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Ma, let Jade be.

If you couldn't fight Dada for me,

then at least give Jade a chance to be happy.

This is not the last time we'll see each other, Miss Guevarra.

And I promise you, I will get my daughter back from you.

Just continue watching the two.

But as soon as you get a chance.

Do what we already discussed.

What's the problem?

You are.

Althea never had these problems before.

I'm pretty sure your family is behind this smear campaign

that's causing our clients to back out from Althea's company.

I already talked to Papa,

I'm ready to take over for you anytime.

Since you have so many problems with your family.

I was thinking of introducing you to my best friend.

As my girlfriend, Love.

Whatever problem I have with Paul and Jade,

it's been taken cared of.


I already warned you Jade.

You don't want me angry.

I'm not a bad person but

because of that Althea I have to do this.

There's only one person who would do this to Jade,

it is Mr. Tanchingco.

I'm sure Jade won't be able to do anything to fight her father,

so I have to do something.

I didn't know you were a lesbian.

What's your point?

That he is right to take Jade away because I'm a lesbian?

Ma'am, I don't want to be involved

in your personal problems.

But you can't not be involved!

What if they hurt Jade?

So you should help us,

because I am not leaving this place

while my girlfriend is in danger!

Ma'am, we're not going to be able to help you

if you'll continue acting like that!

Maybe it would be better if you leave.

Calm down a bit.

And then come back, so we can talk about this calmly.

- I can't do that! - So what are you saying?

You want us to leave?

- That's not right. - Please calm down.

- You're not doing your job! - I said, calm down!

Fine, we're leaving.

We're not just lesbians, we're human too!

- Let's go! - They won't listen to us!

I said enough.

Althea, you need to go home and rest.

Tomorrow, we'll figure out some other plan.

I wouldn't be able to sleep, Batchi.

I'll make you sleep if I have to.

Let's just go.

They're all incompetent here.

All right, I'll try to talk to Dada.

Maybe he'll listen to me.

That's impossible, Ahya.

He's narrow-minded.

Paul, a little respect please.

I'm sorry.

I forget you're on Dada's side.

After all, you are the eldest and the only one who's good.

Dada must be really unlucky.

Two of his kids have defects.

One is gay, and one's a lesbian.

I know what we'll do once we get to the Mainland.

Let's start a circus.

Because we're jokes.

Our own family is laughing at us.

Guys, let's admit that our situation is a little weird.

I mean who'd have expected that my siblings

would suddenly turn out to be a gay and lesbian?


But that being said, whatever you two are, I accept you.

More than two decades of being a family

will not be erased by your sexual preferences.

I love you because we're family.

You're still the same Paul

who's super sensitive and afraid of centipedes.

Jade, you're still the tattletale and the crybaby.

But I love you guys.

Remember that.

Thank you, Ahya.

We love you too.

I really hope Dada listens to you.

Because I really don't want to go.

I don't want to leave you and I don't want to leave Althea.

What you're saying is, there is a way I can get Jade back?

Of course, Althea.

It's not like your partner is a minor, right?

So she should be able to make decisions

without needing the approval of her family.

You're really good.

I told you Althea,

there's another way for you to get Jade back.

I suggest that you go to the Commission on Human Rights.

I'll give you my contacts.

Maybe they can do something.

All right.

That's what I'll do.

Even if Jade is his daughter,

I will use the law against Oscar Tanchingco.

Yes, Uncle.

Paul and Jade are leaving later to go there.

You take care of them.

This is what Papa wants.

Thank you.


Are you sure that this is the right thing to do?

Sending them to the Mainland?

Don't side with your siblings.

It worked when you were younger.

But now, I don't want to listen to you.

I thought you said you'll listen to me because I'm the eldest?

And one day, I will be the head of this family.

One day, Gabriel.

For now, my Papa is still the one who makes decisions.

So I follow.

And so will you.

But it's not always easy to follow what Angkong wants.

You know that, right?

Didn't you turn your back on your family

when you married our mother?

So you should know how hard it is for the three of us.

Dada, we're suffering.

What do you mean the three of you?

You have a better life, Gabriel.

You're already married!

But I'm not happy Dada.

I don't love Pearl.

I'm in love with someone else.

But I did what the family wanted.

And now I'm miserable

because I couldn't fight for the woman I really love.

I don't want Paul and Jade to end up like me, Dada.

I don't want them to wake up every morning feeling trapped.

Can you not give me another problem?

I'll tell you something, Gabriel.

