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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to give Presentations in English

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hello again in this video we are going

to talk about presentations and how you

can be a more effective and powerful

presenter now we usually think about

presentations as being in front of a

large group of people and having our

PowerPoint slides and and presenting in

that format well for our purposes today

my definition of a presentation is

anytime you are required to present

information to another person okay so

that really can include a large group

presentation with a PowerPoint at a


it can include just a small group

presentation formal or informal and it

can also include just an introduction or

a one-on-one conversation with one other

individual or a colleague or a manager

okay so we're going to talk about how it

can be a little bit more how we can be

much more powerful in our presentations

now the key to a powerful presentation

is organization okay that's what sets

apart leaders and and sets you apart as

as someone unique if you have the

communication skills necessary and that

you're organized in such a way it will

set you apart okay so what we're talking

about today in presentations is how to

be organized in the way you present

information because it doesn't matter

how well your printed how clear your

pronunciation is if your thoughts and

ideas are disorganized so we've talked

about a lot about the the presentation

how clear you can be in your speech and

how you clear you can be in in your

communication and part of that is being

organized in your thoughts and your

ideas so that you're communicating that

clearly to your audience so let's talk

about a well-organized presentation

okay a well-organized presentation is

easier to understand not only is it

easier for your listener in terms of

just understanding the words that you're

saying but it's easier to understand the

structure the format where you're going

with your presentation and why you're

doing why why they're listening to you

okay so it's easier to understand for

your audience the more organized you are

the easier it is to understand and it's

also easier for your audience to

remember what you're saying the the

structured outline the organized

structure of your presentation allows

them to remember okay here's here's the

information that it was delivered and

here's how I can organize it in my head

so that I can remember what they had to


okay well-organized presentation is more

credible the more organized you are the

more credible you sound and contrast

that with someone who stands up in front

of the audience and has very

disorganized thoughts and ideas and is

just jumping from one idea to the next

without some real cohesive order to it

you're not going to perceive that person

is very credible or that they they know

what they're talking about

okay so that that organized structure

really does bring more credibility and

it's more enjoyable for your audience

you've probably been in a situation

where the presenter is not very well

organized and then it just becomes

difficult to to listen to this

presentation or to sit through the

presentation that this person is giving

so but a well-organized presentation

it's easy to follow it's easy to

understand and becomes more enjoyable to

your audience okay so a lot of benefits

to being organized in your your

presentation so let's talk about how we

can be organized or how you can be more

organized in your presentations let's

talk about the basic structure of a

well-organized presentation or a speech

and again I want you to take

mind away from just a presentation in

front of a large group and think okay

small group one-on-one big group

all of these situations where you're

presenting information to another person

there is a common structure that's

talked about in presentation and

speeches that says tell them what you're

going to tell them tell them and then

tell me tell them what you just told

them okay so tell them what you're going

to tell them that is talking about the

introduction and introducing the topic

tell them talks about what kind of the

the the main points that you're giving

and then tell them what you just told

them is summarizing what you discussed

and it also includes a call to action


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