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- [Lucy] We are in New York City for, probably,

one of our most favorite times of the year every year.

- [Addy And Maya] Toy Fair!

- [Lucy] We're at Toy Fair.

This is where sneak peaks

of all the coolest toys that haven't hit the stores yet,

and we're going to show you as much of them as we can.

(lighthearted guitar music)

- Hi, everyone!

We are in New York City for, probably,

one of our most favorite times of the year every year.

- Toy Fair!

- We're at Toy Fair.

This is where they unveil

all the new toys that are going to be

hitting stores next Fall, next Christmastime,

maybe in the Spring.

So, we're going to get a sneak peak

of all the coolest toys that

haven't hit the stores yet,

and we're going to show you as much of them as we can.

You girls excited?

- Yes.

- Me too!

(electronic music)

- Of course Addy found the one, like, real pony at Toy Fair.

- Yes.

- Because she always misses her

horses when we're away.

- Yes.

- [Lucy] Feel good to see a pony?

- Yes.

- If you haven't picked up on it,

I am just getting over bronchitis for, like,

two weeks now, so my voice may go in and out

on this video for a little bit, but bear with me

because you don't want to miss all the fun toys

that we're going to be showing you today.

(electronic music)

- Did you just get all mic'd up?

Do you know what we got mic'd up for?

We're going to go around with Good Morning America,

which is a popular morning TV show.

I like Good Morning America.

And you guys get to test out toys with them,

and we're going to film for them,

so you'll have to be watching for it

to actually hit TV.

It's pretty exciting!

We're their official toy testers.

- [Lucy] We're filming at Funko now,

which has all these little vinyl figures

that you're probably familiar with.

They have the cutest line of Frozen stuff right now,

which the girls are checking out.

The camera crew with us for Good Morning America

is crazy.

There are so many people here.

Ooh, that's so pretty.

- I want it for my birthday.

- [Addy] Well, that'll be a while,

so it may be out in stores by then.

(cheerful music)

- What'd you girls get?

- Elsa!

- Elsas, how cool!

- And they're going to mail us

one of the backpacks, too.

- No way, awesome!

Good work, girls.

Now, whenever we come to Toy Fair,

we bring lots of empty backpacks

and lots of empty bags.

Why, girls?

- Because we get so much toys.

- We leave with lots of goodies, lots of toys.

- Yes

- We have to share with Colin, though, right?

- Yes.

- This is the first toy.

- [Lucy] First toy!

- First toy of the year is going in here.

- Those are giant Squishmallows, Addy!

I thought we had big Squishmallows already,

but those are really big.

You actually have that kitty, don't you?

- [Addy] Yeah - The black-and-white kitty?

- Yeah.

- I know, I think that Addy, Maya, and Collin

have the big black-and-white kitty.

- Yeah.

- 'Cause we love Squishmallows.

And those are super big ones.

- [Addy] Yeah.

(upbeat electronic music)

- It's so funny to watch Rob Marciano

from Good Morning America interviewing the girls

because they seem so quiet and shy

when they're being interviewed.

I think it's a little bit overwhelming

having all these big cameras and all these people

watching them and pointing at them

because in reality, when we film at home,

it's just our family, the five of us and a camera.

We don't have a camera person,

we don't have a lights person,

and it's just us in a so much more comfortable setting.

Um, so I think they're doing okay.

I noticed their answers are pretty short

and they're a little bit shy,

but I think they're having fun with it

and that's all that matters.

So, it's a fun experience today, for sure.

What kinds of questions is Rob asking you?

- Why we like Legos,

and what we like about them, yeah.

- Were you nervous Maya?

You seem kind of quiet and nervous today.

- Mm-mm.

- You doing okay?

(upbeat music)

- You never know who you're going to run

into at Toy Fair!

We have PJ Masks behind us.

Collin is missing out, isn't he?

He would be crazy.

- Uh-huh.

(music continues)

- We've been popping around from booth to booth

with Good Morning America.

Right now, we're in Jakks Pacific and the girls just checked

out some really cool Frozen toys that are coming out,

and now they're checking, like, a princess kitchen set,

which is really adorable too.

