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Will I get a wet ass if I sit here?

If you're not careful, because

the wet umbrella was just there.

But luckily it's a lot better than it was!

The weather is not looking good when we go out.

Rain, wind and something like 11, 12, 13 degrees.

But we will never let that stop us,

as you know by now.

Maybe we should have done that better

But, after rain usually comes sunshine,

and we bet on that!

It will be a boat trip where we will moor at places

that were not on the bucket list.

Apple huh?!

Yes there, but we are still there.

We would have preferred a little further away...

But where we encounter surprises everywhere.

This is beautiful isn't it!

We are Pieter and Marieke

and we sail with our cabin cruiser the Canicula throughout the Netherlands.

As a real Frisian, Pieter grew up with water.

Besides sailing, he also has a completely different preference.

Do you know what I came up with?


There is also a Chinese in Dieverbrug...

Ah no!

I'm Marieke

Always looking for stories

Whether they are true

This is about a Waterwolf...

Or just not quite...

Together we prefer to sail as far as we can go.

The Netherlands is so beautiful from the water,

we would like to show it to everyone.

Sail with us today on the Kalenbergergracht

and the Beulaker- and Belterwiede to Meppel, on

the Drentse Hoofdvaart,

where we will spend the night at the historic stopping place Dieverbrug,

where you can lie so beautifully in the small bowl.

We are going to sail the Turf Route,

suitable for ships of three meters and twenty-five high,

with a draft of one meter thirty

and five meters wide.

We start our tour in Ossenzijl,

on the edge of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park.

A small town, created around the former side.

At the end of the 1920s the lock became redundant,

but this gully remained

and still bears witness to the centuries-old history of the village.

And still not sunny, is it? No...

for the solar panels..

So eh, but let's get some power in

I had made a bit of a mess of it.

Why then?

Yes, it was in a mess ...

I cleaned this bin yesterday

And yes, then I got all the stuff out

Oh? Was the other one even dirtier?

Yes dude!

Just checking the gas, going to bed early and getting up on time.

Our goal today:

Dieverbrug, halfway the Drentse Hoofdvaart.

Didn't you want to go to the supermarket?

Hey? Didn't want to go to the supermarket?

Yes! Or is he there? Yes!

Why are you in such a hurry?

Well hurry...

It would be nice if we could reach the bridge at Ronduite before 12 noon.

Otherwise we have to wait an hour.

And then I think we can continue sailing for a while

and today we actually want to go to Dieverbrug

Because tomorrow it is Saturday and then the Drentse Hoofdvaart is still open

and then we can continue to Appelscha

And I think that is a nice place to spend the Sunday bring

There are beautiful mooring places come here

surrounded by nature ...

I think your evening also can spot

otters maybe ...

Good morning deer!

You are there early already!

Yes ah, yes it's still early

It's still pretty quiet isn't it?


This is the Kalenbergergracht,

with small houses along the water,

sometimes with such a characteristic camel roof,

originally for the peat diggers,

later for the farmers and reed cutters ,

Hey, but Pieter... Yes?

If you want to go through the Ronduite bridge, then

we will end up at the Arembergergracht, right?


yes, I think you're right,

but I didn't really mean that.


No, it's the Blue Hand

The route along Ronduite goes over the Arembergergracht to Zwartsluis,

we want to cross the Beukersgracht to Meppel

and then have to cross the bridge a little more east at the pass through the neighborhood Blauwe Hand.

We pass Jonen, with its six or seven houses,

only accessible by bicycle or boat.

Are we going to make it?

Hell yes! It's twenty to eight, so we're right on time.

Yes, I just didn't look closely at the map

because the fixed part was two meters fifty

Sailing fast for nothing, so to speak...

So, we are now about to go

through the most boring part of this whole trip.. .

Meppeler the Deep ...

Fortunately swim a few more ducks over ...

But otherwise there is not much to do WAY UP Meppel.

He's already going!

There are still a few waiting

Can we still find out?

Think so.

Last time I searched endlessly

where the name Paradijssluis comes from...

Have you found the answer? No.

You also have a Paradijsstraat here.

And I think that houseboat harbor is called, yes, no,

it is also located on the Paradijsstraat.

The Paradise lock on the edge of Meppel is the first lock we encounter on the Drentse Hoofdvaart.

I'm curious, Canicula, what does that stand for?

That's Star of the Little Dog

Ah, yes, hey!

Say thanks hey!

Well, the railway bridge

only runs twice an hour

at 25 minutes and 56 minutes left

we have to wait for fifteen minutes.

After the railway bridge, we pass nine more bridges and three locks

until Dieverbrug .

They are almost all manually operated by the bridge keepers

who drive back and forth to open the next one.

Do you know what I came up with?


That there is also a Chinese in Dieverbrug...


Do I really have to eat Chinese tonight?

Ah, I was just in the mood for those chickpeas

Those chickpeas are in cans, they'll stay fine

Well ok, it's good as long as I get chicken soup

Chinese chicken soup

You will of course also find restaurants at the crossings along the Drentse Hoofdvaart,

such as this one here, with the practical name De Brege,

often a former inn,

where horses and travelers could catch their breath.

The name Frederikshaven looks a bit Scandinavian,

but has nothing to do with sailing on the Baltic Sea,

the owner is called Frederik Havenman

and that's how the name of this trucker cafe was born.

Above the trees you can see the onion-shaped tower of Dwingeloo.

Onion is Siepel in Drenthe, which is

why the Sint-Nicolaaskerk is

affectionately known as 'Siepel'

How good that you are the lock keeper here!

Yes, I help here, because it's my hobby actually

And what do you like about it?

Yes, contact with people actually

Dieverbrug, once the economic heart of the Drentse Hoofdvaart,

with up to a hundred ships every day.

That was a long time ago,

about fifty years ago the last cargo boat passed through the lock.

Nowadays a stopping place for pleasure boaters,

with restaurants along the water

and walking area nearby.

Tomorrow we will go on the Turfroute,

past Appelscha and Donkerbroek to Gorredijk

Ok, so eh, are we going now

or are we still waiting and are we going to have a quiet lunch here. Yes

... I think we're going to have a nice lunch here.

We're good here, in the bowl.

and see the highlights along the way.

Nice right? But not for me ...

Well, why not?

I'm not afraid of water, but I am afraid of heights...

In that video you can see that we should have eaten our lunch while sailing.

Thanks for looking.

We are going to work on the next movie.

In the meantime, click on these videos,

you'll probably like them too!

Ennuh: who knows where the name Paradijssluis comes from?

Put it in the comments, thanks!

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