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Julia: Hello guys, how are you?

Today I'm here to record another Roblox video,

and today guys I'm here with my mom!

Cris: Hi guys! All right?

Julia: And today, guys, we're here on a mystical adventure.

Cris: That's right!

Julia: So let's go.

Julia: Let's go. Cris: Let's go.

Cris: Where are we at, Ju?

Julia: I don't know. It looks like a school. Cris: It looks like a school, right?

Julia: I think we're at school. Cris: And I think it is a school.

Julia: Oh yeah, he said,

"Are we missing anybody? No? Okay, Great."


"Now, students, have you all researched"

"the ruins we're visiting today?".

Cris: Oh, how cool.

Julia: Mom said it was kind of boring.

[Cris laugh]

Cris: I said "how cool", and it was written that it was boring.

Julia: He said he's going to say a few things about it, right?

That there are legends, guys.

Cris: Hmm...

Julia: He said that there was a Jester, guys.

But the Jester, guys, he kind of

like, left the kingdom, guys.

And now, right? On that day, everyone realized

that Jovial's plan had worked.

Cris: Yeah... Julia: Right?

Julia: And there are magicians, guys.

Cris: Wow, people.

Julia: The magicians are imprisoning him, guys.

Cris: Oh, but it's just a story, right?

Julia: Yes, they are legends, people.

So legends... right.

Julia: He said "they're just urban legends". Cris: Oh it's not real...

Julia: It's not real, like a mermaid, unicorn [Julia laughs]

So, guys.

Then he said "would you look at the time".

So now we're going to go to the ruins, guys.

Cris: Okay, then. Julia: So let's go, man!

Julia: Look, people. Cris: We are already on the bus.

Julia: There's a...

Cris: Look how cool, people.

Julia: I thought someone's hair was flying, but it's just our teacher.

Okay, we're almost there, guys, at our camp.

Cris: Everyone's excited. Julia: Yes.


Julia: What is that? Cris: A mask.

Julia: Uh, professor, there's someone behind you.

Cris: He's looking at you with a very strange face, by the way.

Julia: I'm scared. Cris: It's gone, okay.

Julia: He said "no need to be afraid"

"What are you talking about? There's nothing".

Julia: Okay, guys. Cris: Are we there?

Julia: We are here.

Cris: Okay, in the middle of the forest.

Cris: Aaah...

Julia: Oh, it broke.

Cris: Yeah, it broke, look at the wheel. Gosh...

Julia: Guys, is the tire gone?

Cris: It was there in the forest.

And now? How do we leave?

Julia: Wow, I don't know.

Mom asked if the teacher saw what was behind him.

Cris: Yes.

Julia: Right? So...

Cris: And a lot of trees fell here, people.

Julia: Then he said he didn't see it, guys.

Cris: Oh, you don't see anything, right?

You didn't even see the thing that was behind you.

Julia: Nobody's ever seen anything, guys. Cris: It' got to be a joke, right?

Julia: Yeah, but where's our tire? The tire doesnt disappear like that, guys.

It usually flattens, but it doesn't go away.

Cris: Oh, you can't go in the forest. I said I was going to get it.

Julia: He said it must have been a very big squirrel.

Cris: A big squirrel? Julia: Oh, wow.

Julia: It was a "giant" squirrel, right? Cris: What?

Julia: Oh, guys, I don't know. Cris: What a crazy story, huh?

Julia: Okay, so now we're going to explore.

Cris: Okay, let's explore. Julia: You have to follow him.

Julia: Come on, teacher. Hurry up.

Cris: Come on.

Julia: Oh, I can see it, people.

This teacher, he's kind of weird.

Cris: Look! There's a castle, Ju. Julia: How beautiful!

Cris: How cool!

Julia: Very medieval, people. Beautiful, I like it.

Cris: There's a Rapunzel tower up there.

Julia: I thought that too, guys.

Cris: Wow, how cool! Julia: We'll see her hair in a little while.

