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a man Donald Trump once described as

quote a lot of fun to be with sixty

six-year-old billionaire financier

Jeffrey Epstein was in court today where

he pleaded not guilty to charges of sex

trafficking of minors and conspiracy to

commit sex trafficking of minors

investigators also say they seized a

trove of photographs of underage girls

from Epstein's Manhattan residents over

the weekend the Southern District of New

York leading this prosecution of Epstein

he was previously investigated in

Florida and ultimately not prosecuted a

decision that could Rock the Trump

administration in the coming days and

weeks along with members of Epstein

Circle who may also become ensnared

here's US attorney Jeffrey Berman today

the alleged behavior shocks the

conscience and while the charged conduct

is from a number of years ago it is

still profoundly important to the many

alleged victims now young women they

deserve their day in court the New York

Times writes of today's charges quote

mr. Berman's decision to seek an

indictment in Manhattan was an implicit

rebuke of the decision by prosecutors in

Miami in 2008 to enter an agreement with

mr. Epstein that allowed him to avoid

federal prosecution and a possible life

sentence and here's where the story goes

from lurid and tragic to potentially

explosive for the Trump administration

that implicit rebuke is a rebuke of a

deal negotiated by a current member of

Donald Trump's cabinet his Secretary of


Alex Acosta who previously served as the

top prosecutor in South Florida and

negotiated that non-prosecution

agreement for Epstein Julie K Brown

investigative reporter for the Miami

Herald who has done groundbreaking work

on this story work that happened to be

credited today by those prosecutors in

New York wrote this last fall quote

Acosta aloud Epstein's lawyers unusual

freedoms in dictating the terms of a

non-prosecution agreement the report

adds Epstein and four of his accomplices

named in the

agreement received immunity from all

federal criminal charges but even more

unusual the deal included wording the

granted immunity to any potential

co-conspirators who were also involved

in Epstein's crimes as part of the

agreement Acosta agreed despite a

federal law to the contrary that the

deal would be kept from the victims that

reporting from Julie K Brown kicked off

a firestorm of controversy around

Trump's Labor Secretary but when Trump

was asked about a costume February he

played dumb I really don't know too much

about it I know he's done a great job as

labor secretary and that seems like a

long time ago but I know he's been a

fantastic labor secretary that's all I

can really tell you about the old long

time ago excuse we've heard that before

and on Epstein Trump's comment to New

York magazine in 2002 stands out today

he was given he gave that comment around

that around the time period covered in

today's indictment the president said

this quote I've known Jeff for 15 years

terrific guy he's a lot of fun to be

with it is even said that he likes

beautiful women as much as I do and many

of them are on the younger side no doubt

about it

Jeffery enjoys his social life but

what's old is new and today Epstein is

behind bars at least until his bail

hearing next week also today the White

House and the president mum on both

Acosta and Epstein we are watching that

space for you and that is where we start

today with some of our favorite

reporters and Friends with us in New

York the aforementioned Miami Herald

investigative reporter Julie K Brown

also joining us former federal

prosecutor for the Southern District of

New York Mimi Roca plus former assistant

director for counterintelligence at the

FBI Frank Fugazi joining me on set in

Washington Jeremy bash former chief of

staff at the CIA and the Department of

Defense and senior correspondent for

Boston's public news station WBUR Kim

Atkins I want to start with you Julie

I'm such a fan of your journalism

such a fan of your stealing Asst but

today can you just take us through

today's developments before you take us

back to some of your original reporting

that led us here well we had quite a

throng of media at the federal

courthouse here in Manhattan and it

started at 11 o'clock with a press

conference by the US attorney Jeffrey

Berman in which he displayed a huge sort

of wanted poster of Jeffrey Epstein

basically with the mission of trying to

reach out to more victims and with the

promise that they had a hotline that

they could call and that they would be

pushed right to the top of that phone

chain so to speak because he announced

and and the FBI assistant FBI director

announced as well that this is a

priority for them right now and they are

going to do everything they can to put

him behind bars for a long time so Julie

can you just take us through how we got

to the US attorney for the Southern

District of New York holding up a wanted

poster publicizing a hotline to help

bring out of the woodwork more victims

when the last federal prosecutor who

looked at Jeffrey Epstein sat in a

conference room I'm gonna read some of

