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Please be seated.

Hello, Your Honor.


This is the case of Jungvirt v. Sandknop.

Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone.

AUDIENCE: Good day.

Mr. Jungvirt, you claim

that the defendant's infidelities

not only caused you to cancel your wedding,

but also, now, to doubt paternity

of her two-year-old daughter, Payten.

You're demanding a paternity test

to prove you are not the father.

Miss Sandknop, you thought you were doing the right thing

by being honest with Mr. Jungvirt,

but say you're honesty has done nothing

but cause turmoil in your household.

You maintain you are sure

Mr. Jungvirt is your child's father.

Mr. Jungvirt,

what's at stake today?

This ring, Your Honor.

Our loyalty,

our trust,

our family.

The way we handle things day-to-day is at stake.

That's a lot.


So, this has truly affected your relationship?

JUNGVIRT: Entirely.

And your ability to be a family.

Yes, Your Honor.

I don't understand why... I came clean about it.

I mean, if he's still having trust issues,

then, what are we doing here, why are we still together?

He forgave me for it and...

He says, he's unable to move forward with the wedding

until he knows for sure.

SANDKNOP: (SNIFFLING) Yes. Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: And that hurts you as well.


Because you feel like you were honest?

Yes, Your Honor. And I feel like...

If I was honest with him about that one time,

then, why would I still lie?

Because if there's that doubt once,

what's to say there's not that doubt again?

SANDKNOP: Why would I continue to lie?

I did something wrong and I admitted my mistake.

Take me back. Tell me a little bit about this relationship.

We started young. Uh...

She was 16 and I was 17.

And I always wanted to be with her,

always wanted her to be mine.

Ever since then, we've been stuck like glue. (SMACKS HANDS)

I couldn't imagine life without them.

We thought all the pieces were gonna fit together

and they did... For a while.

And so, take me to the day

when she told you she was pregnant.

When I found out that she was pregnant, she...

You know, at first, I thought it was a joke but then...

SANDKNOP: But then I sent him a picture.

I sent him a picture of the paper

of the HCG positive test

that the doctor had given me.

That was the happiest day of my life.

And he called me immediately after, bawling...

(SNIFFLING) He didn't believe it was the truth.

So, you were very happy.

JUNGVIRT: Oh, yeah, extremely.

I can see the emotion

right now, even when you think about it.

JUNGVIRT: I was beside myself, you know.

I couldn't say we were ready, but...

We got ready fast.

We were ready.

You found out you were having a baby...

JUNGVIRT: Yeah. I made her dinner.

I was excited. I was happy.

Well, you were excited because you thought you were the father!

JUNGVIRT: Yeah, I called off work...

SANDKNOP: Because we were finally a family.

I said, "I'm having a baby.

"I just found out that we're pregnant."

We made dinner, we sat down,

and we just enjoyed each other's company.

JUDGE LAKE: And so...

And I immediately asked her to marry me...

JUDGE LAKE: You asked her to marry you?

Within five minutes, I just held her hand...

And so, you proposed, you said yes.

Of course.

JUDGE LAKE: And then...

What happens that...

SANDKNOP: Because...

Changes the tide on all of this?

Before I got pregnant, Your Honor...

It was right before Christmas.

We're doing fine

and then, all of a sudden, we got into a petty argument.

I can't remember exactly what it was over.

And it lasted for a couple of days.

And I ended up just wanting to give him his space

because he didn't wanna talk to me and I really didn't...

Honestly, I didn't wanna talk to him at the moment.

So, I went to the bar and I got drunk.

And I ended up

not remembering anything that happened to me that night and I...

My intention wasn't to cheat on him!

I didn't go out to have sex with another guy.

I went out to just relax,

take a breath, and just recollect my thoughts,

and let him have some time to breath.

But, she can't explain to me. You know, I want details.

Every man wants details.

Every man wants to know who did it,

who it was, when did it happen, why did they do it.

And she can't remember a thing.

And that's what I'm confused about. I can only...

From that night, the only thing I can remember is

taking a couple sips of my first drink.

And the next thing I remember,

I'm waking up in somebody's bed.

I don't know who he is, I don't know where I am.

I don't know what happened...


And I looked around to try and find all my stuff.

And, like, I was trying to recollect what had happened and...

JUDGE LAKE: And so...

Nothing came to me at all.

To me, it seems like somebody took advantage of me that night.

JUDGE LAKE: So, you...

Went to the bar to basically drown your sorrow.

SANDKNOP: Exactly.

And ended up waking up in a stranger's bed.

Yes, Your Honor.

Did you know if you'd had sex?

I have no clue. I tried to like...

While I was gathering my things,

I was looking around in the garbage can

and trying to see if could find a condom or a condom wrapper,

but I didn't find either.

Where was this person when you woke up?

Asleep in his bed.

And I woke up, I gathered my things, and I left.

I didn't stick around to see what would happen.

When you woke up, did you have your clothes on?


At what point, Mr. Jungvirt, did you find about this night?

I told him two months after I found out I was pregnant.

I tried to break it to him easily,

but he could tell right away

that I had something on my chest

that I wanted to get off. Because...

