Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Walk through an old forest in Acadia National Park

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Walk through an old forest in Acadia NationalPark

Valley of Little Hunter's Brook

I'm Kate Miller.

I'm a forest ecologist with the National Park Service

I monitor forests in eastern parks.

Today we are visiting a late successional spruce fir forest in Acadia.

There are huge trees, lots of moss cover,

lots of ranges of tree size classes

and also regeneration

and if we're lucky we'll also see a couple nurse logs.

Oh, there's actually a nurse log over here.

So this used to be a tree

that went down

probably a long time ago

it's decomposing, and it is a nurse site for regeneration

of a bunch of spruce, and fir.

[Kate Miller points at a big tree]

[Kate Miller pats big tree with her hand]

We're starting to get out of it (the old forest)

I think we missed where the "legacy tree" is,

but if we start to walk back we might see it.

Ok...and you can tell, just because of the density, and its more similar looking?

Yes, exactly.

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