you say that he paid for your abortion.

That is a huge difference.

That will undercut his support from the religious right.

We can beat this NDA.

Why now and not a year ago?

Because now it's personal.

But I need your help.

Let me think about it.

I thought it might be because of something I wore.

But even the next day,

he asked me to come into his office.

He said he was tired.

He had to give a speech that night,

and I could help.

He asked me to come behind his desk.

He had his pants unzipped.

He wanted me to touch him.

He said it was because of the pressure,

and only I-- (sobs)

Only I could help.

I didn't want you to have to deal with that.

But it's gotten bigger.

When was this?


She agreed to a meeting...


When did... it happen?


She started with Carl in 1999,

so it may have started then.

(gasps softly)

He always said he had to work late.


"Too many injustices.

Too many..."

Goddamn him.

Liz, I'm really sorry.

Did you know?


Even when we were married and I would call him to talk to him,

and-and-and you would say that he was in a meeting?

Because he was in a meeting.

But you asked how my parents were doing

the first year we were married. I remember you asked. Why?

I don't know. I just asked.


I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, Liz.


(crying): I could always accept it,

the way he treated Mom,

the way he treated us,

because we were sharing him with the world.

I thought he was here fighting,

but he was just here...

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Come on, come on, come on.

I want you to go home.

We've got this. Okay?

You put in the glass walls.


The offices.

Why did you do that?

What-what do, what do you mean?

You knew.

No, no.

You were trying to stop him from fucking around.



You knew, a-and it was the year before

you agreed to settle any harassment claims.

Liz, that was boilerplate...

I remember, I remember

Dad complaining about it at the time, about the glass walls,

about the-the lack of privacy.

You got to stop this. It was a design choice, Liz, that's all.

So what are we doing? Huh? We paying her off?

I don't know, Liz. That's...

We're discussing.

That's where you all were last night, "discussing"?


Liz, please, go home. We got this.

(indistinct chatter)

I'm a partner. Bring me up to speed.

Let's go.

(chatter stops)

Don't look to Adrian, look to me.

We're talking amounts.

Good. Let's hear it.

Excuse me.

(clears throat) We're, uh...

Well, Wendy was here for most of the conversation about payouts,

and, uh, we were talking about as high as $750,000.

Wait, Wendy?

The stenographer.

So, um, we think we can pay off Cynthia

for $80,000; that is the equivalent

of her... prorated pension,

and then maybe go as high as $100,000

for... Wendy.

My dad raped the stenographer?



Well, I'll make the deal with Cynthia.

Liz, let us do it.


I will do it.



Never mind.


Okay, I'll get on it.

Yes, Ms. Reddick?

You know what's going on here?

About my father raping secretaries?


All right.

I want you to find out if there are any more.

Any more...?


that he's raped.

In the firm, in the world.

I want to know everything, so don't bury it.

And you don't go to anybody else first.

You come to me, okay?


ADRIAN: Thank you, Lucca,

for giving us the time.

If this is about my maternity leave,

I know I'm behind on billable hours.

No, actually it's something else.

Can we get you anything? Water?

Or anything?

No, I'm all right.

What's wrong?

What do you mean?

It feels like I'm about to be fired.


In fact, consider this a promotion.


ADRIAN: We've been looking for somebody

to take over divorce law.

We don't have a lot of cases,

but we're trying to build the department.

I thought you hired Bruce Fischer.

ADRIAN: We did.

It was an issue.

Harassment issues at his last firm.

And that's a problem these days? (laughs)

We want a woman in the position.

Well, a month ago, you wanted a man.

Well, we changed our minds.

Well, I'm on the Leland suit; it's a full load, so...

Yeah, you-you'd have to drop that.

You really should consider this, Lucca.


Uh, was that an invitation or a demand?

Well, that's up to you.

(scoffs) Divorce is a dead end here.

No one takes it seriously.

Well, then, do it temporarily and see if you like it.

Uh... (chuckles)

ADRIAN: Hey, Maia.

Mr. Boseman.

Hi, sir.


I heard you were upset about the website?

Uh, no, sir, no. It's just that, uh,

I have a scratched cornea,

so it is sensitive to light...

Look, look.

Know that this is not a reflection

of how we feel about you.

It's a branding thing. (chuckles)

So don't worry.

I'm not worried.

You keep up the good work.

I will.

All right.

MARISSA: What are you looking at?

(clears throat) My arm.

Your arm? What's that mean?

I was in this group photo,

and they cropped me out.

Well, I'm sure that wasn't intentional.

It's a nice arm.

Enough people have told me not to be bothered by this,

I'm starting to get bothered by this.

Well, don't cry.

I'm a third-year associate,

and they are treating me like I was hired yesterday.