We were still in the beginning...

SANDKNOP: Of the pregnancy, and we were still fresh parents.

And I was so ashamed of myself for...

Betraying the one that I love.

The man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I wouldn't have said yes to him

when he asked me to marry him

if I didn't wanna spend the rest of my life with him.

JUNGVIRT: In the beginning, I had no idea.

I'd made dinner for her, she sat down. She's...

Within the first seven... Five to seven minutes, she told me.

You know, she's like, "I got some news for you."

And then, right then and there, I knew, you know.

JUDGE LAKE: You knew it was coming.

I knew it was coming.

JUDGE LAKE: And when you heard this news

that she had had this night and cheated,

what did you do?

JUNGVIRT: I stormed out.

I mean, I didn't go drinking. I...

You canceled the wedding?

I canceled the wedding. I canceled everything. I...

We didn't break up. He just said, "The wedding's off."

He said, "Forget about the wedding."

I didn't talk, didn't answer any text.

It's not just him that's hurting, it's me hurting too.

Because that 3% possibility that he's not her father...

I won't be able to tell her who her father is because I don't know!

JUDGE LAKE: And I can see that upsets you.

Mr. Jungvirt, at what point did you figure out

that the other man may be the father?

JUNGVIRT: We sat down and...

SANDKNOP: We went through the app.

I got this app and...

We just started punching in the days...

I actually have it right here.

I could present this to you if you don't mind.

JUDGE LAKE: I would like to see it please.

It's about the...

So, you went back to this app that you discovered.


JUDGE LAKE: Tell me what this shows me.

In yellow are the dates you were ovulating.

Am I correct?

SANDKNOP: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: And then, in blue are the dates

you were intimate with Mr. Jungvirt.

SANDKNOP: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: And in red...

Is the date of the one-night stand...

SANDKNOP: Yes, Your Honor.

For which you have no recollection.

SANDKNOP: Yes, ma'am.

Both of these men fall within the window of conception.

Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: Once you realized this,

did you ever try to find the other guy?

I tried to rack my brain to try and remember anything.

I can't even remember the name of the bar.

I can't remember like...

I'm trying to think of about, like, retracing my steps

to see if anything looked familiar and nothing helped.

I can't remember anything about that night.

JUDGE LAKE: And you have no idea?

No clue, whatsoever.

And I have no clue if this is the only time that she don't remember.

Hold on now, Mr. Jungvirt, you said something important.

You're saying...

JUNGVIRT: You don't remember this time,

how do I know she's not gonna do that again,

or has already done that again.

Okay, well, at least I told you about what I did

instead of hiding it from you and going behind my back

to one of my really good girlfriends

texting her, telling her to text me,

so you guys can see each other?

I know, but I...

JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute.

And you wanna say that what I did was wrong?

What you did was wrong too.

No, you may have never gotten together with her,

but you still attempted.

And you still would have continued

if I wouldn't have stopped you.

JUNGVIRT: I wasn't getting the...

You weren't getting the what?

The satisfaction that you need as a man at home?


With the woman who sits at home all day, every day, taking care of our child?

I wasn't getting the attention I needed.

Taking care of you.

I wasn't getting the attention... I am the breadwinner.

I never said you're not!

She hasn't worked in six years.

I never...

And why is that, Mr. Jungvirt, why is that?

You asked me. The day we got together,

"Don't worry, honey, you'll never have to work a day in your life."

That's me being a man.

And that's me acknowledging, I respect you for that.


How many times have I told you

I wanna go get my own job, so I have something to feel good about.

JUNGVIRT: You don't need to do that. I make...

I feel like I need to. I want to.

I want to feel appreciated like I appreciate you.

I can gather that there is very little trust in the relationship right now.

I trust him a 100% I trust him. I've gotten over it...

JUDGE LAKE: Do you trust her, Mr. Jungvirt?

SANDKNOP: No, he does not.

Not whole heartedly.

Well, you asked the court for a lie-detector test

and that lie-detector test was administered.

We will have those results in just a moment.

I wanna know specifically. You say you trust her to an extent.

It's obvious one of the reasons

why you don't trust her, but why?

In the beginning, even while she was pregnant with our daughter,

she would get texts saying, "Are you up?" From random numbers.

These aren't numbers that are named in her phone, like,

"Are you up?" "Is Dustin around?"

And then, I'd be awake, I catch this.


And she...

And I come to find out...

I would not reply, I would not reply.

We come to find out it was his friend texting my phone

because his phone was dead one day and he had my phone.

My friends, no. Well...


I'm sick of the name-calling. He calls...

He calls me a whore. He calls me a slut.


A couple of times a week or maybe a couple times a month,

he'll just get this wild hair, just for no reason.

And just keep bringing up, you know,

"Oh, well. Why don't you go have sex with this dude and not tell me about it."

Or, "Why don't you go and do this?"

Mr. Jungvirt, you talking like that at home?

Yeah. I... It's just...

Well, you told the court that you trusted her somewhat,

but it doesn't seem like you trust her at all.

SANDKNOP: Thank you. Thank you, Your Honor.

Thank you.

