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What up dudes, Rhino crunch here today.

And today we're going to be taking a look at a new game called Dead matter

It's on Kickstarter. You guys know I don't normally do these types of videos unless I have a good feeling about them

Y'know these guys aren't paying me to promote it, they're an independent developer, whatever.

I think it looks awesome, I think you guys might be interested

Just based off of you know all the stuff that I cover on this channel, as far as zombie survival

So let's talk about Dead Matter: Dead Matter is going to be a survival, sandbox, zombie game

There's vehicles in it, they have weapons

As they showcase this part in the video this alarm goes off, like it maybe somebody owns it or it even could attract other A.I

Basically it takes place in Alberta, Canada

You can see the wilderness here looks absolutely gorgeous, being developed and unreal so hopefully the PVP is going to be good

There's going to be base building, but not in the normal sense of base building where --

You know basically you're gonna be able to take over houses you can see here

They're working on the map: The map is going to be procedurally generated, which I thought was crazy

And they're also going to be open to modding as well. There's going to be --

Modding support; which I think is fucking spectacular like you have to you know, Dayz standalone

Could have been saved by its own community if they would have just opened up to modding in my opinion

So the fact that they're opening it up is just brilliant

It's brilliant to get people who love your game passionate about it working on it and making their own

Flavors of it so you can see here there's a ton of zombies

I don't know how many players per server there's going to be, I know the maps are going to be huge

I think the zombie idle animations are fantastic. high-fidelity textures

looks very legit

I think all of this; you know the buildings the roads, the trash everywhere actually kind of reminds me of Miscreated

Which also I think it's important to mention.

I've covered very few games on this channel as far as Kickstarters --

For a number of reasons: there's just so many factors

But Miscreated was one of them. We did cover Miscreated when it was announced and

I got a good feeling about this game. It looks good

I like this idea here that they have where they're taking over this building. This is an idea

I sent to the devs of Miscreated

Where I told them that they should make it to where you can just kind of like board up the house --

Get these generators going, pretty much exactly like this so just take it over. Now the interesting

aspect is are you going to be able to raid these bases?

Y'know if you come across a house like this, and it's got a lock on the front door

are you can be able to kick that in?

You know you'll be able to take over these warehouses as well

As well as other things like the gas station. And they already have working vehicles in

For the most part and they're all customizable, so I think it looks really interesting

I'm really curious to see where the PvPer aspect comes in because you know I'm a huge PvPer

In the video they talk about how these you know these objects, they're showing there's over 50 unique --

Melee objects, which --

I think is cool. I'm not really a big fan of Melee

You know they they talk about how they're going to be craftable and modifiable which is cool

But I'm more of kind of a gun guy, so if it's going to be like kind of like a Dead Rising hack-and-slash

That's cool, but I'd like to really see like some great gun play in another zombie game.

Maybe some silencers, you know if they have over 50 unique

Firearms that would be y'know --- Then I'd be really excited. I think it looks cool. I think it's worth backing

I was a little skeptical. I'm not I don't really back a lot of stuff on Kickstarter. Just especially in the Genre

Just because early access has been kind of fuckery the last few years, but I think these guys know what they're doing

They got a lot of stuff already done. So they're not they're not you know. They don't just have an idea

They actually know what the fuck they're doing and they just need that little extra bump to get some of the systems in place

Check it out, link's in the description guys. As a quick update devs on Twitter, and they said that the minimum would be

60 to 80 server population with increased number in mind for the future so minimum 60 to 80 players

Not too shabby in my opinion

I think unreal can handle it as well.

Also guys, make sure to post in the comments: What do you guys think of this game? How does it look to you?

Is it something that you're interested in seeing me cover on the channel? Let me know

I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

See in the next episode, dudes!



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