Julia: Falling over there from... Cris: That's true.

Cris: She asking for help. Julia: Yeah.

Julia: "Okay students! We are here... The entrance the ruins".

Cris: Okay, but it is written that you cannot enter. And now?

Julia: Man, can't you read? Cris: It must be a joke, huh?

Julia: I said "It sure is a magnificent pile of rocks and dust".

Wow, he got mad at me, guys. He told me to settle down.

[Cris laugh]

Julia: Okay, so he's saying, right, that in a little while...

Our energy, people. We're practically out of energy.

So we have to go to sleep, too.

Cris: Yes. I'm really tired!

Julia: Okay, so we're going to camp.

Guys we are here. I already got an apple.

Cris: And here I also took some water.

Julia: You have to pick up here, guys, anything we see...

Cris: What's going on?

Julia: Guys, there was a thing there, that face, guys.

Cris: It seems to be like a clown.

Julia: It looks like it, right?

Cris: Look...

[Julia humming]

Cris: Showing the castle, people.

Cris: Look, we're leaving.

Oh, someone appeared at the campfire.

Julia: Oh, he said like,

that we are very bold to step on his grounds, right.

Cris: Oh wow. We came here to learn history, my dear.

Julia: The girl, guys, she came like Michael Jackson like, dancing.

Julia: She was like "tum tum tum". Cris [laughing]: Really?

Julia: Do you know that Moonwalker, guys?

Cris: Ju, I think he's running after the girls there.

Julia: So we run away. Oh, I can't.

Cris: I will stay here on top of the shack. If he comes here, I'll leave.

Julia: Aaah!

Cris: Watch out, Ju.

Julia: We go inside the...

Can you climb the tree?

Cris: Oh he killed a girl!

Julia: Oh no... Cris: I don't believe it.

Cris: Where is he? In a little while he will appear here right in our tent, Ju.

Julia: Imagine, guys. Cris: Out of nowhere.

Julia: Professor... Professor... Cris: He just appeared now.

Cris: What? What a heavy sleep, son.

Julia: Oh, he asked if we slept. Right?

Julia: Of course we didn't sleep!

Cris: Even one person died, my dear, you didn't see it, did you?

Julia: One of your students. Cris: Yes.

Julia: Guys, are we not going back to school?

Cris: I don't think so, huh. Julia: I don't think so.

Julia: This teacher is kind of weird, guys.

Very strange.

Okay, now we're going there to the cave.

We arrived.

Cris: We're here. And now? Can not get in.

Julia: Oh, now the little girl said, "why does the sign say do not to enter?"

He said, "Oh that. Doesn't apply to us. I don't think..."

Cris: How does he know that we can? It's very strange, people.

I think he's hiding something.

Julia: So. He's going back on the bus.

Wow, how long right. Where is he, guys?

Cris: Right.

We've been waiting for hours.

Julia: Why does everyone keep telling me to be patient?


Cris: Are you nervous, Ju?

Julia: Wow, I'm the hot-head of the group, guys.

Cris: Yeah, hot-headed Ju, guys, wow...

Julia: Look, the little girl is talking about ghosts, right.

I probably told us to go back there.

Then she said "But the ghosts... Don't you remember?"

"The thing that stopped our bus". Right?.

Cris: Yes, probably.

Julia: And I said, "You can't believe a single thing our teacher told us".

Cris: Ju is the group's rebel.


Julia: Look, the little girl said like

"Now, you can stay here, alone, where the ghosts are,

or come with us ".

Hence, everybody, "Yeah! Woohoo! Let's go!"

Cris: Of course, who doesn't like to hunt ghost, right?

Julia: Mom's like "wait up for me!!!"

Cris: But I'm the first. This is all wrong.

Julia: So, people.

Cris: Oh wait, let me get my flashlight.

Julia: Why am I the first?

Oh yeah, because I'm the impatient one, right, guys, here, in this story.

Cris: Take it easy, take it easy. Julia: Oh, okay then.

