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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teaching Tips for Cambridge English: Movers

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in listening part three of the movers

test students listen for specific

information they no longer match only

days of the week two pictures a range of

objects are now possible let's take a

look at how we might introduce this

activity in class start by introducing

the items with your class what's this a

skateboard and this one boots and what

about this one a sweater continue until

you have named all the items with your

class now let's cover up each item with

a number we can ask students to pick a

number and see if they can remember

what's behind it let's start with number

eight do you remember yes crayons and

number six it was the picture what about

number five a tablet now let's match the

items to the places from this activity

with my students in two groups a and B

I'm going to give them a sentence Group

A last week I went to the cinema and I

took my sweater do you remember which

number and group B yesterday I went to

the car park and I took my skateboard

which Lingle was that so what did we

just do well we gave students a chance

to practice the vocabulary in a fun way

and also we've prepared them for the

listening task


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