Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FIFA 21 & Madden 21 | Feel Next Level (PS5, Xbox Series X)

Difficulty: 0

You feel it all.

You feel that burst of speed.

It's like I'm lightning.

In that moment, Im untouchable.

When I play, Im not afraid of anything.

Not afraid to hit or get hit.

This game is...

my one true love.

Makes me feel like a somebody.

I never thought I could rise to a level where...

its just me and the keeper.

My heart is like:


Score that goal

and youre a hero.

History carves your name.

You know what it sounds like?

Sixty thousand people, singing your song?

I cant live without that feeling.

Its in me bones.

I feel football in my heart.

I feel it in me hands.

I wanna taste the blood.

See the unknown.

Face my fears.

Live to fight again.

I want the real thing.

I want that sweat-drippin',




I wanna live in the floodlights.

I wanna feel it all.

EA Sport.

It's in the game.

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