Cris: I see that we are going to fall into a hole in a moment, people.

Julia: Where's everybody?

Cris: Calm down, I don't see anything.

Julia: Me neither, people. I'm just going.

Julia: Where is it? Cris: Are we going to the right place?

Julia: Okay. It's nice that I was very close to the wall.

Cris: Look.

Julia [reading]: Hundreds of years ago, there was a jester.

He used dark magic, guys.

Cris: Yes. Julia: Right?

Julia: And he wanted to take over the kingdom.

Until one day, the king sent his 3... Oh, I couldn't read there, guys,

but he sent 3 very strong people.

Okay? Probably to stop the jester, guys.

Cris: Yes, probably.

Julia: Oh, and here, we have to take care

of whoever is going to open the barriers.

Cris: Yes. Julia: Right?

Julia: Okay, guys.

Cris: Okay. And now, what do we do?

Julia: Look, the girl said,

that it seems like the story that our teacher told us before.

Cris: What is it here, shining? Julia: In a wand?

Julia: It looks like a wand.

Cris: You can't get it, you can't do anything.

Julia: Just for decoration, guys. Cris: Can you keep walking?

Julia: Okay, okay. Cris: Oh, I can do it.

Cris: I' gone... There's a door here!

Julia: Aaah...

Julia: Wait, we... Cris: Look...

Julia: Okay, there's a door.

Julia: Now... Cris: We will have to wait.

Julia: One of you took the wand, I just don't know who.

Cris: Open sesame!

Julia: Tandam! Psum!

Cris and Julia: Wow!

Julia: Wow. Cris: Guys...

Julia: Good, the little girl managed to open it, people.

Cris: But there is a wall, I don't understand.

There was a gate, then there is a wall behind the gate.

Julia: No, this is well protected.

Okay... Oh, alright.

We did it. Oh...

Cris: What are we going to do?

Julia: Nothing happens, guys. Cris: Nothing, everything is fine.

Julia: Okay, we came, now there's no way to go back.

Cris: Yes, not really. Even because I can't move, right.

Julia: Oh, everyone stay together! Cris: We are together.

Julia: This is me talking, guys.

Cris: Let's go.

Julia: Okay... Cris: Everyone together. Come on.

Julia: Cool, she "says everyone together" and I'm the first.

Julia: No! I will die...! Cris: Ops! Ju is the first!

Cris: Oh Ju...

I'm paralyzed.

Julia: I am too.

Guys, why am I in front? No...

Cris: My God.

Julia: Oh, look, I said it looked like something out of a book. Right?

Cris: Yes.

Julia: Then the girl said "oh, don't get too excited".

Julia: Wow, people. Cris: Wow.

Julia: Everyone is just telling me not to be excited,

to be calm.

Julia: I'm #upset. Cris: It's kind of open, huh?

Julia: Right. Why isn't anyone moving?

There's only us here?

Cris: True. Why? Let's go back.

Julia: Let's go back. Let's go back.

I think everyone has to be together here.

Cris: Come on. Let's go everybody.

Julia: Okay. Come here.


Cris: Look! It went up like a dome!

Julia: A barrier! Cris: Guys, how cool

Cris: It's shaking everything!

[Julia's scream]

Julia [singing]: Tarantarantan...

Cris: Oh, it fell. Julia: It fell.

Julia: Okay, everyone is okay?

Cris: Hair is okay... Everything is okay. [Julia laughs]

Julia: We fell, guys. Cris: Yes.

Julia: Mom said "I think we're all here".

Julia: We think so, right?

So let's keep moving, guys. Let's keep walking...

Julia:... for us to get out of here. Cris: Okay, well.

Julia: Oh, guys, where are we going? Over here?

Cris: So, I don't know. Over here, I think.

Julia: Okay, let's go up the stairs. Cris: Oh, it's shaking.

Julia: Okay, right? Or not?

It looks like it was, guys.

Cris: Guys, what a giant thing.

Cris: Is that a mousetrap? Or not? Julia: Look here!

