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we're in Jogjakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia

this place is food paradise and we're going to be making a ton of videos here

let's get food hunting for this one

Yogyakarta the cultural heart of Java is

a street food paradise this is the sixth video in our nine part video series from

Indonesia in this video we're exploring a local market to bring you some local

favourites think beef fat sate, fried intestines and loads more

you don't want to miss this video, get ready for some mouth-watering food

I'm Thomas and I'm

Sheena and we're Chasing a Plate, we hope you're hungry, let's eat!

Yogyakarta or Jogja as it's known by the locals has a really rich food culture and one of the

best places to eat local food is at markets and so this video is just going to be set

at Pasar Beringharjo which is a main market here in Jogja and it's

right in the heart of Malioboro Street which is a really famous street here so

the place that we're gonna eat at first is right behind me so let's go and get

some food

thank you very much

we're starting our day with nasi pecel and pecel is like a cooked

vegetable salad served with a peanut sauce drizzled all over the top so we

got ours with rice and it just looks so delicious so we've got a whole bunch of

cooked vegetables so over the top we've got some sprouts, there's some grated

carrot, the really dark leaf down here is papaya leaves, there's some

winged bean on the top there and then some beans as well there's just all

sorts and then it's just doused in this thick peanut sauce and then served over

white rice, I'm just gonna get really a big mouthful with all of those

vegetables and let's just see what it tastes like, all right

whoa that peanut sauce, it's got so much flavour

it's very nutty obviously and then its got a really strong hit of chilli so it's quite

spicy and what I love love love about the vegetables is that they are very crunchy

still, so you can see by the colour of them- they're still very vibrant and they

haven't been cooked right down so that they're all sort of gluggy and

soft, they still have a lot of crunch this is really good

all right I'm gonna go for another spoonful I think there's some spinach

ohhhh some spinach in that mouthful and then a whole lot of beans

so so delicious, that peanut sauce is so fragrant and it just those vegetables are

really really crisp and crunchy but still just soft enough like they're not

raw- definitely cooked, it's a really cool setup because all of these um

stalls are set up right on the street right outside the market in fact and

there's just a ton of stuff, so not just the nasi pecel there are all

sorts of skewers and deep fried snacks and everyone's just sitting on stools and

just tucking into their food, it's really awesome

we're now heading right inside the market, it's packed with people and selling

a lot of incredible clothing but there's more food up the back of the market up

the top we hear so we're heading in that direction

to find more snacks

this pasar or market is such a rabbit warren we've been walking around for

about 45 minutes trying to find our next stop and we finally found it, it's the

place behind me and it's selling fried intestines and fried beef, let's go

and get some

thank you very much

our food has just come and it looks unreal so we've ordered two different

things here we've got some fried beef and look at it it's just falling apart

and the thing that I'm really, really excited about is this, the intestine so

fried intestine so iso goreng so that looks incredible it looks super

juicy and that comes with some nasi or some white rice, some basil and a slice

of cucumber there are some sauces on the table but I'm just gonna dive in first

and just try these as is, so I want to try the intestines I think let's

just get a couple of pieces of intestine some of that rice actually let's get

some of this basil and just break those leaves in there so I can get some, some

freshness with the mouthful as well so we'll get a basil leaf, some intestines,

some rice oh yeah


Oh my god that basil is insane, that is so flavoursome, oh but now here comes the

intestine flavour, oh my god, oh that is so good it's because it's

been fried, I think it might have been braised both of these meats and then

fried, so she just popped them into the oil just as we ordered them, so cut them up

and then chucked them in the oil so they're nice and warm, the outside of the

intestine is quite chewy actually and then the inside's quite a creaminess

but a thick creaminess and it has an incredible flavour, quite salty but also

in a really nice way just that perfect amount of saltiness, saltiness that

really brings out the flavour of the meat, oh my god they are delicious, let's break some beef up

get the beef off that just fell apart, now this, the portions are quite small

which I love it's often the way here in Indonesia you don't get these huge

portions so I don't want to go for too big a mouthful cause I'll eat the whole thing

in one go

hmm a lot of texture again, actually quite chewy, quite salty again

but the the saltiness brings out the flavour of the meat you can really taste

the meat so pretty sure it has been braised but it's not been braised in

something like strong in flavour because it tastes like meat it's like beautiful

beef flavour, quite lean actually there are a few fatty bits there but the pieces I

had were quite lean, a little bit chewy and just really nice, that saltiness is

really good I'm gonna add some of these sauces though so this one is definitely chilli

whoa that is gonna be insanely

spicy I reckon, this one is super thick and I'm not actually quite sure what this is so let's

