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Georgian College is one of ontario's oldest colleges located in barrie with

many renovations new buildings and exciting programs it's becoming a

thriving college with much to offer its paramedic program is fairly new but

program coordinator Sean Midori is always finding ways to make it one of

georgians best programs we have a huge staff dedicated to assisting students

with their learning skills with studying with with researching we have a bran new

library brand new fitness center and we've currently expanded a paramedic

program into the spring water fire hall so we have a more I suppose more

realistic setting to run our labs

student in the program learn all about emergency safety pre-hospital medical

and trauma care and how to administer treatment to patients of all ages they

must always be prepared for emergency situations like this one and know what

is best for the patients there are 45 students admitted into the paramedic

program here at georgian college per year upon graduation students learn to

administer emergency treatment and care

rob ferryold is professor of paramedic at georgian college in his classes

students learn how to deal with seriously ill or injured people within

the first few minutes of an emergency they study the basic assessments of the

airway breathing circulation vital signs and head to toe examinations they can

also administer a number of medications the primary care paramedics are able to

administer a number of drugs for various sort of commonly encountered medical

emergencies like asthma croup and children anaphylaxis or severe allergic

reactions diabetic patients and a number of other conditions because only 45

students are admitted into the program per year competition is fierce and

students must be well prepared before applying for the program and ensure all

of the programs pre requsits are met to qualify for the

program you have to have completed a minimum of grade 11 biology in grade 11

chemistry and a minimum of grade 12 math and grade 12 english any courses

above and beyond that within those fields are acceptable prerequisites and

then the students also to complete what's called the health occupations

aptitude exam the paramedic program begins in the fall of every semester in

order to graduate students must complete almost 600 hours of supervised hospital

clinicals and a field placement with an ambulance service in the region for

careers in your work I'm sheba

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