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hey y'all it's your boy Mystelics you know it's been a while since i've been on this

Quite excited to be back as most of you have seen the video

right there

of me doing like

different stuff overseas


It was indeed fun

I know you guys haven't seen me for quite sometime. I'm back time off

I'm quite excited to be here

I will have a guest here today

we're going to discuss 5 things to keep a good man is

tonight, we're going to do a little expo

No, no, no. The host has to lead the way

K: in the grave...

You know that I am happy you said that because upon talking to married guys and from the movie itself... Marriage is the last legal form of slavery. Then you're dead

K: For you, yes. K: How can i put this? K: I like a smart woman. Not book smart. K: You want to feel like you can relate to that person

K: Yes, Yes K: Your turn

K: her children

K: That is true. Let's go deep. Cook what? You mean to tell me you can only cook a pack of ramen or for the most a pelau

K: only that everyday for the rest of your life. K: you need variety

K: stomach. K: If at the end of the day she has you starving then obviously you're going to die in a few weeks of starvation. K: You go to the restaurant you get good food and you keep coming back

K: When you and the cook become best of friends? What's going to happen?

One that is emotionally stable. If you think of those females that are one day happy and one day sad and the day after that they are angry. At the end of the day, they will have your mind spinning.

bringing stress into the relationship

stress into the marriage

She cannot come to you and let you know what's going on with her

K: at the end of the day, that emotional roller coaster... on which the relationship is riding will crash

K: If she is a good woman as I said previously, she will allow her mind to be powerful enough to know that she should put that bad memory behind her in the archives

K: He is too nice? He is too nice.

K: That's why you can't please women

K: women seem to think of the weirdest things. This is why I spoke of the emotional roller coaster. You could go out and throw the garbage she will have a problem with it. K: Lord have mercy

K: You know some people think it comes naturally?

I have seen

I have seen some amazing videos

K: Oh God

K: Her children were right there?

K: Psh... Wow

K: Everybody!

K: Some of them can barely take care of themselves

K: But then again before you make children with her, she will have to take care of you first.

children growing up

K: better than how you guys are.

K: I love mind games

K: Playing those mind games, you know what I tend to accomplish? To find out what she is like inside.

K: I love working

K: Grand Theft Auto, Fifa...

K: Of course

K: It is like taking a test. If the teacher wants to raise the average of the class. They will have an open book test.

L: Kind of like what Skerrit is doing today.

K: Exams. here you are cramming and studying hard for the whole night. 4AM, 5AM and you may not close your eyes for the night. And on the day of the exams you get a 70 and you pass. You feel good, You love that because you pass!

K: ah boy

K: you see the paper your teacher give you and you start doing summer-salts

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