(upbeat indie music)

- Oh my goodness, I think I found you guys.

These are your toys?

There's Addy and there's Maya.

(music continues)

- Now we're at the best part of filming

with Good Morning America.

We are showing off our new toy.

It's the XOXO Cupcake surprise!

Which is going to be in stores.

You can find it at Target,

beginning in March.

Really cool, it has tons of surprises inside it.

There's Addy's and Maya's.

And they're little bit bigger and a little bit squishier.

- Watch the Tic Tac Toy Family on YouTube and now GMA.

- [Lucy] Whoo!

- Addy and Maya, since they have a better voice than I do,

are gonna tell you a little bit about our new cupcake

and show you how super fun it is.

- So this is the Cupcake.

And when you first open up the frosting.

- [Lucy] There's gonna be a key inside right?

- Yes and some other surprises.

- [Lucy] And you have to unlock it.

- So this is what the key will look

like in every single one.

And you simply put the key in the key hole,

twist it to the side, pull it open,

and then you get some more surprises.

The Cupcake comes with over 20 surprises

and you'll two characters which swap wings.

This is me, and Maya.

- [Lucy] Addy, and here's a Maya.

- [Addy] And this is Maya, yeah.

- [Lucy] And here's another Maya.

- [Addy] And this is Gem!

A unicorn.

- [Lucy] Gem is so cute.

That puppy's so cute.

I'm not going to give away everything that comes

inside of it yet, but there are over 20 surprises inside.

Look for them on the shelves of Target to see what all

is included.

And be watching for a video on Tic Tac Toy.

(upbeat music)

We're done with Good Morning America

and now we're starting our booth tours.

We're at Goliath Games right now

and the girls are playing Banana Blast and Dragon Snacks.

(music continues)

Goliath has so many fun games, especially for younger ones.

I'm walking around thinking that

so many of these games would be perfect for Collin.

There's a lot of great ones that help with

fine motor skills, color recognition,

and my mind's already going crazy with the games

that I need to get to take home to practice with Collin.

They're trying to find a loose screw inside Ned's head.

Let's see who finds it first.

- [Maya] Found it!

- [Lucy] Oh you found it?

- Yep.

- [Lucy] Good Job!

(upbeat music)

- Now we're headed to one of our favorite toy companies,


What does Moose make, Addy?

- Pikmi Pops, Shopkins,

- [Lucy] Scruff-a-Luvs, Kindi Kids, so many fun things that the

girls love so we're excited to go check them out now.

- [Stephanie] Ready let's put Rainbow Kate inside just like that.

- [Lucy] We love KindiKids,

we've made so many videos on KindiKids,

and the last edition of KindiKids

were all food based or cafeteria play sets.

And now they have so many cute doctor play sets,

they have an ambulance, a doctors bag,

and four new dolls coming out.

(light acoustic music)

One of the new things they have here is Jellirez

and the girls are making these jelly designs,

and they have to sit for 15 minutes,

and they're super duper cute.

(music continues)

So there's different packages you can get.

There's Text Me Jewelry.

There's Sweets Jewelry which has a

little chocolate bar that the girls were looking at.

And then the other one is Animals Jewelry.

(upbeat music)

- Tell them what Real Littles is about.

- [Addy] Basically they're like frozen little, like, foods.

- [Lucy] Frozen items right, like ice creams and popsicles.

- And then there's like this little bag that you put

in water to dissolve and it makes a whole new Little.

- It dissolves in water?

- Yes.

- We're going to have to try these out for sure.

I see Kids Cuisine too,

I used to like those when I was a kid.

(soft music)

We're checking out Oh My Gifs.

Gifs, I think I'm pronouncing that right, gifs?

G-I-Fs, Gifs are little stickers you can put on like

Instagram, or you can send in messages,

and they have toys that go with them now.

Addy do you have a favorite one so far?

There's so many cute ones.

- There's so many cute ones.

(upbeat music)

- So here's our little jelly Popsicle.