I regretted marrying your mother.

Because I lost my family because of her.

The good thing is, your mother did something to change that,

to accept me again.

I don't want that to happen to my children.

I don't want you to lose your family.

So before Angkong casts them out,

I'll do what it takes to straighten them.

Dada, please.

Don't tell anyone what you told me.

Forget the past!

Because it will not take you to where you need to go.

Do not destroy your reputation in the family.

Be a good husband.

Stand by your decision.

Because if you bring shame to our family,

you will end up like your troublesome siblings.

I'm sorry, Shobe.

I'm sorry too, Ahya.

Jade, do you want to bring this?

Put this inside.

Hurry up.

Yes, Ma'am.

I don't want my daughter to miss the plane.

Dear, don't be sad.

There's nothing you can do anymore, Jade.

You just have to accept what your Dada wants.

Ma, how can you take it how Dada controls us?

Your Dada isn't doing anything wrong.

This is for your own good.

Our law gives parents the right over their children.

But once they're no longer minors,

they have the right to make decisions on their own.

How old is Jade?

She's 25, Attorney.

Then she doesn't need to ask permission from her parents

to do what she wants to do.

Legally, she's recognized as a thinking

and independent individual.

I thought you would side with me.

Not this time, dear.

I don't want you to be a lesbian.

I want you to be normal.

I tolerated what you had done before.

I took your side against your Dada.

But not this time.

So you can help me get Jade back?

We can open the grounds for discussion.

So your girlfriend is informed of her rights.

Of course, so we could also orient her parents

with their limitations.

That'll be perfect.

Didn't I tell you? Just never give up.

We only accompany the client once the court

has released a Writ of Amparo for a person.

I'm sorry but I couldn't wait long enough

to file a complaint in the court,

let alone wait for their final decision.

The longer I wait,

the more I get anxious of what her father

would do to my girlfriend.

We might not be able to see each other anymore.

Please accompany me.

Just talk to Mr. Tanchingco, please?

Okay, but as we said earlier,

let's just open a table for discussion.

We want to make sure first that Mr. Tanchingco has Jade.

Jade's family is Chinese and traditional.

Jade was raised to follow whatever her elders want.

Excuse me sir, Ma'am Amanda called.

There's someone from the Commission on Human Rights

at your house.

They're looking for Ma'am Jade.

Family is very important to them.

But more than anything else, reputation precedes all else.


What is happening here?

Oscar, you have family problems?

That's not good for business.

No Mr. Tan, just a minor problem.

I'm sorry, gentlemen.

But I have to cut this meeting short.

This way, sir, madam.

Oscar, we'll talk about this later.

They don't want their family to be humiliated.

So they will do everything to make sure

they don't become a laughingstock.


Amanda, don't let those people inside our house!

I just want to know what Oscar Tanchingco

will do once I put that reputation on trial.

This will only go nowhere, Althea.

Why don't you just give up?

You have no right to my daughter!

Ma'am, so long as Jade loves me, I will fight for her.

What is the meaning of this?

We are here for Jade, Mr. Tanchingco.

And we have with us a representative from

the Commission on Human Rights

to let her know her rights.

And to tell you that what you did was wrong

and that you have no right to have your daughter kidnapped.

Jade is my daughter, I have rights.

But Mr. Tanchingco,

your daughter is already of legal age.

You have no right to detain her or have her kidnapped.

Mr. Tanchingco, just bring Jade out.

So we can settle this once and for all.

So we can find out who she really wants to be with.

Jade isn't here.

She already made her decision.

And she followed my wishes.

Then where is she?

Somewhere you can't influence her.

So Ms Gueverra, please just go.

Pearl, can I use your phone?


Mama said you can't call anybody.

Please Pearl, I badly need to call Althea.

I'm begging you.

No, Jade!

Can't you understand English?

Don't put me on the spot, Jade.

If I let you call that woman.

Dada will get mad at me.

Don't waste your efforts, Jade.

She's not going to listen to you, she's just another sheep.

Can you not say that?

I'm just following our elders' wishes,

because that's what we're supposed to do.

Yeah, that's what you are Pearl.

A sheep.

That's why you conceded to leave your career,

only to become a bored housewife

who does nothing but wait for my brother to come home.

Pearl, Paul, please?

I am still your older sister, Paul.

Give me some respect.

I don't even understand why

you're going against your father's wishes.

He is only doing what's best for the family.

He's upholding our traditions and our culture.

But what do you do?

You fight with him.

