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-So this is how did you learn English? - No... but that's how I learn English

just doing this...

I do the same thing!

Not to learn English but to use...

When I was on the plane in Canada,

in 2014, I didn't know how to say any word in English

and I couldn't understand anything as well.

So on the plane, the flight attendant asked me if I would like

meat or chicken... and I said okay!

And she started laughing out loud!

meat or chicken? She did that. And I said chicken!

Actually I was learning English from my first grade on elementary school

but I don't really learned until later

And I dance folklore, a traditional dance of Croatia.

So they have tours every summer, we go somewhere.

So I got to like really practice it!

Like l would at least speak a whole week of English once a year.

so we did a lot of that!

I'm here on a working travel so I left my friends...

So I would this is actually from my city.

So I will play this one. It's a tradition for that part of Croatia.

like the capital.

and all of these costumes are like really old and real valuable.

So when I was in Brazil I studied two years but then I stopped

studying so when I got in the US, I forgot everything

and then I took one month of classes and started practicing every day

I use tinder just I say swipe?

swipe right? like in everybody and just

started like texting them and that's how I learned how to talk in English by text.

It was fun!

I was 15 when I came to the States by my own.

So I have to speak English and just communicate.

So at that point, I was already good enough and

I could communicate everything that I wanted to say

So I went to an international boarding school for three years.

But after high school, like every German high school graduates

I flew to Australia for 10 months.

and that's I guess what I picked up most of my English.

So a person who speaks two languages is called what?


and a person who speaks 4 languages?

fourlingual? quadrilingual!

quadrilingual! And three languages of course is trilingual.

Sisi, how do you call somebody who speaks only one language?

two languages bilingual... normal person?

Stupid americans!

I learned English here in the US.

I didn't speak English. Nothing!

So I study English for four weeks in San Diego and in my house,

I live together with guys from Arabic, Turkey, and a Japanese.

so I speak English everyday.

I need, four weeks is a little time to learn English so

So, but I need more time here to learn English

What do you listen in Brazil?

Just Brazilians music!

Yes, because I live in a small city...

For me, it's an amazing experience because

In my life, I never study English in my school... just online, just online!

I learned since I was little, like when I was in kindergarten my parents took me

to bilingual schools

I haven't get rid of my accent but... I try!

First of all, thank you!

I love compliments about my English!

I studied for over 10 years.

So when I was a teenager I started learning and then

I went to this school Atera idiomas

I kept studying and my teacher and friend

and boss asked me to give classes so I started giving classes in 2014

I've been giving classes until today! I'm also an illustrator.

If you want to follow me... self merchandising hahah

Can I say like a difficult thing? Is funny! Ok



I will challenge her now!

I forgot the rest!

You try mine!

ok, say it again!

Oh everything's broken in this hotel even my heart...

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