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Hi Friends I am Niharika. English is the most widely spoken language. But at times people

do mispronounce certain words. There are different reasons for it. There are words which are

always mispronounced by so many people. SO people tend to think , well that's the pronunciation.

So in this lesson I have picked up around 15 random English words which are usually mispronounced

by many people. So we are gonna learn how to pronounce these words correctly .

So, let's get started - the very first one the dry fruit - it's pronounced as Almond. Many people tend

to pronounce it as almond I would like to eat five almonds - that's incorrect. The correct

pronunciation is almond Ah-mund , so the L is silent. Another word that I havefor you is Dengue, the mosquito

borne disease - Yes it's not dengue or its not dengue, many people pronounce it in this

manner but that is incorrect. The correct pronunciation is 'Den-gee' So it's Den-gee

. Another one that I have for you is pizza,the amazing pizza, the delicious cheesy pizza.

Now , many people pronounce it as pizza or they pronounce it as pizza, these are all

incorrect pronunciations. The correct way to pronounce it is pizza. Its peet-zha. Got

it? The next one sour ,something which is sour - lemons are sour , so it's - you can

rhyme it with power or shower so its sour. The correct pronunciation is sour because

many people pronounce it as sour or sour, all weird pronunciations so make sure you

don't pronounce it incorrectly. the correct pronunciation to this word is sower. The next

one that I have for you is coupon. Now people tend to pronounce it coupons but its not coupon

- it is 'Cu-pawn' Something like this,it rhymes with lawn or Shaun. Coupons are these gift

vouchers or discount vouchers that you use to buy or shop for things. So they are called

or the correct pronunciation is coupons. The next one that I have for you is the trades-person

plumber its not plumber but its plumber. So here the 'b' is silent - it's 'plumer' So

the person who fix the pipes or the water drainage for you, the trades-person is called

as plumber. My plumber is gonna come this afternoon so I gotta be home. So it's plumber

The next one - the second month of the year -what is it pronounced as ? Well, most of

the people in this world, they pronounce it incorrectly. the way they pronounce it is

'Febuary' they tend to drop the 'r' but that's incorrect the correct pronunciation of this

month is -Feb- roo-ary. So it's something like this - it's February, please do not drop

the 'R' it's not February it is February. That's how you will pronounce it. The next

one is debris - the scattered pieces like, may be there is an earthquake or there is

a building collapse then you find debris. Debris are everywhere so debris are the scattered

pieces of rubbish. So it is debree - though it is spelt with a 's' but its not pronounced

as debris it is deb-ree. So it's - that's how it is pronounces -'deb-ree' Got it? Let's

have a look at another. Sometimes you know many people have this breathlessness because

they are suffering from the disease called asthma. It's not asthma because the way its

spelt, people tend to pronounce it incorrectly, people tend to say asthma but its not asthma

the correct pronunciation is azma okay - so that's the correct pronunciation. Another

word that is mispronounced lingerie. Though if you look at the spelling it's lingerie

that's how people tend to pronounce it but that's incorrect the correct pronunciation

is - Lawn-gray and what's lingerie, well the woman's inner wear or the night clothes. So,

that is lingerie so the correct way is 'lawn-gray' so that's how you would pronounce this word.

Another one is mojito well it's the cocktail that you enjoy on a hot summer day or may

be on a weekend. so that's mojito. Yes, it's delicious. But people tend to pronounce it

as mojito -that's incorrect the correct pronunciation is 'Moheeto' So instead of putting stress

on the 'j' you gonna say mojito. I will have a glass of Mojito. The next one and the very

common one pronunciation. People tend to say it pronunciation but its not pronunciation.

It doesn't have - though the word would be pronounce or pronounced with 'noun' however

the word pronunciation is spelt with nun and not noun and the correct way to pronounce

is pronunciation just the way it is spelt not pronunciation but pronunciation. Got it?

The next one Espresso - espresso, when you are tired, you are feeling really lethargic

you need a shot of espresso. So that's the coffee shot,right! Many people tend to say

it as' expresso' but it's not expresso it doesn't have x in the spelling neither it

is pronounced as expresso, the correct pronunciation is just the way it is spelt it is espresso

"I will have a shot of espresso" so the next time you are at the coffee shop please don't

end up saying expresso the correct pronunciation is Espresso . Now let's have a look at another

one etcetera. Etcetera - another word for it is and so on. but the correct pronunciation

is Etcetera. That's the short form of it ETC people tend to pronounce it as Etcetera the

correct pronunciation is Etcetera which means and so on. So I would like to buy bag,clothes,shoes

etc. And then the last one is Hierarchy so if you belong to the corporate world people

tend to say what's the hierarchy of this company? But it's not hierarchy but it is hierarchy

again just the way its spelt that's the way it has to be pronounced. People tend to mispronounce

it, people tend to pronounce it as hierarchy but that's incorrect.

These are the most common words that people tend to mispronounce. Now you know what's

the correct pronunciation so go ahead ,do not make a mistake and if someone else is

making a mistake please do try to correct them. I will be back with a new lesson till then take care

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