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Hi everyone! What's up? My name is Happy Aujla

and welcome back to my channel. To let my new subscribers know,

I make tech videos on this channel

or I make supercars vlogs.

This is a first video of its kind that I will post to my channel.

If this video receives a good response

....let him pass by lol...

If this video receives a good response, Ill post more similar content

I'm not sure about the type of response I'll get. I'm making this video

as an experiment

because I've received a lot of comments asking about U.S.A.

And in this video, I'll show you some things

that media doesn't show.

And I'll tell you beforehand that if you're expecting an extraordinary vlog,

that's not the case.

I'm just a normal vlogger. I don't use color

or music editing. I'm just

recording this on my phone and will attempt to show you

what, in my opinion, no one tells about U.S.A.

Everyone just talks about the big buildings

but no one talks about the

homeless population or poverty rate

or the general American struggles. Today, I'll attempt to show you all those things.

So without wasting much time, let's start this vlog.

Since we're talking about the regular lifestyle, let's start with the regular person's mode of transportation.

I'll show you how people travel by the local bus and

what the ticketing system looks like.

All American buses use this type of card.

Delhi Metro travelers might be familiar with this.

Just as Delhi Metro requires a card,

a bus card is also required here and is called TAP card.

Currently, I'm waiting at a bus stop. There are two types of bus stops in U.S.

The first one is what you see here: a pole with the bus number.

You just wait here and the bus will stop when the driver sees you.

The other type of bus stop is here, where I'm pointing to.

I'll get to that later.

Right now, I'm waiting for this bus because

we're going somewhere. I'll reveal the reason of going

there once we get there.

As soon as the bus comes, I'll show you the inside

and how the bus fare is loaded.

The bus is here

so let's go in and pay with the TAP card.

When you board, just tap your card on the machine.

I've arrived here and now let me show you something.

This is a everyday thing

that will be useful to know.

This is something that most Indian people won't know when they come here.

If you wanna cross the road,

Just press this button to indicate that you wanna cross.

Across the road is the indicator that will indicate

when you can cross. You can only cross when you see the WALK sign, as you see now.

So the traffic has stopped completely now.

So there is no danger of a car hitting you, like in India lol

Pedestrians always have the right while crossing the road

although you should be careful.

This is the second type of bus stop that I wanted to show you

There's a small bench here

and above you can see the bus arrival times

Now, to the people who messaged me that America is really clean, let me show you the reality.

You can see things out on the sidewalk ahead.

So it's nothing extraordinary here in America. It's the same type of people,

speaking English with an accent.

Their isn't much difference. Media only shows you

the nicer things.

I'm on the streets and you can see just how much

cleanliness there is. You be the judge.

Some of you may be thinking that maybe I'm just showing you a not-so-good area.

Let me tell you that I'm currently in Koreatown

and afterwards will take you to Downtown Los Angeles.

This is what the street corners look like.

I'm not saying America is bad in any way.

I love it here. It's cleaner than India.

But it's not as clean as some people have hyped it up.

I'm showing you around. You can see it for yourself.

I'm sure that in the comments section, I'm gonna

receive a lot of criticism

but this is the reality

These things just aren't shown in media.

If this video gets a good response,

then I'll make another similar video about jobs and careers.

Most people from India think coming to America means

earning lots of money without struggle

and becoming money-generating machines

but that's not the case.

You can see the guy ahead on the sidewalk

This is a homeless guy, who spends his time here on the streets.

I doubt anyone will tell you.

Many people don't know that America too has a homeless population.

You can see he has just a small bag with probably his clothes and necessities.

Now to cross the road, I'll press the crossing button again.

So let's just wait here for the bus.

I'm showing you guys the bus repeatedly

because when anyone comes here, bus is their main mode of travel.

Long pressing this button will tell you the bus' arrival time.

and it's usually the correct time.

This screen that you see above me tells you where the next station will be

When your bus stop is approaching,

you can press this button

the bus will stop at the station.

Some buses have this stop button,

while others have a cord to pull

similar to the ones in Delhi Metro.

Both methods will signal the driver to stop at the next station.

Currently, I'm in Downtown Los Angeles

This is like Connaught Place of Delhi or Sector-17 of Chandigarh

the core or central business area of the city.

This is where all the big offices are.

The central area of a city is called downtown.

If I show you around,

you'll see all the tall buildings here

The building that you see now is

called the US Bank Tower.

It's the tallest building of Los Angeles with the highest Observation Deck.

There's a glass skyslide on the top, from where you can

see the whole city.

I'll take you there someday as well but for now, let's

explore this area

All these tents that you see

are inhabited by homeless people.

You can see that man spilling water

so all these tents are a home to someone. And this is downtown,

you can see the buildings behind the tents.

This is one of the richest areas of LA.

If these are the circumstances here, you can guess

what it's like in the rest of U.S.A

I live in the West Coast.

Never been to the East coast, towards New York

so I don't know what the situation is there. But I'm sure

that a homeless population exists there as well.

I've shown you just a small part of LA

If I travel all around, God knows how much

homeless population exists.

So to all people who think that

even the poverty line Americans are richer than

the middle class Indians, let me assure you that's not the case.

You've seen the reality so judge for yourself.

As I was walking, I saw this pile of garbage

and decided to show it to you guys.

OK guys. So we end this video here

I don't have any intention of insulting anyone.

I just made this video as a reply to those people

who comment or message me assuming American life

is easy or without struggles and people who bad-mouth India.

Media only shows and tells you the prettier aspects of U.S.A.

No one talks about the negatives or struggles.

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