your reporting back for our viewers who

may have missed this and anyone who

missed this reporting should go back and

read all of it I've reread it all

yesterday so this is from some of your

reporting in the fall about Acosta who

was the last federal prosecutor to look

at Epstein's crimes and to ultimately

enter into a non-prosecution agreement

with him you wrote this accost in 2011

would explain that he was unduly

pressure by Epstein's heavy-hitting

lawyers Lefkowitz Harvard professor Alan

Dershowitz Jack Goldberger Roy black a

former US attorney former whitewater

special prosecutor you-you-you basically

detailed that a Kostas defense here is

that he was out lawyers but

didn't had it Epstein end up walking

away with no jail time and an

arrangement that left the victims in the

dark well they did a pretty masterful

job of keeping this whole scandal under

wraps they did a lot of this behind

closed doors that they quite frankly

misled not only the public but they

misled the judge did not even tell her

the scope of mr. Epstein's crimes that

he was accused of and he never of course

gave the victims an opportunity even

appear in court at the sentencing where

they likely would have objected to him

being charged he was charged with a

prostitution charge and this was all

done without their knowledge and in and

the media really didn't know about it

either it was very carefully

orchestrated so that no one would find

out I want to read this is sort of I

think when we talk about the inequities

in our criminal justice system this

scene depicts exactly what people worry

about you write this on a muggy October

morning in 2007 Miami's top federal

prosecutor Alexander Acosta had a

breakfast appointment with a former

colleague Washington DC attorney Jay

Lefkowitz it was an unusual meeting for

the then 38 year old prosecutor a rising

Republican star who'd served in several

White House posts before being named US

attorney in Miami by George W Bush

instead of meeting at the prosecutors

Miami headquarters the two men both with

roots and the prestigious Washington law

firm of Kirkland and Ellis convened at

the Marriott in West Palm Beach 70 miles

away for Lefkowitz 44 a US special envoy

North Korea and a corporate lawyer the

meeting was critical his client Palm

Beach multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein

was accused of assembling a large

cult-like network of underage girls with

the help of young female recruiters to

coerce into having sex acts behind the

walls of his opulent waterfront mansion

as often as three times a day how did

this reporting I mean they basically

credit this reporting of yours with

bringing this case back in front of

federal prosecutors can you just tie a

line between what you described in the

stunning and startling scene and what

may happen now heard you say on our air

yesterday that there may be a whole lot

of powerful people ensnared in the kind

of conduct Jeffrey Epstein is guilty of

well we don't have all the information

from the investigation that they did in

Florida but with the information that we

have included a lot of emails that went

back and forth between Epstein's defense

attorneys and federal prosecutors and I

found those emails to be pretty stunning

they were very collegial maybe even more

than collegial you know how was your

weekend kind of thing and oh we'll meet

here and we'll meet there and it just

didn't sound like these four prosecutors

that we're handling a sex trafficker and

trying to put him away in prison this

this sounded like these were people that

were almost working on the same side and

and that in itself was disturbing and

then on top of all that have found out

about this meeting which quite frankly

initially I didn't really understand the

significance of it until I spoke with

some other federal prosecutors and when

I told them about it they went whoa that

is really not you know something that

should be happening no US prosecutor

should be having a quiet meeting and I

you know at a hotel with the the you

know one of the lead attorneys for a

defendant like this and they were you

know they pointed out to me that this

really showed that there was a big

problem Frank fig luzie and Mimi Roca

let me bring both of you into this Frank

let me start with you I want to know

from your perspective I mean just

contrast what Julie just laid out that

today the US Attorney for the Southern

District of New York basically had a

wanted poster up of Jeffrey Epstein

looking for more victims to build his

criminal case where in 2008 the defense

attorney a former colleague of then US


Alex Acosta met off-campus off-site

outside of the US Attorneys offices in

South Florida and worked out what what

sounds like a non-prosecution agreement

so outside the norm that it would it

would appear to me

the US attorney Jeff Berman rebuked it

in his public statement today Nicole you

know I supervised one of the very first

crimes against children squads in in the

history of the FBI when I was in San

Francisco division and then I I served

as the number two official in FBI Miami

Division just prior to this case coming

