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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Kickstarter Successes Ever (2017) Part 2

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hi there my name is matthew inman make

the oatmeal fruit and this is devon lee

same small they make really four games

three of us got together and created a

new card game called an exploding kitten

is not a game work you set our deck of

cards facedown and take turns throwing

to one of your draws exploded killing or

just exploding kitten card explode they

are dead and they are out of the game

unless that player has diffused

Cardinals confuse the kids were using me

like laser pointers group therapy and

can use in addition there very actual

card and used to mitigate the record to

get throughout the game such as giving

your turn by wearing a portable cheated

but attacking other players by pulling

the thousand-year back here picking

cards to drop out by rubbing the belly

of a bigger corn or seeking out the

wisdom of an all-seeing builder you can

also deploy the total cat neighbor crap

Lincoln magical beans and do some cattle

want to win this highly strategic keep

our version of Russian Roulette you have

to decide which cards to play and apply

them in which of your own target the

gameplay allows you to develop one or

cruel strategies against one another

begins kid-friendly super fun and super

easy to learn but that doesn't mean

exploding kittens simple with every card

you draw increase your chances of

getting one of the exploding kittens

included from the kids along if you like

ready or other floating in the morning

so if you're the type of person who is

in the game kids later being best

watched explosions enchiladas sometimes

go we back our kickstarter in exchange

you are going to thank you very much

because of the complete redesign of what

a cooler can be first you've got the 18

volt rechargeable blender and what's a

party without music

the coolest comes with a removable

bluetooth speaker that connects to any

smartphone to wirelessly stream music

from up to 30 feet away and since you've

got that 18 volt battery for the blender

why not get the most out of it maybe

your camera battery recharger here

wherever you are with this waterproof

USB charger that's the sound of a cooler

coming down off the shelf

it's the sound of eminent fun so why was

cool designs change in almost 50 years

Lauren coolers are boring break easily

and are paying to get to and from your


I want to cool it was really well built

it had so much fun built into it would

look for excuses to get out time enjoy

so afraid of the cool

the course is a complete redesign of

what a cooler can be first you've got

this 18 volt rechargeable blender you

don't realize the number of places you

could really go for blended cocktail or

smoothing until you've got a blender

built right into the lid you're already

carrying around a cooler full of ice and

tasty beverages

why not blend them up and become a

summertime hero anytime anywhere and

what's a party without music

the coolest comes with a removable

bluetooth speaker that connects to any

smartphone to wirelessly stream music up

to 30 feet away

it's amazing where Speaker technology

has come in the last few years you can

skip songs and adjust the volume right

from your phone and this little box can

really put out some sound and since

you've got that 18 volt battery for the


why not get the most out of it maybe

your camera batteries or maybe you have

an iphone and want to use it after two

in the afternoon recharge your gear

wherever you are with this waterproof

USB charger

the party doesn't stop just because the

Sun Goes Down and you shouldn't have to

freeze your fingers searching endlessly

for your favorite drink the coolest has

waterproof LED light embedded in the

lids you can easily find what you're

looking for at the push of a button

one of the biggest castle outdoor fun

it's all your gear back and forth from

the car and I've experimented with

various ways to solve the problem and

love coolers with wheels but I hate that

they refused to help carry anything else

the coolest has you covered with locking

tie down bunting you can carry all your

stuff in just one trip and what about

getting organized to go out in the first


the coolest helped out almost like a

picnic basket to make sure you always

have a few key essentials with built-in

storage for reusable plate glass cutting

board and it's awesome rust-proof

ceramic night plus the removable divider

give you a whole new level of flexible

packaging options you can pull the drain

plug on one side and your coolest can

stay dry and cool just like your

refrigerator say goodbye too soggy

sandwich regular cooler tires are flimsy

and think right into this and we

designed the coolest wheels to be twice

and wide to roll twice as easily

how many hours of your life and you lost

looking for a bottle opener my grandpa

schooler had one so does the cool

I create products for a living in the

manufacture the coolest have lined up a

world-class sourcing company with years

of experience making top shelf products

and they're standing by to coordinate

all stages of production logistics this

will make sure you not only get your

coolest on time but it's the highest

quality coolest you can possibly make as

you can see we have a design finalized

and ready for the big but to move to the

next stage requires expensive tooling to

pay for all the coolest parts and the

capital to buy our components at a

volume discount if you go out today by

all the gear we packing the coolest you

tossed over five hundred dollars

well my back in this kickstarter

campaign for just a hundred eighty

dollars you can be one of the first

people in the world with the coolest

it's actually

dictator my name is eric i'm the founder

of pedal you may remember pebble from

our first campaign when a bunch of you

supported our question to build the

world's first real smart one another

over 1 million of early backers users

and developers in over 150 countries

around you have jump-started an entire

industry and help the small group of us

so the watch that's widely regarded as

the best amuro that's why we're back on

kickstarter for you are early supporters

he can be the first to get our next

generation market with the top starting

with a brand-new color paper display we

worked hard to make total time fantastic


it's also much thinner with an ergonomic

design that comfortably fits the curve

of your wrist like the original pebble

the display is always on and readable

even the brightest sunlight it's durable

but lightweight and water resistance

level time conveniently delivers

messages and notifications to your risk

through partnerships with some of the

world's most popular apps couple makes a

great sports watch

it works great with iphone samsung and

android phone

we also added a microphone you could

send quick voice reflects or take notes

from the go and of course the battery

lasts up to a full week while designing

puddle time we followed our core belief

a SmartWatch should help simplify your

life shouldn't try to replace your

smartphone or distract you even morning

to create a more useful and truly smart

watch we needed to design a better


luckily the answer was right up our

street turns out the best interface for

any watch it's time

that's why we've developed a new system

called time like it organizes useful

information from your past present and

future this hard work with 1-click she

was coming up next scheduled for your

day a reminder to pick up the kids to

win the movie starts

it also helps we need to catch up scroll

back in time to see that email us your

step counts of the day or the score from

the game last night

now instead of opening a nap just to see

what song is playing for checks of

market you can reliably get the details

you need at a glance on effective

limited quickforce reply

hey mom were filming right now call you

back in a bit love you

absent developers will be able to insert

pins into your timeline if you want

we're also working to bring timelines

the original pedal and pedal steel as

well we believe timeline is how you

interact with wearables in the future to

do things like keep tabs on the sports

that you follow remind you of the event

you care about without taking out of the

moment all while helping you get things

done remember to call mom

we started pebble to create technology

that blends seamlessly into your life

because of you that dream has become a

reality now we're back on kickstarter to

work directly with you

the community that got up here I'm like

our first project pebble time is nearly


the only thing missing is your support

join us help shape the future of

wearable level was the first step to

help us do it again it's time

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