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My name is Vital, I'm from the Netherlands, and I study creative business.

Also, marketing and communication studies.

So I came here 11 months ago for study abroad.

And then I studied for one semester, learned Japanese and yeah

experienced all the culture differences and everything, so I really liked it.

So I was like okay, for my university I have to do an internship as well,

so why not try to do it in Japan and extend my stay.

Then I found Internship in Japan, so I was like Oh! It's a great opportunity!

I did a marketing internship and I mainly focused on the social media.

It's a video production company and they also have a lot of equipment.

And they just started with renting that equipment to other clients and freelancers.

But they've just released their website, so they didn't have any social media for that as well

and they really wanted to promote that. So then it was a perfect opportunity for me

to create a communication strategy. And then for my University was also perfect

that I could help them get their brand out there and promote it and it was great!

So then I had to create all the social media accounts and see how to approach this.

Like what kind of things do they want to show? How do they want to get seen?

What is their style? Is it the same as their company assemblage?

Or is it different because it's a separate company?

So those were interesting to see and also looking at the competitors it was quite difficult.

Because a lot of them were just Japanese only, so it was hard for me since I couldn't

really understand all of it. It was a challenge but very cool!

So I only studied for a few months so the level was very basic.

It was elementary level I could read katakana, hiragana, and some kanji, but

speaking I wasn't really confident enough. For this company I didn't really use it

or needed to speak Japanese so it was mainly English and sometimes they spoke

Japanese to me and I can just understand and then reply in English.

So everyone who works in the companies can speak English, but most of them also speak fluent Japanese.

My biggest achievement I think is creating something from scratch.

And I'm just being able to work in an international team here in Japan it was

quite scary at first to come here and work here. And to be in this team,

because you're surrounded by professionals and i'm just still learning

and seeing how can I contribute.

So I think yeah, just being able to contribute with everyone else its a great achievement.

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