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- [Kids] It's Christmas morning,

it's Christmas morning,

and it's time to celebrate.

Christmas morning!

- [Ballinger Family] It's vlogmas, vlogmas.

It's vlogmas, vlogmas.

It's vlogmas, vlogmas.

And it's time to celebrate.


- Vlogmas.

- I wanna hold it.

Hey everybody.

We're at home, we've been opening presents.

And, and Santa's coming my house, gave me a kiss,

and stopping his helicopter, and I got a bloody nose.

It's from, I don't remember.

- [Christopher] You don't remember?

- I don't remember.

- [Christopher] Say Merry Christmas.

- Um, I don't wanna say Merry Christmas.

- [Christopher] You don't wanna say Merry Christmas.

- Yeah I wanna say Merry Christmas.

I wanna say Merry Christmas to, um, Merry Christmas!

My family's coming here at my

opening presents with me.

I'm so sorry, guys.

Merry Christmas!

- So in case you didn't catch all that,

Parker's awake, I'm awake, I don't know where Jessica is.

- Yeah.

- Bailey's awake but she's in her bed,

and Jacob is asleep.

We're waiting for Jacob to wake up

before we can open presents.

- And - And I don't know...

- Mommy's holding presents.

- It does look like Parker's had a bloody nose,

but I don't know when that happened.

Did you get one while you were sleeping?

Okay, we'll have to clean him up a little bit.

Every year, you guys donate something

before you go downstairs to open presents.

What did you donate this year?

- I'm donating a box.

I'm donating this here. - A box?

- Yeah a box. - Ooh that's a neat box.

- It opens up and it...

it turns into a dollhouse.

- That's very lovely.

Okay, cool.

- [Jessica] Let's see, let's see the inside.

- Wow. - Wow.

- [Christopher] That's a good donation.

What are you donating, Parker?

- A Mickey.

- [Christopher] A little Mickey?

Oh, somebody's gonna be super happy to get that.

That's super nice of you.

- [Bailey] Yeah that's actually his favorite Mickey I think.

- [Christopher] Pirate hat?

- Pirate hat. - Okay.

- And a... - And some balls.

- And a ping pong ball and a juggling ball.

And also...

- A giant kazoo? - Mmm hmm.

- [Christopher] Wow.

Alright, good job you guys.

Give your donations to mommy.

- It's Christmas morning!

- [Kids] It's Christmas morning!

It's Christmas morning, and it's time to celebrate!

Christmas morning!

- And presents!

Millions of presents from Santa,

- Oh! - and everyone else.


Is this for me?

- [Christopher] It's for the whole family.

- [Jessica] It's our family present.

- [Christopher] What did you...

What's happening in here? - Oh yeah, I forgot

every year we get a puzzle.

(sad mumbling)

- Yeah, there's popcorn on

the ground from last night still, huh?

- Yeah.

- It's a big mess.

- Can you clean up?

- [Christopher] Yeah I will clean it up.

I will clean it up, but look behind you.

- [Bailey] Presents for you.

- [Christopher] Look how many presents there are, Parker.

- One, four, seven, nine, four, seven, eight.

- [Christopher] Eight presents.

- [Jacob] Yeah.

- [Christopher] Yeah.

- Jacob, Jacob.

- [Christopher] Yeah, you see their pictures?

See the pictures?


- There's a candy cane in my stocking.

- [Christopher] Yes, high five about it.

- My first year ever having a candy cane in my stocking.

- But mine has a Star Wars book.

- [Jessica] What is it Jacob?

- It's a Star Wars book!

- It's a Star Wars book!

- Let's open our big presents first

so we save the stockings for last.

For those of you who are joining us,

and this is your first Christmas with us,

Jessica had this brilliant idea a couple years ago,

before the kids could read to put pictures on the boxes.

So we know that is Jacob,

and that is Bailey - Me!

- And that is Parker.

That way when we're passing out gifts, even Parker

can help us pass out gifts, because even though

he can't read, he can still look at the picture

and pass out gifts.

I thought that was very clever.

Santa has caught on to it, and has started to do it as well.

So for our family there are pictures on all of the boxes,

which is really cool.

- Okay, let's see what happens.

- A book!

What book is it?

- [Jessica] Help her out, she can open it.

- It's fine, I like a little help.

It's a drawing book for nature.

It's a nature journal.

- Watch, look, you open it up here,

that will keep it closed.

You open it, and there's a pencil, and there's an area

to keep things you find.

- I got a an Anna.

The Anna's so cute.

Thank you mommy.

- [Christopher] Whoa.

- [Bailey] Oh it's Mickey Mouse.

- [Jessica] It's a Mickey Mouse tool set for your building.


