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this is Gold Shaw Farm and today we're digging a duck pond release the mini

Quacken so yeah so my buddy Alfred you guys remember Alfred right kind of

makes you walk the wires live

well he is coming by and we are gonna do a little project today you know every

spring when the snow all melts from the pasture and and everything kind of comes

rushing down this hill we end up with a big sort of I don't know call it a

seasonal pond that springs up in our pastures we've been here now or I've

been observing this land now for about three years and it's something that

happens every single year because I've become so into taking care of waterfowl

I've come to the conclusion that having a nice little pond would be a value for

the farm and so my buddy Alfred who's got that awesome awesome excavator he's

gonna come today and we're gonna do a little project where we're digging right

around this area to actually make a pond

release the Quacken guys so you might be wondering what's going on with the

Quacken what's wrong well it's like the whole flock is gone Rudy

we're all camping out in here laying on hands so what I've noticed is that over

the last week or so there have been a handful of ducks that are sitting on

large clutches of eggs and they're staying on top of them pretty much 24/7

and they're not leaving I think I have three maybe four clutches of eggs that

are being sat on by hands as you guys have seen in past videos I've had false

alarms before but I'm really crossing my fingers for some ducklings in terms of

making this a successful pond I think the biggest thing I'm worried about is

that the soil is gonna retain the water generally speaking we have some pretty

low me soil here on our farm but it's not the greatest for retaining water

like if you want to dig your own pond the ideal type of soil is like a clay

based or a heavy clay soil because that's the stuff that's gonna really

hold that water the things though that I do have going for me around here are

number one that the water table is really high or low I don't know like

whatever means that the water is not too far from the ground we got that right

here in this spot number two the area where all the water in the surrounding

area whether it's from up in the barn or back over by the trees it all sort of

collects in pools right here in this spot

I'm gonna take this in phases this might take me two or three years to really

fully complete this pond but year one I'm gonna just see what it can naturally

do and retain there are certain powders and soil amendments that you can

purchase that you can use to increase the clay content within your soil and I

might actually end up doing that right here in this area where the pond ends up

becoming a spot and then I guess the third and last resort would be I add

like a plastic lining to try to retain that water but I really don't want to

have to do that yeah I so while this poultry netting is often very practical

I have a tendency to get it tangled it's quite frustrating and yeah so I got the

paddock fix and a new pasture for the geese all nice fresh grass that should

be here probably six days or so before I have to move them again you guys want

this t-shirt I got new t-shirts by the way you can actually find them right

down below this video so check it out and I promise you the version that you

buy won't be nearly as sweaty as the one I'm wearing supposed to get to be like

88 degrees today

we're digging a pond

so Alfred's gonna start off by clearing off the side and we're gonna just make

sure we're in a good place in terms of the actual footprint of the pond I think

it's important to get just that sketched out first and foremost and cutting

through the side of the easy way to do that

so we're like baby and an hour into digging this pond and really starting to

look like a nice big pond or swimming pool it's exciting

they say we but it's really Alfred is doing all the work I'm just kind of a

useless spectator what can you do


rest easy Alfred level once dig twice or level twice dig once or something I

don't know what it is something like that came here to dig one pond not half

a dozen though we're making some progress you ran one third mark yeah I

mean I'd say that's anymore oh yeah don't feel kind of clean me too yeah I

know which is good I was really worried that this was gonna be like I know all

sand but the most part it sticks together pretty well

don't get some water in here soon this is gonna be a bunch of bricks actually

yeah so the reason that we were using the level is because when it comes to

thinking about water and earthworks gravity is like crazy important

ultimately water is always trying to get to the lowest point it's always trying

to move downward by using the level we're able to see that you know one part

of the ground is a little bit higher than the other part which leads down

into the pond and so the water is gonna slope and roll down and here let me give

you a little demonstration I'm gonna take my water bottle pour the

water so see how it always go and slower and lower down to the water travel down

and around effectively what we're trying to do here is we're digging the pond is

basically that same principle at a much much larger scale

I forgot something

that was a long overdue haircut well we're getting there

look like a pie well not so much a pond as it is a big hole in the ground it's

definitely looking like a pit it's less of like a Sarlacc type of pit and more

of Andy of Parks and Recreation type

I'm not sure if you guys can see this on the camera but right down there is

actually water at some pond right there it's mighty it's uh he'll grow to start

I can't get water down that's a good between that and how clay like the soil

feels feel like these are both good signs definitely struck water down here

actually be really interesting to see what this looks like tomorrow

it's definitely coming thank you should put the GoPro on it and with a time

lapse your GoPro will be submerged yeah but you know the beauty of GoPro is it's

waterproof yeah but you're gonna say the beauty of commitment to the craft is

GoPros are dispenser from that committee

because you can't confuse right a little bit different this morning huh someday

someday ducks someday but not today

isn't it yeah I mean that's such a dumb accident cuz so much is like the topsoil

here is just so good you have this bucket of clay just dump right here I

guess I don't know right so hundreds and thousands of years of runoff going to

this one of the lowest points you're gonna deposit all your stuff here and

then let the water run that way I guess I don't know

so we're getting pretty close to being done

Alfred's just smoothing out some of the final earth work you know that trick

with with building a pond right it's you're trying to capture as much of that

water as you can get and direct as much of that water it's down yeah I got to

say it's remarkable to have a friend skilled with an excavator like this able

to just really make an impact really quickly 48 hours ago this didn't look

like this well it sort of looks like a moonscape right now I bet you by this

time next year this is going to be just an awesome little oasis we have in our

farm with ducks and geese swimming in it I'm really excited for what this is

gonna mean yeah look done wow man thanks for the help yeah

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