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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: General Spears' Xenomorph Experiments - Accounts of the Earth War

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The planetoid, now home to Base #3 under the command of General Spears, was initially conceived

as what people within the company often colloquially referred to as a "Shake and Bake" colony,

and a self-sustaining refuge.

The atmosphere plant was never going to produce a surface nitrogen-oxy mix thick enough so

unaugmented humans could use it for breathing purposes, unless they crawled in the bottoms

of deep craters.

True, the planetoid was big enough to hold some gases down with its feeble gravity but

the termterraformingwas something less than exact in this case.

The civilian colony was here because there were a vast number of underground caverns

that could be sealed tight, filled with air, and used either as shelter or to grow enough

food to sustain a permanent population.

Once the tiny world became self-supporting, there were plenty of uses for it: expanded

military bases, mining, an escape-proof prison.

It was to those ends the terraformers worked.

What the atmosphere plant produced was, save for venting, pumped into the ground.

General Spears commandeered the terraforming colony to use as a test site.

He wanted to to acclimate to human authority.

With his specmiens at the ready, Spears commenced his experiments, and had expendable human

test subjects to fulfill these scientific endeavours.

He would learn the behavior of the Alien Queen, and how she controls her army.

An army, Spears believed, he could some day command, and use against the xenomorphs plaguing

the earth.

The idea of having a xenomorph army appealed greatly to Spears, and his overwhelming admiration

of the species was no secret.

"Goddamned efficient bastards," he describes them as: "Just what a commander in the field


You could hatch your own army in a few months and as long as one ofem stayed alive,

you could start over again when those got killed."

The colonists were told that a new strain of virulent bacteria had been gound, a by-product

of the nascent terraforming process.

Spears used the ruse as an excuse to seal the colonists into separate quarantined cells.

Major Powell, who would go on to form an alliance with Hicks, and share these details, noted

that all of these experiments were recorded in in the base logs, which commenced once

the hosts were retrieved from the colony.

Powell explains, "There were one hundred sixty-eight civilian


Men, women, children.

Spears gave them to the aliens.

The air plant is automatic at this stage, you see, so the people wereredundant.”

"The lessons began almost immedaitely.

He forced the queen to watch as he burned its children.

As the sessions continued, I'm not sure what was more frightening, spears and his methods,

or the fact that the alienqueeen seemed to understand them.

He waned to make the things into soldiers.

He wanted them to follow orders like any other grunt.

There were misstepds along the way, but Spears dealt with them as he dealt with any extraneous


Hes been feeding the experimental subjects all kinds of chem the scientists say might

have some effect on the things.

We dont know if its working or not.

The body chemistry of these creatures is astounding.

Weve done some conditioning exercises with the queen.

She doesnt appear particularly concerned with the fate of individual dronesweve

killed them and she doesnt display distress in any way that shows.

But if we threaten or destroy any of her eggs, she becomes very agitated.

It seems to work.

And the queen controls the droneswe arent sure how, some kind of telepathic or extremely

low frequency radiopathic waves, something.

Weve put a single human subject into a chamber filled with alien drones, given him

an egg and a blowtorch with which to threaten it, the queen watching, and none of the aliens

touched the man.

The queen has learned to obey the general.

Spears started training her like a dog.

Used his cigar lighter.

Hed have a trooper with a flamethrower roast an egg while the queen watched.

After she calmed down, hed put a human into the testing cage with her.

When she went for the bait, hed pop the cigar lighter on and hold it next to another


The queen picked it up fast.

You could leave a man in with her and a dozen drones for hours and none of them would touch


Shes not stupid, the queen.

It seems odd, though, that the queen will sacrifice the drones without a second thought

but that shell obey Spears to protect the eggs.

But she controls the drones.

Telepathically, empathically, we dont have the sophisticated gear here to be sure exactly

how, but it isnt with sound or odors or any visual signals we can detect.

Weve run tests where the drone was a klick away in an airtight chamber, no possible way

it could see or hear the queen, and Spears made it do what he wanted."

Though Powell had witnessed this experimentation first-hand, and had observed General Spears'

behaviour in front of the xenomorph specimens, muttering tom himself, uttering one clear

word - "Perfection" - the true extent of the general's obsession had not yet fully been


Perhaps the most disturbing result of these experiments is that Spears himself believed

to have been learning the queen's method to telepathically command the hive.

He looked over the specimens, practicing his own mental will over them.

He put his hands on the thick Plexiglas.

It was cold to the touch.

The alien inside didnt move, but he imagined it could feel him, was aware of him, even

in its suspended state.

"Mark me," Spears thought at it.

"Im your master.

You live or die at my whim.

Obey and live, disobey and die."

In this series, I'm recounting the Earth War, as depicted in the Aliens comics series.

The accounts are explored as originally published, despite certain names, locations, and other

events having been altered over time.

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The Description of General Spears' Xenomorph Experiments - Accounts of the Earth War