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Hi, I'm Fernando and you're on my channel, today it's bread recipe and depending on the

country in which you live you will know it as English bread, sliced bread, box

bread, lactal bread or if you are here Spain and especially from my generation bread Well bimbo this recipe

is actually an English bread since we are going to make it with its cover and it is a perfect recipe

since you will find the ideal combination of flavor and durability since it will last you

tender for longer. I invite you to that you see the complete video since I wanted to solve

practically all the doubts if after seeing it in its entirety you have any doubts you already know that

you can comment on me and I will answer any questions you may have about the preparation of

the recipe this recipe is so good that yes You usually buy this type of bread that assured

that after making it you will not buy it again I finally have more and we go with the ingredients

that as always you have them available in grams in cups and also in English remember to pause

the video To be able to copy the ingredients comfortably and we begin with the elaboration of the

recipe that you are going to see that it is very simple in the bowl of the mixer we put the two types of

flour, that is, all-purpose wheat flour or bakery flour with a 10 , 8 percent protein

and also the fine whole wheat flour, then add the dry baker's yeast, the

sugar, the warm milk and finally the salt, all the ingredients except the unsalted butter

and we are ready to start with the kneading. To do it by machine but you can do it without

any problem by hand you can use the dough hook or the shovel I recommend you if you have the

accessory for which you use it you are going to do a much more intense kneading and you are going to get better

results we put at speed low and in the first minute the flour will be integrated into the dough this

part of the kneading is known as milling and in reality it is not the kneading yet after that

minute the flour has already been found out. lpe the unsalted butter that is at

room temperature, that is to say soft, we always follow the low speed in

about two minutes the butter will be fully integrated and you will see how the dough will remain

completely stuck to the mixer bowl then we raise the power to one medium power to approximately 34

and in ten minutes you will see how the dough is completely detached from the bowl at that

time it was perfectly ready the dough arrives what we are going to do is spread the dough

on the work table you will see how later From this intense kneading, the dough will be

very elastic but slightly sticky, although I do not do it, it will surely be easier to

handle if you put a little oil in your hands and on the work table if you do

the kneading by hand. teach him a little how the kneading would be look at the movements a

little the French kneading technique especially after integrating the butter but you can

see me perfectly nte the kneading by hand in our video of the vienna bread since the dough is very

similar and ready now we simply have to turn the dough that is to say we are letting the dough fall on

top of our hands giving them a fold just below we leave it on the table work

and with this circular movement we are closing and completing the ball giving it tension in this

way we already have it ready for the first rest that we are going to put directly in the bowl of the

mixer I have placed a little oil so in this way I do not know Paste we put the dough inside

and cover it with plastic wrap with a damp cloth or with a shower cap as you prefer and in

about two hours it will have tripled its volume, time has passed and see how it has

grown but before forming the bread I love you show the mold this is the mold that I am going to

use the characteristic mold with a lid we are going to put a little oil to prevent

the bread from sticking and we can unmold it easily. sprayed oil but

you can use normal oil without any problem and now if we are ready to form our

English bread or sliced bread it is essential to stretch it we have to do it carefully although you will see

that the dough is very relaxed and we remove everything the air that has been produced in the first

fermentation, above all we have to give it tension and remove all this air because the main characteristic

of this type of bread is that the friend remains tight, that is, that it does not have holes,

you could help without any problem of a I am not making a rolling pin entirely by hand and now,

when it comes to stretching it and removing the air, it will be too wide, what we do is

give it some folds on the sides to shrink the dough a little and now once we

have it all well crushed we begin to form as if it were a bar as you see super simple

and trying to make it as even as possible it is important as we roll that it fits us

well pressed in this way, the bread will not open later when we know it and everything will be

very uniform, we will tighten it well, equalizing as much as we can and now what we have

to do is to close completely by pinching both the part of below

as well as on the sides as you can see has no mystery and is super simple and in this

way so easy and so fast we have the shape given to our sliced bread and now we just have to

insert it into the mold we have to make sure that the The closure is tightly closed and

that we have just below and ready we adapt it a little bit we crush it and we have a little

more mass on one side than the other to equalize and now we have to give the second fermentation

we have to cover I will see it with A shower trolley which is what I like the most but you can also use

plastic wrap or a cloth without any problem we have to leave it in a warm place until

it almost reaches the edge about 60 At approximately 90 minutes and with approximately 2 fingers remaining,

it will be ready to bake because up to that height very simple because we are going to put the

lid on it, if you did not put a lid on it, you could let it reach the edge without any problem,

we put the lid on and we go to The oven that we have preheated to 180 degrees Celsius with

heat up and down whenever possible and it will be approximately between 27 to 30 minutes

approximately depending on your oven and you do not get an idea of how good it smells as it

cooks, let's go is a real Wonder it's almost time to unmold

it, we have to unmold it hot, I have oven gloves and the rack ready

to let it cool, we carefully remove the lid and thanks to the fact that we have put the

spray to unmold it, we are going to to be able to unmold it very easily, notice how simply

letting it fall little by little and without forcing it we can unmold it and well I can't Deny that it

looks like we are going to be spectacular and I assure you that when you try it you will fall in love and although

I have not said it it is important that you remember to put a little oil on the

lid as well so that it can be removed easily if it will not cost you much more and

we simply have to have willpower to let it cool when it is no longer hot to the touch you

have to keep it in a plastic bag it is very important that you already keep it in a plastic bag

since it is a homemade bread that does not have any type of preservatives if you keep it in a plastic bag as

soon as it stays cold it will last you tender without any problem up to a week but come on I

guarantee that as soon as you try it if it lasts more than a day it will be a miracle and now I want you to look

at it cut the bread that I have right next to it is exactly the same recipe but without putting the

lid on, the oven time is approximately the same and at the same temperature so that you can decide

if you like more n the cover or without the cover, the main feature for you to look at is

that if you put the cover on the friend that will give tighter if you notice the other has one more friend

although we have done exactly the same we have stylized the same process and we have stretched it

exactly the same but thanks to the top of the friendly wing that was the most preta and we are

perfectly square to make wonderful sandwiches and spectacular toasts, it really

looks good, good because I assure you that the flavor is even better, we are going to be a real

wonder. Take a good look at the texture of the friend, which is amazing and at

this moment in the video, as always, I want to thank you for taking the time to see it,

if you have any questions, you know, put the comment and I will solve any questions. Any doubt you

may have about the preparation of the recipe and if you liked the video please give me a

like and share it with your friends, your family and on your social networks s and another of the advantages

of the recipe is not only in the taste, tenderness and durability, but in this recipe

we have not used an egg and we have obtained an even better result, so I encourage you to

prepare it and tell me what Do you think the result is, we are going as I told you in the introduction

if you make this recipe I guarantee that if you buy this type of bread you will never buy it

again and do not think that I have forgotten the novelty of the bread recipes that we have put this year I

leave you below the percentage of the baker so that you can make the amount of flour that you

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