- [Bailey] Ooh, puppets!

- Puppets.

- [Bailey] Tons and tons and tons of puppets, momma.

Thanks, grandma, so much!

- Thank you grandpa and grandma and grandpa.

- Oh my goodness.

- [Christopher] What is it?


- What I always wanted!

- [Christopher] You've always wanted this?

- Yeah!

- It's a doggy.

(singing and jingling)


- Did you buy this with your own money?

- No. - No.

- Oh my goodness, I can't even get into it.

It's a very nice box.

A very nice box, but I'm trying to not make assumptions.

Oh my goodness, I've got some fancy boots.

(jazzy Christmas music)


- You're big enough for a big Lego Technic.

You've been working very hard on

your builds this year, Jacob.

Did you buy this with your own money?

- Uh huh.

- [Jessica] Wait, I'll help you.

- Thank you!

- You're welcome so much.

- I got you a present daddy.

- As he looks directly into the camera.

Alright, cool, you wanna vlog it?

- Yeah, I'll vlog it.

- Did you wrap this yourself?

- [Jacob] Yep.

- Yep.

Very good job.

- [Jacob] I did two wrappers because

I thought it was Star Wars-y.

- [Christopher] It is Star Wars-y, yes,

and I see that you did two...

Oh, is that my tag?

- [Jacob] Yeah.

I said Colleen on there.

- [Christopher] Oh yeah, it looks like you

wrote Colleen on here and then covered it up

- [Jacob] Yep.

- You're really close to my face.

- [Parker] I got you a present.

- [Christopher] Hold on.

Hold on, what is this.

Ooh cool.

Is this Kylo Ren's ship?

- [Jacob] Yep.

- Very cool.

- [Jacob] You like it?

- Oh yes, thank you.

This is very neat.

- [Jessica] Jacob bought that with his own money.

- [Christopher] Very cool, thank you.

Oh, another gift?

Oh my goodness.

- Puppets!

- They're crowns. - Aww.

- Crowns, what are the crowns for?

- [Jessica] Aww.

Look he's putting a sticker on

each one of his Santa buttons.

Smart idea, Parker, I like that.

- I've got Frosty the Snowman now.

- [Jessica] Show me.

- Books that you get to make.

Oh, The Life of Fred.

- Oh, The Life of Fred, you love those books.

- But they're for beginning...

- [Jessica] They're Life of Fred reading books, Jacob.

They're for learning how, for reading.

- I got you another one.

- [Jessica] Wowee.

Jacob you're gonna be a reading machine this year.

Can you believe it?

- Wow.


- [Jessica] Can you imagine you reading all these books?

- All of them.

- [Jessica] Yeah.

Believe it or not, you're gonna

be able to do that this year.

What do you think of that?

- [Jacob] Pretty cool.

- So Tim and Gwen got me a blanket, so now we're cuddled up.

- [Bailey] Is it a game?

- [Jessica] Let's see Jacob.

Oh I think that's from Aunt Sarah.

Star Wars game, Jacob.

- [Christopher] Ooh the ultimate picture trivia family game.

- We're so cozy.

- We're so cozy.


- Cuddle bugs.


- (babbling), what is that?

- I don't know.

- I don't know either.

- I don't know either.

- You know, people expect Daddy to caption when you

talk like that and you don't even know what you're saying.


- This is so cool.

- [Jessica] Bailey let me see.

(toy singing)

- Thank you Bailey.

- It was stuck somewhere.

- A booster.

- What?

- [Jessica] Oh my goodness, that must mean

you're a pretty big boy.

Big enough to ride in a booster seat.

- Fancy pants.

- [Jessica] Nice, I think that's from Aunt Sarah.

- Thanks Aunt Sarah.

Fancy pants.

- Is this an Apple Watch?


- You must have gotten this before

I even mentioned that I would want one.

- [Jessica] Yeah.


- Wow, you're very intuitive.

(lips smacking)

- I love you.

Jacob bought this for you, and

picked it out special for you.

What do you say to Jacob?

- Thank you, Jacob.

- [Jacob] You're welcome, Parker.

- Ooh.

- Bailey just said that she wrapped me two presents in one.

So I have this really cool wrapping.

Oops, uh oh, bows flying everywhere.

She gave me a lot of bows.

Let's see, what did Bailey get for mommy?

Woodburning with style.

That's a good one, I love woodburning.

Then, ooh,

I'm ready for my style.

I'm about to bring it.


- For me?

- [Christopher] Yes, for you.

Oh, there's a piece of tape, that is distracting.

- Another piece of tape.

- [Christopher] There's another piece of tape?


- Right here.

- [Christopher] Oh yeah I see it, it's right there.