It's the curse of short people.

We were born in the volcano of Vulcan

as a powerful army to control the Earth,

but Vulcan blessed and cursed us

with one unfortunate attribute:

for all time, we are to be overlooked.

Why do you think I talk so loud

and make jokes out of being blunt?


Because it allows me to control people

without them thinking they're being controlled.

It's Jedi mind shit. You can do the same.



Your voice.

You have to make it louder but without cracking.

Say, "these aren't the briefs you're looking for."

Do you think I'm joking?

Fucking say it. But say it loud

and strong and don't let your voice crack.

(clears throat)

These aren't the briefs you're looking for.

No. Come on.


Come on!


(door closes)


(exhales) These aren't the briefs you're looking for.

Say it.

Give me something else.

No! Fucking say it. Yes, I'm swearing.

These aren't the briefs you're looking for.

You're straining your voice.

Make it loud, but don't strain. Go.

These aren't the briefs you're looking for!


(toilet flushing)


No, don't wash your hands, tall lady.

Get the fuck out.

(door opens, closes)

Okay, this is my gift to you, Maia.


(gasps) These are cool.

And if you don't use them correctly,

I'm taking them back. And give me these.

Jesus Christ.


How's that?



Now make us proud.

(elevator bell dings)

(inhales sharply)

Do I know you?


I'm Roger.

What's... your name?


It's nice to meet you, Maia.

I'm working at your firm temporarily.

Want to grab a drink tonight?

(chuckles softly)


(elevator bell dings)

(doorbell rings)

Do you know who I am?


Then I think we should talk.

LIZ: Do you remember me?

When I would come in the office?


Do you remember me?


Were you at the funeral?

Yes, at the back.

Do you remember my mom?


Did he ever... talk about her?


They want you to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

My daughter doesn't want me to.

But they're-they're willing to pay

what you were promised, and...

you should take what you deserve.

Your father wasn't a bad man.

I don't understand how you can feel that way

after everything that he did.

My life has never gone the way I thought.

As I get older...

I have more sympathy for other people.

They don't always express love the way they should.

I have nothing for my father now.

(chuckles) Nothing.

(doorbell rings)

Hi. Mrs. Cromley?


Oh, I'm sorry. Your daughter called me.

I'm Naomi Nivola, a reporter with NSW.


And I understand there might be some

issues at the workplace involving sexual coercion?

I'm sorry.

Have I interrupted something?

(thunder rumbling)

Naomi Nivola.

LIZ: Yep.

She's with NSW now.

JULIUS: So they have it.

The forced copulation?

JAY: We don't know that.

Cynthia's daughter only told the reporter

to confront us at her mom's house.

She didn't tell her anything else.

If this report goes public, we're suddenly Weinstein.

It'll close our doors.

Okay, okay, okay.

I'll talk to Naomi.

I'll find out what she knows.

You? No.

Why not?

Because I think you know why not.

You have your own issues there.

With who? The secretary?

No, no.

LIZ: No, no, no.

Naomi was a student

in one of Adrian's law classes. It's a--

There's a whole history there. Jay, you do it.

Just, let's find out what Naomi knows.


And I will settle with the stenographer.

Should I do it?

No. I will do it.

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)


Can you, uh...

Yeah? What do you need?


Forget it.

♪ ♪

I don't understand.

We're offering you $90,000.


For your cooperation.

I... no.

We can't offer more.

I know. I-I'm not asking for more.

Then what are you asking for?


I would never tell anyone about Mr. Reddick, ever.

There are so many people who want to destroy men.

Black men.

I won't be a part of it.

I'll never be a part of it.

Not at this firm.

(slides file across table)

Uh... are you sure?

(chuckles softly) Yes.

Is there anything else you need, Ms. Reddick?

So they sent their investigator?

Just want to make sure you have all the facts.

Yes, because Reddick/Boseman really want me

to have all the facts.

We want to explain our side.


Go ahead.


You ask me six questions off the record.

If you like what I say, then record them, okay?


(clears throat)

Cynthia Cromley worked at your firm?


Would you like to elaborate?



That was not one of my questions.

Actually, it was.

Okay. Here we go.

Were you at Ms. Cromley's house today

to get her to sign an NDA?

We were discussing issues with her.

I see.

And were you discussing the issue

of her having sexual relations with...

Adrian Boseman?

JAY: She thinks it's you.


With Cynthia?



That's great.

We-we need to arrange an interview.

Liz, Naomi is biased against me.

Yes, but now you can answer honestly that there is nothing

between my father's secretary and you.

That's the most honest way to get out of this.

She doesn't think we have

any other #MeToo problems?

None she mentioned.

Great! Then arrange the interview.