And you're putting Gabriel in the crossfires.

So please, just follow.

Because everytime you do something against the family,

it's my husband who suffers.

This is very good, you just have to color this part.

This one needs more blue, so you can see it from afar.

This one has a long way to go.


Gabriel please, not here. You'll ruin my reputation.

I won't take long.

I just wanted to say, I'm sorry.

I apologize for everything that happened.

For being a coward.

For not fighting for you.

But Angie...

I still love you so much, and it kills me every day.

I want to give you everything but I can't do it.

And I'm sorry for that.

I'm really sorry.

Gabriel, I understand you.

I'm not asking anything from you.

Because from the very start I knew,

you wouldn't be able to go against your father.

We're like birds at home, longing to be free.

Especially my siblings and I.

We can't escape Dada.

Get the hell out of my property!

I don't want people like you here.

Miss Guevarra, I'm sorry.

But if they won't listen to us we might as well go now.

If you want to pursue this,

I think it's better if you take this to court.

But you have no money to do that.

Dude, I don't want to agree, but she's right.

And Jade's not here.

Jade is at the airport!

They're sending her to the Mainland!

Save my granddaughter from this man!

Ama, stop this!

Nanny, bring my mother back inside!

Save my granddaughter!

Please, save my granddaughter!

Save her!

Close the gates.

So, Pearl?

Are you coming with us to Xiamen?

Are the bodyguards joining us too?


Dada just wants to make sure that you two get in the plane.

It's easy to bend the rules here to let us accompany you.

Passengers of RT115 bound for Xiamen are ready for boarding.

Please proceed to Gate 5. Thank you.

Let's go.

Finally, this problem's about to end.

I can now focus on my family.

Let's go.


Let's go.

Go, Jade.


Dude, just wait a second.

There are a lot of flights bound for China,

I don't know which one she's on.

Which flight are we looking for?

Ma'am, a moment please.

Where's your boarding pass?

I don't have one but I need to get inside.

I need to go after my girlfriend.

I'm sorry, but if you don't have a boarding pass.

I cannot let you in.

Sir, it's just...

We have a problem, maybe you can help us?

Which flight is going to China?


Jade, where are you?


It sounds like someone's here to save you.

Sounds like...



Jade, where are you?

Ma'am, please.

- Let go of me! - I told you, you can't come in!

- Let go of me! - You need a boarding pass!


Jade, please!

Jade, no please.

- Althea! - You must not go with her!

Why are you doing this?

Dada is going to hear about this.

And what about you two, you're just gonna stand there?

Follow her!

I couldn't bear to lose you.

I love you so much.

Gabriel, that's what I thought.

But I was wrong.

I found out that I could live without you.

But I can't.

I can't.

It's too late to say that.

I don't want to hear it.

When you married someone else, you made a decision.

And it's my decision to stay away from you.

So please, let's not see each other anymore.

You really don't want to see me anymore?

Is that final?

You already have a wife, don't you?

Just love your wife.

I can't do it.

I can't do it because you're the one in here.

You're the one my heart beats for.

You are the one I love.

You don't love me.

Because if you did, you would've fought for me.

You would've married me.

So please, just leave.


All of these happened because you weren't quick to act.

How many times have I told you to discipline your children?

And what did you do?

You didn't do anything.

What will your being sorry do now, huh?

You didn't do anything because they had other people with them.

A representative.

But that Althea,

she's nothing and she was able to get a leg up on you?

Angkong, Oscar is doing his best.

You know you're just like him.

You're useless like him!

Do you know why your children turned out that way?

Because you weren't a good mother!

And it's plain and simple that your children

are such trouble is because you're not Chinese!

Why are you still here?

And where's Jade?

She got her freedom.

She escaped this family.


Dada, we're so sorry.

Althea caught us at the airport

and with all the guards running around,

we weren't able to notice how they got away.

We're so sorry.

Oscar, this is all your fault.

Your children are destroying this family.

And that Jade,

she's ruining the reputation we've protected for so long.

She's embarrassing us

by getting into a relationship with a woman.

It's so humiliating!

The other kids' dads are all men,

but they say you're just a tomboy.

Why are you and mommy both girls?

Sally, I want you to meet my girlfriend,


I'm so sick of everybody in this house living a lie!

That's why I want to annul our marriage, Pearl.

Because I don't want to lie anymore.

I am offering 100 Million pesos to the man

who can make my daughter realize that she is not a lesbian.

That she is still a heterosexual woman.

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