Now you can be happy about it, right?

- Is this Pluto?

- [Christopher] Yeah, there's Pluto.

- And that's Goofy, and that's Donald, and that's Suzy,

and that's Minnie, and that's Minnie, and that's Mickey.

- [Christopher] And they're all toys for you.

- Yeah.

- [Jacob] Another Mickey Mouse one?

Wow, you got a lot of Mickey Mouse ones.

- Mickey pajamas.

- Mickey pajamas.

- [Jacob] Can I wear them right now?

- So these are pants, and then this is the shirt,

and they're super soft.

- Thanks.

- You're welcome.

What are you doing?

- I'm changing my clothes back

so it's easier to put my pajamas on.

- [Jessica] You wanna put your Mickey Mouse

jammies on already?

How do they feel, Parker?

- Good.

- [Jessica] Pretty cute.

Do you know what that is, Bailey?

- It's Italian.

- [Jessica] That's how you can learn the whole language.



- [Jacob] I know.

- [Jessica] Oh my goodness, Bailey.

- This is like my favorite game.

- I know, and it's like impossible to get,

but I got it on Ebay for you.

This is to our whole family from Chelsea Taylor,

we love you Chelsea, thank you so much.

Chelsea, last year she made us candles,

and this year I told her how awesome it was,

and now we get to learn how to make our very own candles.

- [Jacob] So next Christmas we get to make some for her.

- Yeah, we could, that's a good idea Jacob.

- Thank you Chelsea.

- Thank you Chelsea for bringing my presents.

- [Christopher] Look at that stocking.

- Okay Parker, your first thing in here is your

special ornament from Mommy and Daddy this year.

This is for you to keep forever,

and when you're a grown man with your own house,

this will be your special ornament.

- A tangerine.

- [Christopher] Ooh that's exciting.

- For Christmas.

- [Bailey] Turn it upside down and shake it.

- I got a tangerine for Christmas

- [Christopher] Yeah, that's great.

- [Jessica] What do you say?

- Thank you Grandma Jilly.

- [Christopher] For your stocking?

Yeah, she made your stocking.

- [Jessica] That's your special Christmas ornament

this year, so you'll always remember

what a cool Star Wars year it was.

Show daddy and the camera.

- [Christopher] It's Darth Vader wearing

a Christmas sweater.

- I wish you a Merry Sithmas.

Oh Christmas tree (heavy breathing)

Oh Christmas tree (heavy breathing)

Your lack of lights disturbs me.

(heavy breathing)

You are unwise to leave your gifts unattended.

(heavy breathing)

This will be a holiday long remembered.

(heavy breathing)

Leave these cookies to me, I will deal with them myself.

It is now we will discuss the location

of your hidden Christmas gift.

- Yes, sir.


- [Christopher] That's for a chef to use.

- Oh.

- [Christopher] It's salt and pepper shakers.


- It looks like it's gooey.

- [Christopher] It's not gooey.

- I hope it's mooey.

- [Christopher] It's not mooey, and it's not gooey,

but it is chewy.



Open it up. - Isn't that cool.

- [Christopher] Open it up.

Do you recognize it? - Yeah.

- Mommy can I see?

- [Jessica] Sit where you are,

we'll show you when we get it out.

(jingling music)

- It's um, it's not Silly Symphonies,

it's from Micky Mouse in the tower.

- Okay everybody, we finished opening gifts at our house,

and now we are at Jessica's aunt's house,

or ant, depending on how you pronounce that word.

This is a tradition we used to do every year.

We used to come here and have Christmas lunchtime.

Hey Bailey, you're dropping tissue papers everywhere.

I have to collect tissue papers because

they're flying away in the wind.

Anyway, we haven't been able to do this in a long time

and it worked out so that we get to do it this year.

So let's go do that.


- There's a paper in ground.

- [Christopher] We'll get it.

Get it!

Good gettin'.


- [Parker] My pants are falling down.

- [Christopher] Your pants are falling down.

- Yeah. - Oh no.

- You hold me? - Sure.

Alright everybody, we are at my parent's house now.

I didn't film a whole lot at Jessica's aunt's house

because I felt awkward and insecure vlogging.

It's very strange.

I'll go to this kind of family event, and everybody

else looks just like me, because we're all holding

our cameras out in front of us and talking to them.

But when I go to other people's family events

I realize what a normal family event's like

and it would be awkward to take out a camera

and start filming people without their permission,

and, or approach the topic of filming them.

Anyway, now we're at my parent's house.

Let's open some presents.

- Thank you.

- [Bailey] Here little Jack man.

- [Jessica] Parker, you almost got it.



- [Family Member] Look at his face, he's like (grunting).


