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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Barbara the Bleeder, 95 On His Exam, and Following the Rescue

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Barbara Hallton.

Inspector Quinn, be on the alert.

(laughs) Well she has backup in the audience, judge, so.


Who's with her?

Her son.

Get up here.

(laughs) Alright.

She's gonna need help, believe me.

Morning, Your Honor.

What is your name sir?



[Barbara And Carl] Carl.


You related?

That's my mom. (laughs)

I'm number seven out of her eight children.

You're seven?

Number seven.

How many children did you have?

(snickers) Eight.


He's like almost a baby.

That's my, one of my babies. He's one of your babe.

What are the other ones, eight feet tall?


Your other baby. (laughs)

Well you got a good son. He's takin' you to court.

No. (laughs)

I actually came here for the laugh, Your Honor.


Inspector Quinn told me before court began,

he says, "A wonderful woman here," he says,

"but she gotta great son.

Her son," he says, "gonna pay all the fines."

Oh. That's what he ...

No, he pays enough for me.

He's not gonna pay them?


No, Carl said that was one of his brothers

that was gonna pay all of her fees here today.

Oh, it was his brother.

One of his brothers

is the one that's gonna pay it.

I thought you said he was gonna pay?

No, she was in court Your Honor and,

and had a medical episode

that was treated with the Fire Department

and Carl responded in to make sure his mom was okay.

That's why he's here with her in court.

It just happened this morning.

This morning?

Yes Your Honor.

What's the story?

I just banged my arm and started bleeding.

She bumped her arm on her way

into the ladies room out in the hallway here,

and the blood thinners get the best of her.

She was bleedin' all over the place.


Oh, well we'll have to add that

to the cost of the tickets.

(laughs) That's what I was figurin'.

How much did it cost the clean-up crew?

They're still out there Judge, and it's a HAZMAT team.


Alright Barb, what do you wanna tell me about these?

Nothin', I just, I don't know.

It just, just happened.

Were you driving the car?

Yeah. (laughs)

Were you alone in the car?

You didn't have any of your babies with you, did you?


No, we woulda been driving, Your Honor.

(laughs) None of us trust her.

Your son's not helpin' you, he says. (laughs)

No, I know, I know.

And I've been driving longer than him.

A lot longer.

Barbara, he's supposed to say,

"My mother for years has been a safe driver."


"She does everything right."

No. He's not gonna say that.

She does, Your Honor.

Her driving record's impeccable.

Yeah. Now he's tryin' to make a comeback, right?

The first thing he said is,

"We don't trust her."

She just hasn't been caught.


Now they got the cameras, she'll have several tickets.

No I won't. In a month.

No. This is a lesson.

He came here to throw you under the bus.

I know. I know.

They can pay. (laughs)

Do you have any sons that are bigger than him?


You better get them. Give him a beatin'.

I got a son that's gonna be 60.

60. Ah, he can't beat him up.

This guy's, you need like a ...

No, they love each other.

You need new winger patriots to beat this guy up.

You need about five of 'em.

I think he should help you a little bit, don't you?

That's alright.

I help her with everything I can, Your Honor.

Yes. He does.

Absolutely. That's my mom.

I'm wanna ask you my question.

If you knew your mother was hittin' it tough financially,

would you pay for the tickets?

Absolutely. Every time.

Alright, alright. You said the right thing.

There's nothin' I wouldn't pay for for my mother.

There you go.

There you go. There you go.

This is a wonderful story.

You got eight kids.


Your son is here. Your little baby is with you, right.

He loves his mother.

It's the first time she's been in traffic court too.

Pretty good record.

And now that I know your son's gonna pay the ticket,

it's gonna cost you 50 bucks.

Thank you.

Good luck.

Have a good day. Thank you Your Honor.

Have a great day.


It doesn't matter if your baby is six foot two

or 60 years old.

They will always be your babies.

And their love will always protect you.

I was happy to see that Carl dropped everything

to rush to court to help his mom.

Barbara taught him well.

It's always family first.

Mohbib Mas.

Good morning, Your Honor.

Charged with parking in a prohibited area, young man.

How do you plea?

So, this is on Chestnut Street.

So, I was taking a final exam, and ...

Are you a student?

Yes, I'm a student.


At Johnson and Wales.

And what was the exam in?

An advertising exam.

How'd you do?

I passed.

What you get? What kind of a grade?




Oh. I never saw a 95 on my exams. (laughs)

Inspector Quinn, how many 95s did you get?

I think one.


But I saw 95s on the kid sittin' next to me's tests.


Kid sittin' next to you got a 95?

That's how I ended up gettin' close to a 95.

He covered question 88, so I couldn't get the full 95.


You know what.

I shouldn't do this.

I taught school at Hope High School,

and I went to law school nights.

That's how I became a lawyer,

so I would always tell the story about

I was proctoring a final exam.

And there was a kid who had a 95 average,

and one of his friends who had a 55 average

was sittin' very close to him.

And when I corrected the papers,

they both got 95.

So I called up the kid with a 55 average,

and I said, "I suspect that you may have been cheating

from your friend because you have a 95,

he has a 95 average, and you have a 55 average,

and you both got 95 on the exam."

And he said, "Well," he says,

"did you ever think that

maybe he was copyin' from my paper?"


And I said, "Yes, I gave that some thought,

except for question number 10, he wrote, 'I don't know.'

And you wrote, 'I don't know, either.'"


So that's how Inspector Quinn got his 95.

Alright, young man.

First of all, congratulations on the 95.

Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

Secondly, I have a photograph of your car.

It was parked 25% in the prohibited area.

The matter is dismissed.

Thank you so much, Your Honor.

(upbeat rock music)

Edward Mezenchela.

Mornin', Judge.

Mornin' sir.

Mr. Mezenchela, you're charged with parking

in a handicapped zone.

Yes Judge.

Do you have a handicap certificate?

No I don't.

Oh. Did you know you were parked in a handicap zone?

At the time I didn't realize it.

I was nervous. I walked right.

My wife was brought to the hospital in a rescue squad,

and I was lookin' for a parkin' place

and I didn't see any signs.

Oh. This was outside of Miriam Hospital?

Yes it is, Judge.

Your wife was in the hospital?

The rescue squad just brought her.

I think based on that explanation,

I'm gonna dismiss it.

I can understand that.

You're rushing to the hospital,

your wife is in a rescue squad,

you parked the car, you go in.


I would never park there intentionally.

I got that.

How's she doin'?

Well, right now, she's doin' great.

Okay, she's doin' better?

They adjusted her medication. She's alright.

I think its because of your loving, tender care.

(laughs) I think that's what it is.

That's a good point.

Alright. I'm gonna dismiss this.

I don't condone people parking in the handicapped zone.

I don't either.

But I also take into consideration

that there are circumstances.

And based on these circumstances,

I'm makin' an exception to that.

Alright. Good luck to your wife.

And don't park in handicapped zones anymore.

Thank you Judge. I won't.

Good luck.

Have a good day.

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