You're home earlier than I thought.

Last-minute change of plans. Bad weather.

Oh, no. Poor Eric and Don.

You mean they spent all that money and their trip was ruined?

We're going again in a month.

Oh, how exciting. They can finally bag that giraffe.

I'm gonna take a shower.

No, no, no.

Come on, come on. A little hug, please.

(inhales sharply)


What's wrong?


No, something's wrong. What?

No, nothing.

(ringtone playing)


DIANE: Diane Lockhart.

I can't do this.


I can't break the NDA.

Tara, can I call you back?

No, I'm sorry. I know you found a loophole

in the NDA, but they'll rip me apart.

I can't do it.

Tara, please, just...

just think about this overnight, and I'll call you back.

No, I'm sorry. Good-bye.


(grunting softly)

DIANE: Oh, my God.

Kurt, your shoulder.

It's nothing.

Are you kidding? Look at that.

You can barely get your shirt off.

It looks worse than it is.

To-- How-- Did you go to a doctor?


Yes, I'm supposed to put this ointment on.

Oh, my God, my poor husband.

What have they done to you?


That's why they delayed their trip.

They shot you!

It's just buckshot.

Which one did it?

Okay. Diane...


Tell me. I want to know.

Don Jr.? Eric?

Which one?

Okay, I can, I can do the ointment.

N-No, you can't. Which one shot you?

It's not important.

It is to me.

Oh, my God, you signed an NDA.

You can't say?

You can't tell your own wife what happened to you?


Mr. Boseman, thanks for doing this.

And it's good to see you again.

And you, Naomi.

So I'm gonna record this, unless Mr. Dipersia has any issues.

Do your worst.

(laughs) Don't tempt me.

(both laugh)

So did Adrian tell you he was my teacher in school?

I heard. With Liz, right?

Yes. With Liz.

Do we need to get out of here?

NAOMI: No. I go on in 20 minutes.

So, Mr. Boseman.

Ms. Nivola.

Hmm. Did your firm ask Cynthia Cromley to sign an NDA?


Is it in negotiations for Ms. Cromley to sign an NDA?



This isn't one of those lawyerly "meanings of 'is,' is" answers"?

I told you, we have nothing to hide.

Did you know Ms. Cromley has refused to speak to me?

I did not know that.

Is it because of the NDA?

It is not.

Did you have sexual relations with Ms. Cromley?


Did you sexually harass Ms. Cromley?


And if I asked the lawyers at your firm?

You will get the same answer.

See, I told you there was no story.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh. Hey, just one more thing.

Ah, the Columbo moment.


Ms. Cromley was a sidebar to the real story.

JAY: What's the real story?

Did your firm get paid off

by these two litigation financiers

to shut down a #MeToo site called Assholes to Avoid?

(quietly): The footman to the king.

I am married to the footman to the king.

BRUISE: And we don't even remember him.

That's the worst thing.

The most important person in my life, and he's an afterthought.

He's not even that. He's a joke to us.

He's the caddy we left behind,

the hunter we laughed at when we accidentally shot.

What has happened to men?

Where did the real guys go?

Why do we now have these snide little creatures

with slicked-back hair and cologne?

What happened to Paul Newman and Burt Lancaster?

What happened to men who were slow to anger,

and responsible, and wouldn't cry

like whiny little bitches?

When did Trump and Kavanaugh become our idea

of an aggrieved man?

Quivering lips, blaming everyone but themselves.

You're not fit to kiss my husband's feet.

A truthful man.


never passing the buck.

Never punching unless he's punched.

When did he become the exception?

Wah, wah, wah.

God, I hate you.

I don't believe in hell,

but sometimes I wish people like you ended up there.

Or I tell myself you're really unhappy

in all your gilded happiness.

Oh, I'm happy.

So happy. Tremendously happy.

Bigly happy. Everybody says I'm happy.

I'm the happiest...

Not if I leak the abortion.


The abortion.

Excuse me?

Tara's abortion.

What if I leak it?

That's not me.

Well, it'll undercut your support

from right-wing Christians.

You wouldn't do that. It's covered by an NDA.

I'm not Tara's attorney. What do I care?

But she told you in confidence.

Would you really be that shitty?

Hey, I learned from the best.

FRANCESCA: ♪ Twenty, twenty, twenty four

Hours to go

I wanna be sedated

Nothing to do and nowhere to go, oh

I wanna be sedated. ♪

Oh, Joey Ramone.

Your grandmother threw her panties to him

at the Whisky a Go Go in '94.

Her black crotchless panties.

That's right.

And she never saw them again.

(phone beeps)

La... ♪ Oh.


Yes. I'm sorry. No, I'm here.