sprinkle some of this over, it's definitely gonna have a whole lot of sugar in it

because look at it, it's super sticky it's almost like almost like molasses

the texture of that, so just dump a whole lot of that on the beef and let's get some of

this chilli as well, this chilli looks crazy, crazy good, look at the big chunks

of chilli in there, quite a lot of oil just put a big dollop of that on alright

I want to rip off more of this basil because that really added an

incredible flavour to the dish it really gave it

another element, that freshness and that different taste profile let's go with

this sticky sauce and some more beef

hmmmmm whoa that is sticky

oh that sauce is incredible

it sort of tastes like really really really good barbecue sauce but thicker

so it's quite sweet, got a great spice to it, oh and the spice is building that's got a

lot of flavours in there, I think that's some sort of concoction they've made here

that is really really good, okay time to try this chilli now it's, this looks

super spicy this is gonna be good I'm gonna get a whole lot actually I'll get

pretty much that whole spoon that I had before with some intestine

ohhhh that is good

yeah that is really spicy and I think the chillies have been cooked down a lot so

they've actually got a bit of sweetness coming through as well but the spice is

really there as I'm chewing through those chillies from the sauce that's

building a lot, this is good this is really good, this is a super local spot

like Sheena said at the start it took a lot of time to find this, it was definitely worth it

this is super tasty

it's really hot today in Jogja so we're gonna get something cold to cool

us down

we've sat down for a bowl of es dawet and this is one of my favourite things to

eat in Indonesia when it's hot to cool me down and it is made up of a bunch of

delicious different ingredients so everything is wallowing in this coconut

milk concoction, it's also got a bit of palm sugar inside and then it's got

tons of different jellies so that green wobbly one is cincau so it's a grass

jelly and it's really soft and wobbly and then we've got a mix of different

rice flour jellies and also some tapioca flour jellies, let's just give this

thing a taste

oh it just slips right down your throat, it's really sweet and refreshing and Mbah Hari's

stall is really famous here in the pasar so you have to come here

it's so good and we're just sitting in front of her little stand on these tiny

plastic stools, she's got that big, big pot filled to the brim of all those

different jellies and then these sort of earthen pots filled with her coconut

milk and then the palm sugar, this is such a treat

that es dawet was so good, that coconut milk leaves such a beautiful

flavour in your mouth and Mbah Hari the lady who runs the stall was so, so lovely

and now we're just walking through the market there's a ton of things to buy

here, there's lots of batik which is the traditional fabric and then produce,

fresh produce and dried goods all sorts of things but we're here to eat so let's

go find our next snack

often when you see smoke pouring through the air it means sate and that is what

we have stopped for next so you can see the little stall right beside me this is

right on the road so we're literally on the side of the road, tiny little plastic

stools or in my case I'm just crouched here on the footpath and the sate

smells incredible but the sate we've got is something pretty unusual and

looks incredibly good this is sate kere so this is beef fat

and nothing but the fat, look at it, these glistening pieces so it's been marinated and then

cooked on the charcoals so sate is just skewers of meat cooked over the

charcoal but it can be any sort of meat and in this case it's just this beef fat so

let's just grab some off

oh my god

Oh wow

it's like jelly, beautiful, hot, fatty jelly, it's not as oily as I was expecting mmmm

and it's just all so soft and then has that little bit of harder fat just

running, running through the middle of it that is amazing, really juicy and it's been

marinated in quite a sweet sauce sauce so it's it's got quite a sweet taste to it

and the fattiness isn't too overwhelming it's not sort of coating my mouth

looking at the skewers here I was expecting it to be just whooooa dropped them almost

I was expecting it to be sort of quite cloying and too rich but it's just not

at all, let's go for another one I want to peel off some more of this, this fat

ohhh it's just glistening and it's almost almost transparent the fat

ohhh, sweet, a little bit rich, really smoky

from sitting on those charcoals right there, it's almost in contact with the

charcoals so it gets some really little crunchy bits on the end and some

caramelised bits there's actually some little burnt bits which are just nice and

crunchy and some caramelised bits and then that soft, soft fat and this is just

great sitting on the footpath like this or on the road, traffic's buzzing by grab

your sate, it's the perfect snack smells incredible, tastes amazing

this is good

that beef sate was delicious, it's not something you want to be eating

every day but it was pretty decadent and it was tasty, super decadent, I loved

that dish, such a great day or great morning of eating here at Pasar Beringharjo,

Jogja's food scene is awesome and there is so much to explore and we're

having a ball hunting down the local favourites remember to hit that subscribe

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