I don't see this.

SANDKNOP: You don't trust me.

JUNGVIRT: I don't trust her.

Before he goes to bed at night...

Oh, you don't... Trust me, that was testimony you had already given.

I do not trust her.

You don't trust her.

You're right. I want to.

JUDGE LAKE: As you look at Payten,

do you see yourself, do you see a resemblance?

I mean, her hair. I mean, it's pure blonde. I'm a redhead.

SANDKNOP: I was a blonde as child, Your Honor.

And, I mean, I got hazel eyes. Yeah, her eyes get green.

Her eyes get blue. And we'll get down there...

You have green eyes and I have blue eyes. Her eyes are mixed.

We've analyzed her together. We've analyzed her together.

We'll get down there. You'll be like, "Oh, look at the...

"Look at the blue inside her eyes."

What did I tell you?

"Look at the blue inside her eyes." Like, you try to brand it...

You brand it into my head that that little girl is mine.

Two brown-eyed parents could have a blue-eyed baby!

It's all about the recessive and dominant genes,

you don't know what color her eyes are gonna be.

So, the bottom line is Mr. Jungvirt,

this is a beautiful baby that lives in your home.

And when you look at her,

you continually have doubt about who her father truly is.

If she's really your biological child.

JUNGVIRT: Every day.

It's not just about who her father is, it's about my actions and what I'm doing.

Like, there'll be times when he's getting ready to go to bed and he'll be like,

"Am I gonna wake up with you gone again?"

Which has never happened. That happened one time.

You don't remember, but it's happened more than one time.

I wake up at 12:00 in the morning and she's gone.

She, "Fell asleep at the river." Twice.

No, I went and drove to the river

because I was sick of you calling me a whore,

so, I left and I accidentally fell asleep in the car.

Why did you fall asleep in the car when you got a perfectly good bed right here?

Oh, next to a man who's calling me a whore and a slut?


It's the man you love.

I do love you, but if you loved me,

you wouldn't say those things to me.

I can see that this has definitely taken a toll on your relationship.

Quite frankly, this is a toxic environment

for a child to grow up in.

You have to know that.

SANDKNOP: I totally agree, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: But ultimately, what I'm hoping today

is that we can figure out what the truth really is.

The first thing we're going to do

is get the results of the lie-detector test.

I have those. Jerome?


Mr. Jungvirt, in your testimony today,

you've said, you are fully aware

of one instance of cheating that night.

You suspect there may be others.

You wanted to know if there were others.


You're about to find out that your insecurities have eaten you.

Miss Sandknop, you met with a licensed polygraph expert.

Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: And what do you believe we will find out?

That I'm telling the truth, 110%.


Miss Sandknop,

you were asked if you had sexual relations

with anyone other than Mr. Jungvirt

since the one-night stand you admitted to.


You said, "No."

The lie detector determined

that was the truth.

I told you! I told you!

Not everybody is on this Earth to hurt your feelings.

You do understand, however, that Payten's paternity is still in doubt.

SANDKNOP: Yes. Yes, Your Honor, I do understand.

JUDGE LAKE: We looked at the calendar,

both men fall within the window of conception.

SANDKNOP: That's true.

Do you remember the 22nd?

Oh, I don't remember it. You're right.

You wanna tell me something I already don't know?

You wanna keep bashing me?

I'd like to tell you both something you don't know...

Which is the truth!


SANDKNOP: I know the truth. I don't remember that night!

JUDGE LAKE: The truth I'm speaking of

Is the paternity.

is the truth as it relates to Payten's paternity.

I have the results. Are you ready?

SANDKNOP: Yes. Yes, Your Honor. I am.

JUDGE LAKE: No matter what these results say,

you have to figure out how to move forward.

You two have spoken about how much you love one another,

how much you waited to be together.

Mentally, it's difficult for me

to grasp the fact that there is a little bit of doubt.

Let's get the truth.

SANDKNOP: Thank you.

These results were prepared by DNA Diagnostics,

and they read as follows.

In the case of Jungvirt v. Sandknop,

when it comes to two-year-old Payten Jungvirt...

It has been determined by this court,

Mr. Jungvirt, you...

Are the father.


I told you.

I told you!



Will you marry me, again?


That's what this court room is about bringing families together.

And it's nice to see you all on the same side of the aisle.

Thank you.

We can move forward now.

We can move on.

You promise... You promise that everything that you've said to me in the past

stays here in this courtroom and will not come home with us?

It will never flow out my mouth again.

You promise?

I promise.

You have to think about your little girl now.

And the way you speak to her mother

is the way she'll feel a man can speak to her.

And you would never

want a man to call your daughter

the names you've called her mother.

No, they'd be sorry. (CHUCKLES)


But remember, she's somebody's daughter too.

Bottom line is, focus on your little girl,

figure out how to mend the hurt.

And look, these trust issues, they don't just go away.

Mistakes happen, but you can overcome them together.

We wish you all the very, very best of luck.

Take care of that beautiful little girl.

SANDKNOP: Thank you, Your Honor.

Court is adjourned.

I'm sorry.

(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry, too.

I apologize... For everything.

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