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hello hello hello everybody my name is Steve Ford welcome to your TOEFL lesson

here we are in 2019 and I have some news about how the TOEFL is gonna be

different in August of this year so you're ready let's go so in case you

haven't heard the TOEFL has a few changes that are coming up as of August

1st of this year so this comes directly from the ETS website in case you don't

know if you're new to the TOEFL the ets dot-org website is where you can sign up

for your TOEFL test and let's take a look at the changes that are going to

happen so we have the good news in the bad news what am I going to give you

first I'm gonna give you the good news so for the reading section as you can

see it's going to be the same number of text so it's gonna be three texts

normally could be four and that hasn't changed but the good news is that there

are fewer questions so before there was 12 to 14 questions and now there's only

10 questions as you can see here so that's a good thing because what it

means is that for each question if you measure it out before there was only 90

seconds per question and now you have a hundred and five seconds per question

and that's a breath of fresh air that's good news for a lot like gives people

some breathing space because if that's one thing that my students and I hear

other people complaining about is that the reading section after people have

done the test they say the reading section it's too long it's too darn long

and that has been consistent the feedback I've gotten from my students

over the years so this is great this means that you will have fewer questions

and you'll have more time to spend on those questions great so in total

there's over seven minutes of extra time that you will be able to spend on all of

those reading questions

are you feeling good I feel good I feel good yeah for the listening I have some

good news and some bad news so the good news is that there are fewer lectures

okay that's that's good so now there's three to four lectures

for the listening whereas before there was four to six okay and as a result the

percentage of academic lectures that you're going to have is slightly reduced

okay that's good because academic lectures can be very challenging there's

a lot of practice involved trying to learn target vocabulary inside different

academic subjects biology geology geology psychology and so on however

here's the bad news in the listening section you actually

have less time to answer the questions yes now you only have 87 seconds per

question to answer whereas before you had 105 seconds so in total you have 8

minutes less to do the listening section for the rest of the listening there's

the same number of conversations and also the same number of corresponding

questions for those kinds of questions in the listening okay so now we get to

the speaking section and guess what now there's only four questions instead of

six okay so far so good so far so good they've eliminated the first question of

the speaking so that means that that personal preference question that so

many of you have posted comments that Steve I really don't know what to talk

about I get stuck what if I don't have any personal experience to talk about

that's gone you don't have to worry about that anymore

you can breathe a sigh of relief that said the second question is still there

and the second question now becomes the first question the other speaking

question that they eliminated was the integrated the fifth integrated question

which is a campus question and it's just listening there's no tag

that's been eliminated as well all the other ones are the same so it's business

as usual for the TOEFL in that regard but I think it's good because it gives

people a chance to breathe a little bit six questions definitely is a lot to

take when you consider the workload of the rest of the tests so this gives you

more energy to concentrate and boost the quality of the answers for the questions

that still remain now the writing essentially has remained

the same as well some have said that there may be a little warning at the

beginning that no plagiarism is allowed well how is that going to happen

plagiarism unless I can't see how that could happen because there's somebody

that's monitoring sitting at the door monitoring and helping people along with

their tests so I can't see how plagiarism could happen I have seen in

other videos TOEFL videos on YouTube don't use a template the people who are

evaluating your tests are gonna know I really don't see how that would be

possible for goodness sake I use templates all the time when I'm talking

to sound like a voice of authority and I've passed those tips on to you a case

in point though is a student of mine and he always used the same introduction for

all of his essays and even for his speaking and it went something like it's

a foregone conclusion that there is substantial evidence to support the fact

that or there is overwhelming evidence to support the fact that he was always

saying this that there was always evidence to support the fact and

sometimes it didn't work you know like they're asking his his personal opinion

about something and he's saying well there's overwhelming evidence to support

no that's not that's not gonna work yeah so don't get too stuck in your templates

don't go over port ass but not least come August first some academic

institutions are already going to get on board with my best tours what is that my

best tours means that you can combine your best hopeful scores if you've done

the TOEFL than one time so that you can combine

the best scores in from each section this is great news as many people who

have taken the test many times because they're trying to get high scores

consistently in certain sections according to the requirements of the

institution that they're applying to so the academic institutions universities

are gonna need to get on board ok everybody I hope that this information

was useful so that you can be up to date with what's happening with the TOEFL a

test that was four hours long has now been reduced to three and a half hours

long so that gives you a little bit more time to focus on quality rather than

quantity and I'm sure that this is good news for everybody we hope I will be

doing a video I had a whole bunch prepared some including the TOEFL

question one well that's out the window but I have one where I do an evaluation

of a very good TOEFL question independent question to this student of

course already passed she's actually already graduated from Berkeley and I'm

gonna be doing an evaluation of her TOEFL speaking and why it worked so well

and why she got a 26 on the speaking yes and we will be going over that in my

next video you can subscribe to my channel you can watch other videos you

can contact me at the link below I will also post links for all the information

I've talked about that you can find them on the ETS website and we will see you

in our next lesson bye for now

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