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Hello and welcome to the first episode of this bond style, secret espionage minecraft.

And we've been dropped in this city from a helicopter. We're just going to head up to

the helipad now. Just up here. We've just been dropped. With a bunch of supplies so

some weapons, some food to keep us going. And the plan is to investigate this city here.

So in our supply drop we've been given a weapon. It's an AK47 so let's have a look at the statistics.

8 Damage. 30 ammo in a clip. We've got enough ammo to last us. And let's go and head out

to the casino. This is a car park for the hospital where we've just been crash landed

at. Sh*t there's a zombie! Right lets. First Kill! Seems to be overrun, because we've been

the only people here for a while. There's a few skeletons. Zombie. There's another one

killed. So far there's no creepers. That's a good thing as we can deal with zombies and

skeletons from long range with the AK47, fully automatic. That's one of the last zombies.

Oh wait, there's a skeleton over there. Oh! Spider. Its good range actually, this AK47.

Thought the accuracy wouldn't be that good. Lets go and check out this casino. Hoping

for quite a bit of loot. At the end of the day it's going to be full of zombies, skeletons,

hopefully no creepers as well. So there's a monster spawner there. I think that zombie.

That's a zombie one. One on the right, lets get up to the next level. Get the height advantage.

Kill a few here. One with armor on. There's going to be some more coming up. There was

a lot more. Let's go up the steps. Kill them from here. Really good range actually. There's

another spawner there so there's going to be more coming up. Lets go up to the next

level again. There's not enough loot here we're going to have to exit. lets see if we

can find. A mini zombie. I dont know if they are harder to kill those mini zombies. Lets

see if we can grapple or rappel down this building. More zombies! Lets reload, kill

that one. Theres another one. Remove this fence. See if we can jump down.

That was a smooth escape. Luckily we got away from that but on the way down we lost our

gear so we are just going to collect it now. Mini zombie, kill with our hands, bare fists.

Here's our weapons, we don't have any armor because its quite heavy and we want to be

lightweight. We are not sure what kind of situations we will find ourselves in. Finish

off killing these zombies. Lucky we are doing quite well at killing these zombies. Powerful

weapon! Finish them off. Head out of this area. Just get away from this danger. Not

that, that's a fire pit! This is the train station. Not many mobs here. So theres going

to be some here. Yes, there is the first creeper. That was quite easy. Easy kill. They don't

have any projectiles. Finish these off. Head up the stairs and not meet anything. No, luckily

there is nothing! We dont have a minecart. So lets head up again. We can come back when

we find a minecart. What is this? Dont know where that came from. Hopefully head up with

nothing. There's a creeper on the stairs! Theres another one there, I think he has seen

us! If we exploded here, we would have fallen all the way down. Lets head back down. Theres

not really much here. A few mobs to finish off. Another zombie. I can hear, there are

zombies trying to get out. Must be in that building. But they sound quite close. See

if we can go around the building to see if there are is actually an entrance, it looks

quite dark in there. Not sure if it is a good idea to go in. Need to find some torches.

Few zombies outside the door. Good the snow has cleared up. I can see a few spawners in

there. Zombies must be knocking on this door.

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