Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Create an Infographic with Canva

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Welcome to our latest edtech together topic: Create an Infographic with Canva!

Infographics are increasingly being used in education to provide information to learners

using a combination of text, images and graphs to convey information in a way that sticks.

This is our Handy HelpWall for Faculty, a Padlet that gives the Office of Distance Learning

a space to share and store infographics and other digital content.

Note that these are thumbnails, and you dont see the full infographic unless you click

on the document.

In an online environment, visuals are one of the most important forms of presenting


A good infographic presents this information in a logical sequence through its setup.

Ive included a link to the article: Infographics for Educational Purposes in the show notes

accompanying this video.

Theres a good set of recommendations at the end of the article.

You can also access a collection of infographics on a Pinterest Board.

This is a good infographic example.

One that lays out fundamental digital skills for teachers.

9 skills in 9 boxes, so the scale isnt overwhelming.

Each fundamental is represented by a small visual icon and each box directs the learner

to 4 sites where the skill can be developed.

Is there a defined skill-set in your course that can be broken down and presented in a

manner like this?

Next, lets go to Canva for a look at infographic templates, which can serve as inspiration,

and a starting point, for a project.

Canva is a graphic design site for do-it-yourself designers.

Open a free account at for access to templates and graphic elements to create

a fast framework for your ideas.

Im using a pro account which allows for color branding and a wider range of stock


Find Infographics under Templates, and Marketing.

Theres a good selection of one and two column formats.

You can type in 3-column infographic to see a few examples of that format as well.

Heres an example that could help students understand the differences between two terms.

Down the line it would make a good study aid.

Once Ive selected a template, I can customize it.

When I click onto a color block, I can change it to another color I find more appealing,

and the same goes for the font.

Looking at another example, Ill increase the size to 100% to really see the details.

I might decide to swap these figures for a chart, based on actual data points.

As you can see, you can swiftly customize a template to fit your needs.

Youll want the confidence level for your infographic to be high, so make sure to provide

the sources used.

Note that I can direct readers to a website for more details, by adding a URL.

Once done, Ill download the file as a high-quality PDF.

In this format, youll have working links and a fully functional PDF document to upload

to your course site.

To get started, I invite you to return to the Handy HelpWall to review Planning Your


The URL will take you to the Padlet.

With that, I hope youre inspired to create an infographic, maybe for the first time.

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