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- Hey, everyone.

Welcome to Garden Fork.

Today, how to build raised beds for your vegetable garden.

I've been doin' this a couple years now.

I figured out what I like and what I don't like.

I wanna show you today how to build one, it's easy.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Ready? - Ready.

- Alright, let's go.

Alright, quick, while she's getting the ball, build the bed.

- [Woman] It's that fast.

- We are gonna be using two by 10's, 12 foot long,

and then two pieces four foot long.

This is a treated lumber.

We have a video also about whether you should use

treated lumber or not.

There's a link below in the show notes for that.

Kind of a big discussion.

I have my opinion, maybe you have yours.

But let's focus on building these right now, okay?

So to connect your pieces of your raised bed together,

you're gonna use some kind of brackets.

You could also just use a little piece of two by four.

But you can use some right-angle brackets,

maybe you recycled those.

Some old shelf brackets, or these are used for roof trusses.

They also might be called hurricane strapping in your area.

This is in the lumber department

of your home improvement store.

Again, use what ya got.

If you're thinkin' about brackets, think about this.

This wood has deteriorated before the brackets

that I used 10 years ago.

And these are just cheap shelf brackets, so again,

use what ya got.

These I found in the street.

Someone was throwin' out some furniture,

and I recycled the brackets.

- [Woman] So you're recycling the recycling?

- Yeah.

And I keep throwin' the ball.

We're gonna be using these, 'cause this is what I have

a bunch of.

I'm also using a regular cordless drill

with coated deck screws.

So this is my four foot piece, and then I'm going to butt it

to the long 12 foot piece.

This is a two by 10.

Then I'm gonna put the bracket in here and screw it in.

This doesn't have to be perfect, it's gardening.

We're not going to the moon.

You can adjust the squareness of your bed

after you assemble it.

- [Woman] Plus it's gonna be buried in dirt, right?

- It's gonna have dirt in it.

She found her ball.

But, again, I wanted to point out that the four foot piece

is the outside width of your bed is gonna be four feet.

That's gonna come in handy if you're going to be putting

down some floating row fabric or plastic or something

in your future.

Learn from me.

- [Woman] About your future?

- Well, everyone's future.

It helps to have two people do this;

one to throw the ball.

- [Woman] And operate the camera.

- Yeah.

- [Woman] Four is enough?

- Yeah, I think four screws are fine.

You know, you can do as many as you want.

I've been doin' this awhile.

They stick together pretty good.

The screws will last longer than the wood.

- [Woman] And I guess they don't have to be

flush or anything.

- No, it's not fine carpentry.

We're makin' something so plants can grow.

- [Woman] Alright.

- Pretty good, huh?

As far as leveling, I wouldn't be too hyper concerned

while you're building it.

You can dig a little bit under the soil to level this out.

You'll find that after you put soil in here, some soil will

come out the bottom, and it'll be all good.

- [Woman] All good.

- There ya go.

So the middle of your bed is gonna have a little bit

of a wobble in it, and to make that sturdy, I drive in

just some scrap pipe I have.

You want it below the level of your bed.

Then take some, this is called banding or strapping.

Then you put that strapping over the pipe and you wanna

connect back with the wood.

Like that.

- [Woman] Do your screws ever come out the other side?

Or your screws are too small?

- No, these are inch and a quarter screws,

and the wood is inch and three quarters deep,

so they'll be just fine.

There you go, wobble free.

You wanna put that stabilizer pipe on both sides of the bed

in the middle, where you want the bed to be,

it's final resting place.

Don't put those pipes in before you figure out where

the bed's gonna go.

- [Woman] Like we did.

- Like I did.

If you don't have pipe, you could use rebar or some sort

of angle bracket.

You know, use what you got in the garage and drive it in

and strap it in.

- [Woman] What kind of soil do you fill your

raised beds with?

- Good question.

We actually, I think the best way to do it now is with

what's called lasagna gardening method.

Of course we have video about that.

We built it at Brian's.

There's a link below in the show notes here.

Excuse me, ball throwing.

But with a raised bed, you kinda have this great opportunity

to start new and you don't have to truck in a ton

of top soil.

You can use cardboard, newspaper, mulch, compost,

all sorts of ingredients, which you talk about

in that video, to build a bed that looks like this.

If you don't wanna do the lasagna gardening method,

and you wanna keep the grass from sprouting up through

your raised beds, you could lay down newspaper,

or better yet, some old cardboard.

Lay this in.

First of all that'll kill all this grass.

It'll help keep grass from growing up into your bed.

- [Woman] Kind of cardboard?

- Well, it'll kill it all,

and then the cardboard breaks down.

Basically becomes kinda compost.

- Mulchy. - Yeah.

(dog barks)

Ball, throw the ball.

Nice, huh?

So you've got your bed finished.

You could also think about drip irrigation.

We have a soaker hose video that I made about how

to water your beds.

But this is some lettuce we did, some seed starting.

Of course, we have a video about that as well,

in the show notes.

But I'm gonna put these in now, and we're good to go.

What do you think?

Let me know in the show notes your ideas about raised beds

or questions or comments, or whatever you're thinkin' about.

This smells grapes, smells like salad.

Alright, we put out new videos every week.

Eclectic DIY is what I call it.

It's whatever we do on the weekends with our dogs.

They bark at us.

But if you wanna subscribe, new shows every week, alright?

So make it a great day.

I'll see ya later.

It never ends.

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