Cris: Everything is very big! Julia: Yeah...

Julia: What is this place? It is a very strange place.

Julia: Look at all these things here. Cris: Yes.

Julia: This is a lot of potions, folks. Cris: Really.

Julia: Look, guys. There's something going on.

Julia: Look there!

Julia: Oh how cute! Where is he? Cris: The little mouse is talking to us.

Julia: Oh, he told us to go near him.

Cris: Yes, come on. Where is he?

Julia: Where is it?

Cris: Mouse... Julia: Is it here?

Julia: No. Cris: Here, here, Ju.

Julia: Where? Oh! Cris: Here.

Julia: Are you a talking rat? It's Ratatouille.

Cris: Guys... Do you make food too, boy?

Julia: Yeah, he called me rude, guys.

Cris: Wow, Ju is being scolded today.

Everyone is picking on her.

Julia: Guys, nobody likes Julia.


Cris: It's getting ugly, huh?

Julia: Right, guys. It's better not to say anything.

Cris: Be quiet, Ju, because you're being scolded.

Julia: Yeah.

He said that he was exploring, guys.

And he said, "Wait!"

"It's not the 70s anymore?"

Cris: Wow, son! You're late, huh?

Julia: It sure isn't the 70s anymore, guys.

Oh, I'm saying "What? That's crazy...".

Cris: Very crazy. Julia: Right?

Julia: Then he said like, there is a person, the jester, people.

That he is like, mean.

Cris: Yeah, right.

Julia: Where are the other girls?

Cris: So, I can't see... Oh, no, wait.

Julia: I think they're behind the shelf, guys.

Cris: Yes.

Julia: Okay, we have to find some "vials", guys.

Cris: Did you find it?

Julia: Oh, it's a potion. And you have to return it to the mouse.

Oh, I can see it!

The mouse, I think he's the jester, guys.

Julia: I think. Cris: Potion... Potion...

Julia: Where's the potion?

Cris: Here it is... It has... Is it one of those?

Julia: Really?

Cris: Well, I got some here. Is it one of mine?

Julia: Okay.

Julia: Oh! Cris: Hey!

Cris: That's the one.

Julia: Okay, fine.

The funny thing is that mom is way ahead, guys.

At least it won't be me...

Julia:... if anything happens. Cris: Ops! Someone showed up.

Cris: Oh! It was a girl!

Julia: Finally! Cris: She had been turned into a mouse!

Julia: Poor thing! Cris: Poor thing, guys.

Julia: She said, "Finally! I'm out of my tiny little body!"

"But I could still go for a piece of cheese."

Cris [laughing]: Good one.

Julia: Okay, now she said that we have to get out of here.

Cris: Okay, girl. Let's go, then.

Julia: Now, how are we going to get out of here, I don't know.

Julia: Because the exit is on top. Cris: I don't know, everything is shaking.

Julia: Oh...!

Cris: This is the jester. Julia: It's Jovial, guys.


Julia: Look, he said that we left his mouse,

which is not a mouse, guys.

Cris: No. It was a girl. Julia: Yeah.

Cris: Oh!

Julia: Did it turn back?

Cris: I can't believe he transformed her again!

Julia: Oh... What's purple, rises up to the sky, and takes your soul?

Cris: Tricks? Now? Is that it?

Cris: Julia will try to answer... Julia: Oh no.


Julia: I said, "I didn't know this was gonna be a pop quiz."

Cris: Oh, you said that his hat is nice.

Guys, Ju is making a fuss on the game!

Julia: Oh my God, guys.

Okay then.

Cris: And he's cracking up with laughter.

Julia: We will never be able to escape from here hahahaha...

Julia: Do we have to go up? Cris: Oh my God. But which way?

Julia: I think we have to go up, mom.

Cris: Oh, here, here... Julia: I think you have to go up, guys.

Cris: Is it just you and me? Julia: Yes, the others died, guys.

Cris: Wow, Ju.

