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Bad news, kids.

They closed Disney World.

I know, I know, I know!

I am just as sad as y'all are.

But if I'm being honest, my wallet is pretty excited right now.

But still, this is sad. I promised you kids an awesome vacation and that is exactly

what you're gonna get, because instead of going to Disney World, ol' dad is bringing

Disney World to y'all! Yeah! It's gonna be fun!

Just wait.

But first I got to make it feel like Florida in here.

I got a crank the heat up to 95 and plug a bunch of

these humidifiers in so y'all sit tight.

All right, kids. Come get your rubber bands.

I mean, um, "magic bands."

Here just put it on your wrist maybe the magic will happen.

Check it out, kids! it's Space Mountain!

Look, you just sit in this basket and then look at the TV and then we'll just

do like this! It'll be like the real thing!

Who wants a Mickey popsicle?!

You do?!

All right! Wait...

Do you have a meal plan?


Well than that'll be $27.

You got a Fastpass for Space Mountain?

Well then you gonna have to wait in line for five hours.

I'm sorry I don't make the rules.

Go talk to Walt about it.

This is Disney World. Not Dad World.

I can't help you.

Yeah, it's a Mickey popsicle.

Just pretend that it grew ears and cost five times more.

Now, isn't that magical?

Oh, you'd rather ride Everest then Space Mountain?

Well, that's too bad because that's an entirely different park

and you don't have a "park hopper."

Check it out, kids we still get our character dinner!

We get to eat supper with ol' Mickey Mouse!

What's up, buddy?

He just went on break. He'll be back.

You kids bring your autograph books?

Welcome to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance!

Unfortunately, we ran out of boarding passes at 6:00 a.m.

I know! The park don't even open till 9:00!

That's crazy, right?

So go find something else to do.

This is not the ride you're looking for.

Isn't this fun?

No, you can't get up front. I wanted to give y'all a real Disney experience

so y'all gotta watch it from back there.

They've been sitting on this curb waiting for this since 2:00 this afternoon.

Hey, what you kids want for lunch?

You want try the gray stuff?

I hear it's delicious.

It's also gonna go bad about a week so we gotta hurry up and eat it.

No, you can't get on my shoulders.

Just sit down and watch it. Dad's tired.

No, no, no! Go that way! Cuz that's the gift shop. You gotta go that way.

You see Tinkerbell?


Neither did I.

Happiest place on Earth.

Welcome to the most magical place on Earth.

Here, you just sit in this chair right here and I'm gonna

spin it around like three dozen times.

It'll be just like the teacups.

You'll probably even throw up.

Just don't do it Mama's kitchen.

And that is when we would usually leave.

Yeah, the fireworks aren't over...technically.

But they are for us.

Because this is when we get out of here so we could beat everybody back to the buses.

Just go ahead and go that way now.

Actually, do y'all wanna do the waterpark next?

Yeah? All right!

I'll go get the hose ready!

All right, here we go!

It's a small world after all.

Everybody now!

It's a small world...

Come on that's how it works!

You do it like a hundred times. That's how the ride works.

Yeah, it's a nightmare. It's in your head and you're never gonna get it out. It's there forever.

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