Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (Airsoft game) 07/05/16 part 2 - BAR10 Custom - IPSAIRSOFT

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"You see what I did there ? Between the tires I have put a claymore earlier, the white stuff is what was holding the claymore trap string"

"Some guy passed this way and has been hit by it, I was happy ! - This is exactly the whole point of a claymore I guess !"

"So they could be on the left but it will hard to see them, or they could be behind this big bush over here"

Part 2 of the 05/07/16 game on the IPSAIRSOFT field (it's a dirt bike field in the first place)

We're playing an attack/defense type of game, my team protects several points that the opposing team has to capture

I'm still using my custom BAR10 (details about it in the video description), will I hit some guys with it this time...

"Yes !"

"Sbastien you did that ?! - Yeah ! My first scopecam hit !"

"DId you shoulder long enough for the camera to record it ? - I don't know !"

"We don't believe you then ! Oh look, the guy you have hit is about to be carried back by his teammate - Yeah"

"I want to rush their face..."

... I'm indeed not used to play with a sniper rifle, in general I just like to move forward...

But well, I'll stay reasonnable and stay behind, especially since we are defending

A bit further away, we can see adversaries next to the turn

"It's an enemy the guy over there on the right ? - I think so yeah"

"Oh sorry, sorry !"

"Yeah, there is a guy already hit - Yeah, I just shot him again"

I think there is definitely a bit more guys further away, I move carefully...

"Is he with us this guy ? - Yeah the two dudes are, this one and the bearded guy"

There is no one on the path, but I think some of them are hidden in the vegetation on the left

Yeah there is at least two gys here

Vegetation is very frustrating with a sniper rifle, anything can block or deviate your bbs...

... And you don't get an AEG rate of fire to compensate

"On the right !"

"They're still on the left !"

"Damm it's hard to reload with gloves !"

I really don't like the ergonomics of the BAR10 when it comes to magazines, I find them hard to handle

Huh, there is some guy going prone here...

He isn't well protected by vegetation and stuff, I'm sure I can hit him if I insist a bit...

... Voila !

Hmm, I'm getting shot at, but I don't know where it comes from...

The one I have just hit has been carried back by a teammate (the attackers can get healed, not the defenders - us)

I'll wait for him to get healed and I'll try to not allow them to move...

"Back in game !"

Nice shot, the bbs managed to get through all the obstacles :P

I stay here ; as long as I manage to keep they away, it's fine...

"Hit ! Nice shot !"

"I'm out, I'm out !"

I stay here a bit so I can record what my teammate is doing...

"Nice !"

"You didn't hit me ! ... Still not hit ! But that's ok, let's say I'm hit"

It was a nice action !

Back to the spawn...

"You saw him Sb ? Just in front of you - Oh yeah, this way"

"Is he hit ? - Yeah ! I think you're the one who hit him"

"At least I hit a guy today ! - It's your first ?"

This time I'm on the opposit side of the field, just so I can change spot

I can see an attacker here hidding in the middle

"Luis ! There is a guy over here, 50 meters, he's hiding in the middle"

Soon after the attacker go on the far left, but he's blocked

We should be able to shoot him...

"He's hit - There is another one I think"

I'll stay here so I can check the hill

This leaf is just in front of the scopecam...

"Guys ! There is 2 ennemies on the hill !"

... Well at least the leaf isn't blocking the scopecam now

I think I'm getting to the very limits of my gun, my bbs appear to fall only a meter or two from the target

With some luck, who knows...

If I move forward just for a few meters, it should help me...

Oh, there is something here

I'll stay here, I should have enough range now

Here we go !

Thanks for the fair play ^^

A few minutes after, I can't resist anymore, I want to go close range... I put my rifle in the back and draw my HK45

There is obviously still a lot of people here...

"End of the game !"

"Seriously ?! Rooooooooh..."

Here it is ! Thanks for watching !

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