Julia: Unfortunately, one died in the parkour, the other I don't know.

Cris: And we're almost dying.

Julia: No, we are cool.

Julia: Oh, we're almost dying, guys. Now that I saw it, the bar.

Okay. Run mom!

Cris: I'm going, I'm going. Julia: Oh, there are two ways.

Cris: Oh no. Will we have to choose?

Julia: Which one? Left or right? I don't know, guys.

Cris: Oooh... Julia: Uh... You have to choose.

Cris: And now, Ju? Eenie, meenie, miny, moe?

Julia: No, it's left. Left. Cris: Left?

Julia: The path on the left leaves.

Do you see there?

Cris: Oh, I can see it... Julia: But what about the right?

Cris: Wait a minute, let me see.

It's quite dark on the right.

Julia: I think...

I want to choose the left, but I think it will be the right one, guys.

Cris: Let's go to the left.

Julia: Okay, we're going to the left...

Cris: What's up? Julia: It didn't work.

Cris: Here he comes.

Julia: Oh. Cris: Oh no, what's that in his hand?

Julia: Oh no, guys. Cris: Oh, I think it'll be bad, guys.

Julia: Peum... Cris: Wow, he's doing a whole choreography.

Cris: Wow, what a stuck-up.

Julia: He's so conceited, guys. Cris: So conceited...

[screams] Cris: Run, Ju!

Run, Ju! Run, Ju!

Julia: Is he still behind? Cris: Yes.

Julia: Okay. Cris: Wow, I'm going to jump...

Julia: Where's the bus when we need it?

Cris: Go, go, go! Julia: Run!


Cris: The stone fell on his head. Julia: Wow, look at the way I'm walking.

Cris: Right? A little step...

Julia: I think I hurt my foot, guys. Okay.

Cris: Let's see...

Julia: Oh! The teacher... Cris: He's there...

Julia: He said: "I could've sworn I brought that camera".

"Oh! Students! Hey there."

Cris: Are you still looking for that camera, guy?

Julia: Oh my God, guys.

Could it be that the teacher had nothing to do with anything?

Cris: Hmm, I don't think so, Ju.

Now what?

There is only the two of us left, because the rest of the students are gone.

Julia: He said, "Let's fix this bus and get back home."

We only need a tire, right?

Cris: Okay, and where's the tire?

You were here all this time, you could have looked for it, right?

Julia: Yeah, he said "Everyone, start looking".

Oh, guys... What is that?

Cris: Oh Ju... Julia: Mom, come along.

Julia: Oh, you can't come here. Cris: No.

Julia: Oh, here's the oil. Cris: Back here.

Julia: Here is the oil, mom.

Cris: Okay.

Did you get it?

Cris: Got it. Julia: Is it this way?

Cris: Oh, really?

Julia: Tantantan .. Here, the tire.

Cris: Good, Ju.

Julia: Okay, did mom say it's here? Cris: Yes, it's right here. Look, Ju..

Julia: Oh, so we went to the other side of the world for nothing, guys.

Julia: Okay, we did it. Cris: Good.

Julia: Man, fix it, because I don't know how to change tires.

Cris: Me neither. Let him do it. Julia: Look, he said...

Julia:... "Back on the bus!". Cris: Okay, I'm going in.

Julia: "And tell your parents you had fun!".

Cris: Right, so much fun, eh. Julia: Mommy, I had a lot of fun.

Cris: Lots of fun.

Julia: Okay, is it over now?

Cris: Let's see.

Julia: We're going back without the students...

Who's driving?

Cris: And we don't even seem to be in there.

Julia: Oh my God. Cris: Wow, we're a ghost.

Julia: Right.

The cave.

Cris: Uh... There's a light coming out of the cave.

Julia: Okay... Uh, guys... Cris: Uh-oh...

Julia: We, guys, we got the good ending!

Cris: Very well, eh?

Julia: Yes!

So that's it guys, I hope you enjoyed the video.

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Cris: Bye guys!

[♪ cheerful music]

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