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This is a short tutorial about the really amazing service from Google, called Google

Hangouts It's absolutely FREE

And lets you hold online meetings with a few people

and full-presentations to an unlimited number of people

Like a SKYPE call with easy screen sharing -

so you can show people a webcam image of your face, powerpoint presentations,

or just about anything else you can show on your computer

You can have up to 10 presenters An unlimited number of viewers in your audience

And your presentations can be easily recorded for viewing or sharing later.

For requirements You'll need a microphone that you hook up

to your computer, if you don't already have one.

You could also use a webcam to show your face during your presentations

But it's not required. You will need a Google account, which is free

And you'll need to activate a Google+ account, which is really easy. I'll show you how to

do it in a few minutes in a couple of minutes.

Google Hangouts has 2 different services 1st is Google hangouts

Where you can meet online with up to 10 friends or co-workers or collaborators

For an online meeting #2 is Google Hangouts On-Air

Almost the same as Google hangouts But it records the presentation for up to

4 hours You can have up to 10 presenters, like Google

hangouts But also - you can have an unlimited number

of viewers - with a live streaming

Presenter Requirements are--- All presenters will need a Google+ account

If someone doesn't have a Google+ account You can phone them and get them into your

meeting that way For Google Hangouts On-Air - where you're

doing a presentation to many visitors The main presenter needs a YouTube account

- because the video that's created needs to be stored there

Your audience doesn't need any of that. -- All they need is an Internet connection

and they can watch and listen to your presentation online

That YouTube account needs to UNLOCK the account's 15-minute barrier

When you set up a YouTube account, they set a video limit to 15 minutes

To unlock it, go to the SETTINGS area It says - Want to upload videos longer than

15 minutes - click here. Then simply follow their directions,

And you'll be able to record your full presentations up to 4 hours.

Google Hangouts On-Air can record your presentation, which is really great.

It does a live stream, with about a 20 second delay to your audience

The live stream is public as you're doing the presentation

But once the video is created, you could make it private,

or you could download and edit it if you like.

For the presenters You can have up to 10 hosts or participants

Each with the ability to share their screen or simply have a webcam view of them


When presenting Google Hangouts is just seen by the people

in your meeting But for Hangouts-On-Air

Your audience can see the presentation On your YouTube channel

On your Google+ page or You can embed the presentation window on any

page on your website the same way you embed a YouTube video on your website.

The main apps for Hangouts on-Air are Screen share

Invite people - where you can add presenters to your call

Chat where your audience can ppost questions and comments in a chat box

And Effects, with sound effects like audience clapping, and other fun stuff

And there's one more important app - the Cameraman app

It lets you decide who gets seen by everyone And who gets heard or muted

What gets seen by your audience? The webcam view lets your audience see who's

talking, If you have a webcam on your computer

You can also show static programs, like Word or Powerpoint.

I'm not sure you could show a video Because you'd be showing a stream of a stream,

and that could get very choppy.

If yo don't habe a Google+ acct Go to Google and type Google+ - with a plus

sign That will take you to Google+ sign-in

At the sign-in, if you have any Google account, a gmail, YouTube or any other Google acct,

simple sign in. Your one password will work. If you don't have a google account, click

the CREATE ACCOUNT button and follow the instructions

Once you have a Google+ account To open a Google Hangout session, where you

have an online meeting with up to 10 people Get into your account.

On the top right, click the green comma thing that says HANGOUTS

It'll open the +New Hangout box - When you click on this box, start typing who

you're inviting.

As soon as you start typing, it'll show the names of Google+ members

Check the box for who you want in your meeting

When you're ready to begin your meeting, click the camera to start your hangout

You'll hear a phone dialing as it attempts to contact your invited people.

If they're logged into Google+, a popup alerts them to join the meeting.

Once the meeting starts, a window opens with a control panel.

Click the PHONE HANGUP button when your meeting is finished.

To start a Hangouts-On-Air, where you present to an unlimited audience

In Google+ HOVER over the HOME button

This menu pops up. Click HANGOUTS ON-AIR

It takes you to this page - which is CLICK the blue button, START HANGOUT ON AIR

and it opens Google Hangouts-On-Air

so here's a sample of the google hangouts on air screens which is

almost exactly the same as google hang on screen

except it has just a few more controls so on the top left you've got a uh... click

this button here and you can expand out the controls the first one is invite

people click on this and lets you invite people and a little screen opens up

as you go down here click this you've got screen share

and it allows you to click on any one of these screens and then you can share

a different image with the people that you have on the call

then you go down here you have your cameraman setting where you click on this and it

gives you control over what people can see on the call itself

you want to make sure that the default is uh... change here it says

broadcast a large video that I see to my audience blah blah what this basically means

is do you want to be in control of what people see or not you want to say

yes on this which is a second button up from the bottom and that allows you to

be in control if you're not in control then whoever is speaking the camera will

shift to that person it's much better for you as from a control

standpoint and you can actually control

what people see the bottom but here is google effects you

click on this and actually gives you fun effects like audience applause and some

other ones across the top you've got a button that

says... you've got a a link that says embed if you click on this here opens up

the link and you just copy this and you paste it on

whatever your web page that you want to show the

presentation on and it will embed just like it does uh... embeds a video on

your page and then when you're ready to just click here to start broadcast

and then you click again to end broadcast

And that's it! Hopefully this was helpful.

If you do presentations, this is an awesome tool and the best part is, it's FREE

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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