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In this video, we will explain how to configure the SmartDNS feature for LG TV and enhance

your smart TV experience.

SmartDNS is a NordVPN feature that allows you to change your virtual location without

having to use the VPN app.

Lets get started.

First, you should activate your SmartDNS feature in your Nord account.

You should do it in your account profile by following the link on the screen.

When there, click the Activate button in the SmartDNS box.

Just make sure you are not connected to any VPN or proxy services before doing this.

Then click Activate Smart DNS in the box showing your IP address and wait for the confirmation


It should arrive in a few seconds.

The email will give the primary and secondary DNS addresses, which you will have to enter

in your preferred device.

Then you should turn on your LG Smart TV and press Settings on your remote.

From this settings menu scroll down to Network and select Wi-Fi Connection.

Then make sure that your LG Smart TV is connected to a LAN or Wireless network.

Now choose Advanced Wi-Fi Settings and turn the IPv6 off by pressing on it.

Then choose Edit at the bottom of the menu and scroll down to the DNS Server field.

Just make sure to disable the Set Automatically option beforehand.

In the DNS Server field enter your primary DNS number, which is, and press


Now you can enjoy your smart TV together with the SmartDNS functionality.

Just be aware that SmartDNS doesnt protect your connection the way a VPN does.

It just changes your virtual location.

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