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Last season, on "Anyone But Me."

Westchester is not that far, you know.

ASTER: See you soon.

VIVIAN: Yeah, you will.

SOPHIE: Wow, it is you.


You drop off the face of the earth and

you don't tell me you're living here now?

I, I meant to, I was going to...

I can't believe you and your dad

moved in next door.

That's so cool.

You, uh...

you going to see your boyfriend?


Really? Hey, it's cool.

Is it?

Isn't it?

ASTER: Do you think

I like not talking to her?

Damn it, this is the problem.

She's gone, I'm here.

She's a half an hour away.

It's not just how long it takes to get to her,

it's the distance.

She has this whole other world

without me now.

Where am I in that?

What am I supposed to do?

SOPHIE: Like, are you into anyone?

Is he back in the city?

Did you hook up? Are you happy?

I don't see these on the transcript.

We're supposed to ask the hard questions.

Fine. Yes, I'm happy.

ARCHIBALD: Oh my God, are you OK?

I'm such a mess.

All my fault, I should've looked both ways

before opening the door.

I was concentrating on my lines.

Yeah, I'm pretty oblivious when I draw.

It's just... I can't not be good in this.

I told you! I'm not ready to take things

where you wanna take them

and you won't let it go!

I just want us to be together!

It's always about you, isn't it?

I can't believe this.

I can't believe you!

I shouldn't have to announce my personal life

to people I don't even know!

So what, better to keep me a secret?

Why can't you just understand the situation

and stop pushing?

Because I'm fighting to keep my girlfriend!


So... You and Jonathan?

I'm not sure about us anymore.

VIVIAN: Are you bailing, too?

I'm not gonna be in the city

and miss a chance to audition

for an open call at the Public.

That is not happening.

And I don't know what you're doing here,

but don't try to be my hero.

Can you just let me be your friend?

VIVIAN: I have to make sure

I'm home on time.

ASTER: Don't worry,

I'll make sure you are.

If I cab it, I've got five more minutes

to catch the train.

That's my girl. Always thinking.

I think we were better off

standing by the door.

This could be dangerous.

I'll keep my hands where you can see them.

Let's not make that a habit.

Just saying.



Did someone just come home?

Lately my mom and dad have been

coming home at human hours.


What's that about?

Who knows? I'm sure it will pass.

Let's not let it discourage

these weekday visits, then?


That's why God created doors.

Did we just waste two minutes

talking about my parents?

Oh, shit.

I'll make it up to you.


Shouldn't we be headed to the exits?

You'd think, but yet no one seems to care.

It's as if their empty minds have been

hypnotized by the alarm,

and not warned by it.

And we're the only ones that

know what's going on.

And yet we're still standing here.

To the exits, then.

P.A: This is a fire drill.

Teachers, please escort your students

to the nearest exits.



TEACHER: Everyone,

please find your homeroom

and join them.

Okay then.

If you were my homeroom,

where would you be?

Apparently he's already thinking

of having sex,

and we just kissed for the first time.

Guys do know how to get to the point,

don't they?

But, on the next page,

it read how amazing the kiss was, and

the image he drew of me was hot.

So, then you look past

the obvious pressures

of the male sex drive and

concentrate on how well

he'll draw you naked.

TEACHER: Ladies!

Please keep the talking to a minimum.

{whispering} But, I haven't talked to him

so I don't know what's going on.

TEACHER: Ladies!

VIVIAN: Hey! Umm, sorry.

Do you know where my homeroom is?

Or, Mrs. Lannen's?

You're in Sophie's homeroom.

Yeah, I'm in Sophie's homeroom.

I haven't seen her.

Okay. I'll just keep looking then.



Someone I know!

Where the hell is our homeroom?

We're over there.

Have you heard from Archibald?

Actually, I haven't and that's kinda weird.

I take it you haven't seen him.

Did he say anything about what happened

when we were in New York?

Uh, no. What happened?

I know he was there to meet you and...

fix things.

Did he fix things?

Yeah. Pretty well, actually.

Wow! Way to go, Archibald.

But, now I don't know where he is.

Uh, he could be here.

This is not a very well-organized fire drill.

And he's not much for crowds.


Oh! Hey.

I didn't think I'd find you.

Or um, homeroom.

Since we're in the same homeroom.

Crap, we're supposed to be quiet,

aren't we?


You saw me kissing Aster in the city,

and you're freaked out,

like I'm sure everyone else is.

I'm not everyone, Vivian!

You should have said something.


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