Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ANATOMICALLY CORRECT Spiderman

Difficulty: 0

Not so fast, champ

Another vigilante thinks he can stop me? Bring it!

I'm a superhero. That's what I am!

You look like a homeless guy who broke into a costume shop!

There's a hole in your pants..

Seems so, but it's there for a reason!

That? That's your power? It comes out of your butt!

I mean I am Spiderman. You know swing from buildings and all that stuff?

That's not a power, that's just gross.

I wasn't always like this..

I used to be a normal kid, just like you.

All until one day..


A frickin' crazy spider bit me, and I got all his powers

My eyes were all jacked up..

And my hands and feet, they all got sticky too!

I could climb on walls..

And I could spin webs too!

It was a little weird at first,

but anatomically correct. So I was okay with that.

But if I wanted to become a real hero..

I'd have to get over my crippling confidence issues.

I didn't mean to make you feel weird or anything, I just think that you're a real photogenic is all.

It was actually kinda cute. I didn't mean to call you a creep.

I just get embarrassed sometimes..

It's okay. I do too.


Oh, cool! I just found out I got another ticket for tonights show.

Maybe you could come with me?



I would love that.

So what happened after that?

We made out.


That's awesome!

Yeah, yeah

I should get going.

Yeah, for sure.


(police sirens)

Say cheese, you dirtbag.


Hey kid, you wanna buy a gym membership?

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