out and I have to tell you something as

try as I might to think of any similar

analogous plea deal that had each and

every one of these components that you

would allow a defendant's case to go to

the state yes maybe that you you would

allow the state sentence to let you out

on during the week to go to your office

yeah maybe that that you would let all

of the accomplices off the hook and then

any other co-conspirators maybe maybe

not but that you would hide then the

plea deal from the victims in a sex

trafficking case no so all of those

totality of components to this deal I

have never seen before

particularly in a sex trafficking of

minors case so it smells very very badly

and the reason why I think the public

corruption section of the Southern

District of New York the US Attorney's

Office is engaged in this case is

because it smells badly to them to me me

roca that's exactly where I was heading

with you talk about the significance of

the public corruption team having this

case and talk about what kind of

exposure Donald Trump sitting Secretary

of Labor Alex Acosta may have for his

conduct in this case well Nicole look I

think as you know Frank and Julie and

you have have pointed out there was so

many red flags with that first Florida

plea that up Steen got it was a slap on

the wrist a sweetheart deal and I think

what need we need to find out what we

need answers about is was it the result

of something you know where Acosta his

relationship with these defense lawyers

it was sort of an old boys club it was

just a little too cozy

or wasn't much more nefarious than that

was there actual corruption there's no

question it was wrong there's no

question it was unethical

served and that is what made me so proud

today was to see Jeff Berman and the

assistant director in charge of the FBI

talking about justice for these victims

and I think anyone who watched that

press conference really understood and

believed that that is what they were

they are seeking and that is what the

prosecutors and the agents in this case

are now seeking that it has been denied

for too long and that's the way it

should be so the answer though to the

question of why that first sweetheart

deal was allowed to happen we don't know

the answer yet I think Frank absolutely

could be right that part of the reason

at least that the public corruption unit

in particular is involved in this case

is that they are going to do a full

probe of how those of you go she a

shion's took place was it sort of

negligent you know sort of old school

old boys network kind of you know that's

the most benign explanation I think or

was it something more calculated more

nefarious that could rise to the level

of actual criminal corruption charges if

for example there was some kind of bribe

offered to Acosta you know that could be

a criminal charge if he was offered

obviously you know something tangible or

even something intangible like the

future promise of a cabinet position I

mean I would like to know sort of how

this came about is it just a coincidence

that he ended up as the labor secretary

and his explanation so far about why he

was allowed his office to enter into

this pretty shocking plea deal just

don't stand up so far so I do trust at

the Southern District if that's

something they now have jurisdiction

over and that is still a big question to

me that was sort of what they're able to

probe with respect to how that deal came

about but if they are able to probe it

and if there was real corruption I do

believe that they will find it I do

think the public corruption unit could

also be involved because there could

have been public officials whether they

be minor ones or major ones involved in

the actual sex trafficking operation

you know what they say you judge people

by the company they keep our friend Rick

Wilson today tweeted today Donald Trump

has three friends in jail Michael Cohen

Paul Manafort now Jeffrey Epstein yeah

look I think the the terrible sad irony

here is that the Secretary of Labor is

responsible for human trafficking but we

have an endemic in our country in our

society in which young women young

individuals are basically enslaved and

and the Secretary of Labor in our

government is one of the officials

responsible for stopping that so I think

there has you're saying by letting him

stay out of jail he didn't he didn't I

think he went to jail one day week he

was out of jail six days a week and

you're saying if there's evidence that

he committed crimes after that

arrangement that he's basically an

accomplice to that crime well I'm saying

it I think it calls into question the

judgment of the person who is enforcing

the law with regards to human

trafficking I think there's a broader

issue here in Nicole which is that this

is an indictment not just of Jeffrey

Epstein but it's an indictment of the

legal system it's an indictment of a

legal system that allows well-connected

well-heeled wealthy individuals to avoid

accountability for obvious horrific

crimes with victims yet our prisons are

filled to the gills with individuals who

don't have money don't have legal

representation are largely African