- [Christopher] Too much, too much.

Ooh what's that?

Is that Operation, Star Wars Operation?

You're gonna like that.

- You got... - Do you want this?

- [Jessica] What did you get?

- [Family Member] It's a present from me to you.

- They're makeup. - Do you want it?

- [Jessica] What kind of makeup?

- [Family Member] Hold on, I'm looking for yours, Jacob.

- [Christopher] Oh, what is that, Parker?

What is it?

- Waffle shapes for me.

- [Christopher] Waffles for you?

- Yeah.

- [Christopher] What shape?

- Mickey waffles.

- [Christopher] Mikey waffles?

- To make. - That is awesome.

(jazzy Christmas music)

- Classic.

Cake that looks like ice cream, classic.

I was, I just out vlogged Josh, just now.

I was quicker at the draw, than he was.

- I think we both had it, but then I was like,

no I thought, it's your kid, I'll let you take that man.

- We're wearing, and then we ignored the kid

- [Jessica] Do you see

your matching cuteness? - To talk about this.

- We're very, very the same.

Look at this, it's like a continuation.

- [Jessica] Colleen.

- [Colleen] What?

- [Jessica] Can you tell the difference between...

- [Christopher] What are you looking at?

What are you doing?

- [Colleen] They're wearing the same clothes.

- We're pretty much under the mistletoe right now, man.

- I feel like...

- Tilt up.

- Dej-vlog-voo, or something.

- Oh, oh.

- [Family Member] Oh look, Bailey wants

a kiss under the mistletoe.

- Can I give you a kiss on your cheek?

(lips smacking)

See, your daddy didn't want me to do that.

- Come on vloggy, come with me.

- [Christopher] That was pretty epic.

We've got a wind up.

- You'll learn to slow down that wind up a bit.

I'm liking the sweaters.

I'm liking, everybody's got their sweater action going on.

I'm liking it.

Dad's still wearing that one.

What is happening here?

Are you okay, Trent?

Trent, do you need help, or are you okay?

- I'm okay.

- [Christopher] Okay.

- As long as he doesn't hurt my implant, it's fine.

- [Christopher] Got it.

Hey Parker, Parker, be nice to Uncle Trent's implants.


You like Uncle Trent?

- Yeah. - Yeah he's fun, huh?

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- [Christopher] You gonna give him a big hug?

Give him a big hug.

Whoa, that was a big one.

Alright, so that was a very short

trip to mom and dad's house.

- That was only 10 minutes.

- It was more like an hour.

But that party starts way too late for us.

The kids got too tired.

We had a big party last night too,

so we're tired.

Everybody's tired.

We're gonna drive home, but...

- That's the shortest visit I've ever been at

at grandma's house.

- [Jessica] It started after your bedtime, though, honey.

- It did start after your bedtime.

But, anyway, we had fun, we looked at all the desserts.

Basically, what you saw in the vlog

is all that happened while we were there.

That was like the whole time.

We're gonna drive home now,

and continue our Merry Christmasing.

On the way home we decided to stop

at the Santa Barbara Mission.

- [Bailey] Yay, I love this place,

I love this place, I love this place.

- Bailey just remembered what that is.

- This is my childhood tradition.

I grew up right by here, and this

is what I used to always do during Christmas.

- Sorry if you can't hear us.

It's very windy.

(jazzy Christmas music)

They do this live nativity every year.

They've got the nativity set up,

and then they also have living animals.

- [Jessica] It's a baby goat, isn't it?

Or a sheep, I can't remember.

- It's a sheep.

- I think it's a goat. - It has horns.

- [Christopher] It's hard to tell,

but those are real animals.

They're just standing there.

They resemble the statues a lot in that regard.

Look, our shadows are on the mission.

That's us, on the mission.


This is us on the mission.

We're on it.

Was that not worth the cold?

Okay, let's run over this way.

Come on, sorry.

I thought that would be a cool moment,

but it turns out it's just a cool

in temperature-wise moment.

Watch out for these cacti and succulents.

I recommend seeing it in the daytime when it's warmer.

That's my recommendation for you guys.


Let's talk about what we learned today.

(strumming guitar)

We learned that that really noisy dog

with the jingle bells on his ears

was a good purchase after all.

We learned that Darth Vader is the master of the dad jokes.

- Now I am the master.

- And finally we learned that sometimes

when it comes to the last present,

you just wanna throw your feet up in the air and give up.

Thanks for watching, everybody.

We'll see you next time.

(guitar chord)


- Josh how do you feel about white elephants?

- I, you know, they're better than pink elephants.

Because, you know, like the pink elephant in the room,

it's because you're saying it's

something bad that we're not talking about.

- I don't think that's a saying.

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