Mm-hmm. Look, the important thing is,

is that you get everything you deserve. Everything.

Well, that's the way men are.

(door opens, closes)

That's why you need the best.

(whispers): There she is.

Yeah. Slept three hours. Had four poops.

Any crawling?

Not yet. Oh, and Colin called from D.C.

Sang Bruce Springsteen to him over the phone.

It was so sweet. I Instagrammed it.

(laughs): You...

Anyway, men tell you that they care.

Whatcha doing? Oh. Come here.

They'll pretend, but they don't.

I missed you.

That is why you have

got to find the best, like Lucca.

She's a killer.

Francesca? What's going on? Who is that?

Yeah, hold on. She's asking who it is.

(whispers): Mrs. Seymour-Broderick.

My Seymour-Broderick?

Yeah, she's asking about her divorce.

Francesca, that's a work call.

You can't just-- Hi, Mrs. Seymour?

How are you...

She hung up.

Yes, she says she's gonna call you tomorrow.

I'm not sure why you keep telling her

how temporary you are.

You are the perfect divorce lawyer.

Women need someone like you.

The men lawyers, they don't take them seriously.

Francesca, we need to talk about some boundaries.

Yeah? I have to leave.

Bye. Oh!






That's your grandma.

(door closes)


JULIUS: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Wait, wait! What case was this again?

Assholes to Avoid.

Okay, we have a problem.

(clamoring quiets)

Naomi Nivola, our friendly reporter,

has been calling our top clients

for a quote on her #MeToo story.


That was Jason Hardy from Eerie Media.

He wants to come in to discuss.

Oh, my God.

That's $12 million a year.

That's right.

So, we need to get our story straight.

We did not know we were taking down Assholes to Avoid.

Yes, we did.

No, we didn't.

We didn't know we were taking it down for Tom and Jerry,

but we knew we were taking it down.

Maia, why don't you step outside for a second?

Uh, you asked her to join us. She was on the case.

Uh, this should be a partner thing.

I agree.


LUCCA: Maia,

you have an opinion.

What do you think they should do?

Own it.

Our client wanted us to take down a #MeToo site.

We didn't agree, but we took it down.

Because we're that good.

(door opens)

(door closes)

ADRIAN: Hey, Jason,

here's the thing.

Our client wanted us to take down a #MeToo site.

We did not agree, but we took down that site.

'Cause we're that good.

(slaps legs)

And that's what I love about you guys, you know?

Civil rights, but also the license to-- pow-- kill.


Hey, who's, uh,

who's Maia Rindell-- Rindell?

Uh, excuse me?

I came across

her-her website. I guess I typed in

instead of .com, and her-her stuff came up.

It was really, really cool stuff.

I would love if it she was on the case, too.

Is that cool?

Y-Yeah. Sure.


Dot net.



(mouse pad clicks, music playing over speakers)

(music stops)

(sighs) I'll be back.

You sure you don't want me in on this?


This is our agreement to pay you $80,000

over the course of four years,

which is equivalent to the pension that you were promised.

Someone else could've had me sign this.

Uh, yeah, that's true.

I, uh, I volunteered.


(laughs softly)

You know, it always struck me as unfair in the Bible

how God would hold generation after generation guilty

for the sins of the parent.

But I realized,

who else can he blame?

Just need you to sign here.

And here.

♪ ♪

I'm sorry.


(chuckles): Yeah.

He's dead now, and... now he's truly dead, so...

(quietly): Uh...


(door opens)

(quiet knocking)


We can do this later.


(door closes)

Are those other women that my father raped?

Well, not always raped.


You want me to take you through it?

(sighs) Is that the only copy?


Just leave it.

Thank you, Marissa.

Hey, we're in this together.

(door closes)


Ms. Nivola?


I have a story for you.

A story about the president.


I really didn't know about your dad.

I know.

No. That's not what I want to say.

I think I thought there might be an affair.

That's why I redid the office with glass walls.

I didn't want anything hidden.

Your dad was really good to me, Liz.

He's the reason I have a career.

Me, too.

Although there is one last question.



(laughs): What are you doing?

"Who are we?"


Oh, no.

We really do have to give him an answer, don't we?

'Cause diversity is in right now.


He was this close to saying "spades."


"You all have diversity

in spades." (laughs)

Ah, you know what we are?


We are a firm with no past.

Not anymore.

We're starting over.

That's refreshing.


To new beginnings.

♪ ♪

Let's try to count all the red folders in the show today

NDA, well, you don't say

You can't 'cause there's an NDA

It's like a lawyer looking over your shoulder

Always making sure that you never tell


Think they're maybe always in a red folder

But I didn't do my research that well

NDA, well, you don't say

You can't 'cause there's an NDA. ♪

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