American a minority coming from minority

communities and they have committed

crimes that our victim lists so I think

it really is an indictment of the entire

legal system that needs to be addressed

no I agree that I think Julie is too

humble to take credit for this but the

prosecutors made a point of pointing to

her investigative journalism on this

case as part of the reason they were

standing there today in dining Jeffrey

Epstein I mean pick up on on Jerry's but

and and the white house has also dropped

the ball I mean that sound we played

that sound of Donald Trump saying in

February oh it's old and where we heard

that before we've heard that with Roy

Moore these are old allegations with Rob

Porter his staff secretary he said oh

these are old allegations of good maybe

I mean Donald Trump's reflux is always

to feel defensive and protective to the

accused man right and he will probably

point to the fact that Epstein pleaded

not guilty to this as a denial we've

seen the president

defend those who deny it today there's

well it's hard to get an answer out of

the White House since there are no

longer White House briefings in the

White House has deferred questions about

this today but I think that this is

something they will have to address

because this is his labor secretary and

Jeremy is exactly right the labor

secretary is the person in charge of

investigating the seam and protecting

against the same sort of crimes that we

are seeing now and we are talking about

this is not a victimless crime this is a

horrific crime of trafficking of

children and the fact that this is

connected to this White House I think in

any other administration the secretary

Acosta would no longer have a job

already but they will have the very

difficult task of defending him now

Julie I wanna I want to end where I

started I want to spend some time with

you I wonder if you can pull this thread

through your body of reporting what you

uncovered the victims have been through

what they were denied and what your

understanding is of how this prosecution

in the Southern District of New York

just so far on day one feels and looks

different well it is it's a difference

of night and day and I just would like

to point out one thing that the bond

hearing that they had today Jeffrey

Epstein's lawyers talked about these

crimes that he committed and described

them basically as victimless crimes that

these were not violent crimes this was

not sex trafficking at all he in fact

almost equated these victims to child

prostitutes which of course we know

there is no such thing as child

prostitutes and so this is sort of a

look at how the prosecutors to some

degree in Florida handled this case they

these were not victims they were child

prostitutes in their mind when this

happened and I think that the mr.

permanent has made it very clear that

this is a very serious crime and to try

to characterize this as anything other

than a than its axis trafficking really

does a disservice to the criminal law

enforcement community that works day in


out to enforce these kinds of laws

against children Frankfort Lizzy you and

I had a lot of conversations about SD NY

now that's a household name because of

their prosecutions of Michael Cohen and

their investigation into the Trump

Organization just talk to me about what

this investigation might look like the

parts we don't yet see so we know they

they searched mr. Epstein's residence

they found photographs we know that the

the charges so far are for sex

trafficking of minors and conspiracy for

a sex trafficking of minors crime there

also though is Julie pointed out the top

of the show they're looking for more

victims what is SD and why doing yeah

there's going to be various components

of this and you can you can see it in

the shape that we've we've already seen

in the sense that there's a public

corruption aspect to this there's going

to be the general crimes crimes against

children aspect of this but you know

who's going to play a huge role in this

is the computer forensic examiners for

FBI in New York they're they're going to

come in the fruits of that search

warrant we already know they've found

nude photos of apparent minors and by

the way that's huge from a legal

perspective why because when they have a

detention hearing which may be scheduled

for Thursday and they try to claim this

guy's a flight risk

Epstein should be detained pending trial

because he might flee there's another

aspect now which is he may be an active

offender he's still in possession of

child pornography that's an additional

charge so but what I'm really fascinated

by is the forensic part of this so are

they going to find communications dating

way back going back to mar-a-lago going

back to associations with Donald Trump

other other players in this there's

affiliations with Clinton what are they

going to find in communications and even

are they going to find communications

related to the old charges in Florida

and now perhaps concern about new

charges surfacing hey there I'm Chris

Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching

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