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Speaker: The homosexual Daffyd Thomas registered at the university in North Carolina

Daffyd: Gay group

A group of gays

Girl: Hey! Are you new here?

Daffyd: Oh, yes. It's my first week

Girl: And you already formed an own gay group?!

Daffyd: Yes. I grew up in a small village in Walles and it was very hard for me.

I felt alone

Girl: Oh, I'm sorry

Daffyd: It was not simple to be the only gay in the village

Girl: Well. If you want, join the chess group

Daffyd: Is it gay chess?

Girl: No. Just chess!

Daffyd: Well. No, thank you

Boy: Hey! What about go mountain climbing?

Daffyd: No, I can't go mountain climbing. I'm gay. Do you understand?

I prefer to spend my time with other homosexuals, which know how I feel

Girl: You probably get lucky. I think, there are many gay students here

Daffyd: Let's see!

Daffyd: Well. I'm waiting 5 seconds long and nobody registered

I think, I'm the only on the campus

Nice day

Girl: Wait! That guy looks like a homosexual

Daffyd: I don't think so

Going mountain climbing is there

Gay: No, I'm here because of the gay group

Daffyd: Yes, but the group is just for gays

Gay: That's good for me

Girl: That's great

Daffyd: I'm afraid that we don't take a member anymore

Gay: How many members you have?

Daffyd: Only one. Me

Gay: Why can't I join it?

Daffy: The group is just for homosexuals

Gay: I'm gay

Daffyd: No, you're not gay. I'm gay

You're a little bit feminine

Gay: I'm gay since at 2 years

Daffyd: Really?

Gay: Yes

And at the age of 5 years. I outed me in front of my mother

Daffyd: That's probably a phase

Gay: No, I'm certainly gay. I just gave my roommates a blow job

Daffyd: Disgusting

Gay: What's your problem?

What do you want to do in the gay group?

Daffy: If you want to know, I'm gonna sit in my room thinking gay things

about asses of men

Gay: It's not good to be the only gay. You have to go outside to do it

Daffyd: I can't have sex with an other man, I'm gay

You're crazy. You're not supposed to lead the gay group. I will ... I will meet some sweet men


Gay group. Your group for gays

Oh, come here! Sweet guy with blonde hair and one of them with a beard

I know, you like into bum

So, how tall are yours?

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