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ED KASHI: Herbie, I got a phone call from Shan

that you refuse to go home.

HERBIE WINOKUR: That's why I bought a--

JULIE WINOKUR: What town are we in now?

HERBIE WINOKUR: That's a great question.

I can't remember it for the life of me.


ED KASHI: Jule--


HERBIE WINOKUR: Where is that lady?

Oh there she is.


Do you like that new sweater?

I love that color.


ISABEL KASHI: My grandpa has dementia.

JULIE WINOKUR: What does that mean?

ISABEL KASHI: I don't know.

He's crazy?

HERBIE WINOKUR: Is it possible at all to have a continuous

into the wind?

JULIE WINOKUR: I'm doing yoga in the living room.

Are you going to come do yoga?

Ooh, you got that Einstein look going.

You didn't tell me you were a mad scientist.

We're full thrust into the sandwich generation.

It's people who are taking care of their children

and taking care of their parents.

And apparently, I'm one of something

like 20 million Americans who find themselves

in that position.

Do you have it?

I want you to do it yourself.

As much as you can, you do yourself.


We uprooted our lives and we moved it 3,000 miles in order

to be there to support my father.

It's like a prime time of my life

and I basically gave it away.

ED KASHI: He can still, most days, most meals,

feed himself although he needs help.

He can watch TV but he can't use the channel changer.

He's pretty helpless in a way.

JULIE WINOKUR: His physical needs

are actually going to get greater as time goes on.


Go ahead, you can sit down.


Are you OK?


ED KASHI: All right.

The kids are being given this lesson, this life lesson,

on what it means to care for someone.

What it means to come through for someone else.

ELI KASHI: It's pretty cool having my grandpa

in the house with us, but it's a little

stressful for my parents.

JULIE WINOKUR: It's enriching.

I will have no regrets when I look back on this.

But damn, it's hard while you're in it.

We're about to sell my dad's house.

And he's been in that house for about 40 years.

I think it took a huge toll on him.

HERBIE WINOKUR: Better realize it

that it's not going to be the same.


JULIE WINOKUR: This morning when we went downstairs,

we found him on the floor.

And he'd probably been on the floor for a number of hours.

ED KASHI: Herb has gone in to free fall

since he went into the hospital.

We're right now at a loss of how to deal

with his medical condition.

JULIE WINOKUR: I don't know how long

we will be able to handle it at home, quite honestly.

I don't know how we're going to function

and, you know, maintain our lives as he slips.


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