- [Addy] Wow

- [Liz] Now fold those out and those become your tools.

It just snaps right in there.

And you can carve, dig, peel,

and you're going to find what's inside.

- You're digging into that, it's like a Popsicle and it

feels so ooey gooey it was like carving into soap kind of.

It was the neatest feeling and there's all sorts of things

you can collect inside of them.

There's 28 different little characters

and apparently they color change when you put them in the

freezer or get them cold.

- And inside the giant Popsicle is a cuddle plush.

And then look inside, what does it say?

- [Addy] It's like a whole other Popsicle

- [Liz] A whole other Popsicle!

And guess what's inside the Popsicle, another Monster!

(upbeat music)

- They've got new teeny tiny Scruffaluvs.

They're called Scruffaluvs Real Rescue

and they come with all these ailments that you have to heal

and you unwrap them and there's I think about 20 to collect.

They're super cute.

I know I say super cute so much,

but we're seeing a lot of super cuteness here.

(music continues)

- [Lucy] Does it smell good?

- [Maya] Fruity scent.

- [Lucy] It's scented.

Oh it does smell good, it's fruity for sure.

- [Demonstrator] So you're going to pop it

till you hear a little woosh.

(high pitched deflating)

Oh no, you deflated him.

Uh oh!

That's okay, we have a magical pump.

Do you want to give this a go?

And now you're inflating him back up.

He's back, hi Squeaky,

He's a good boy, he's so clever.

He sits, he'll even shake.

Oh Squeaky!

- I love how you can pop him and blow him back up.

- [Demonstrator] And then just keep tickling.

Yeah he really loves that.

(soft electronic music)

- We've left Moose and now we're out

exploring some other toys.

We're checking out this new toy called Ravel Tales,

which is basically a ball of yarn that you unravel

and you find a cute collectable stuffed animal inside.

There's some of the cute collectables

that you can find inside.

And what's really neat is you utilize all the yarn

and you can make little pom pom balls that are key chains.

And so there's no waste because

everything you unravel you use to make crafts.

(music continues)

Addy got Pizazz the pony,

it has a cute little blanket to rest on.

So Addy did you hear you can make a necklace with your yarn,

a pet collar it looks like, pom poms,

and a pet bed that you get to sew up and then stuff.

- Oh yay.

- Not only do you get a cute plush,

but you have a bunch of cute crafts to do too.

(upbeat music)

Can you do that Maya?

- Only (speaks with mouth full)

(acoustic guitar)

- Now we've teamed up with our friends from

Trinity and Beyond and we're checking out Yulu.

Which is a toy company that has a lot of really fun creative

toys and right now they're checking out

Mission Diamond Heist.

(upbeat music)

Break the board.

Break it, she broke it.

Good job Addy!

The girls are checking out the new Swirl and Style

Tie Dye Station and they're going to get to

make their own tie dye shirt today.

So there's a bunch of styles,

you can do a bullseye style,

or what's this one a crumple style, or the twist style.

You can pick one of them and pick your colors

and then make your shirt.

(mellow music)

I realized that we have never done tie dye before,

like never in our house, never for a video,

we're goin to have to start doing tie dye girls.

What do yo think?

- Yeah!

- We've tried lots of arts and crafts but we've never done

tie dyes before we're going to have to change that.

I think it'd be fun to start doing some tie dye projects.

(upbeat music)

The girls are putting all the colors or the dyes

inside the little canister now.

I think Addy went with blue and green

and Maya I believe did blue and purple.

And you can do any combinations of any colors that you want.

You can do all of them, you can do 2 of them,

or you can do 3 of them.

And no matter what way you do it every time you do it

it's going to look completely different.

So now we have to wait 8 hours for it to set

and then we'll open it tonight so we can't show you

what our shirts look like today but I think there going to

look pretty cool.

- Yeah

- We hope you've had fun coming out at Toy Fair with us,

this is only day one we have like three more days here

and we can't wait to show you all the cool new toys

that are coming so be sure and check back for other videos.

We'll see you guys next time X-O-X-O bye!

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