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If you gonna marry, you have to do something different

Now you're different from other people who live in the bush

Being a hero

a warrior

The thing you are giving to your family

to society, to yourself

to influence people around you

to fight

for your dream

But in the Maasai tribes

The hero is " Who kills the lion "

and who can't kill a lion

He is considered a coward

They are goint to kill a lion

The lion is the king of the jungle

And this is his area

This is the battlefeild

of the wild ... kingdom


this place is for animals

we are the stranger ones

we are the stranger ones

here we need to adapt to live with animals

not the opposite

Before we start guys

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we arrived at Nairobi, the capital

And we met Peter

Peter is a photographer from KENYA

King of giraffes of course ... Salem

you're going to enjoy giraffes

what is your brand logo?

a giraffe and a yellow jacket

always guys

He's known by giraffes pictures

I mean he travels around the world

looking for giraffes


and he's known also by his yellow jacket

Also, we met Salem by a coincidence

he is from Kuwait

It's great, People are are very kind

And the most beautiful thing here is to be so close to nature

Animals here are very wonderful ... for real

you can get very close to a giraffe and touch it or even give it a kiss

- or feed it if you want - feed it

- really - I swear to God

Nairobi streets

Is it normal ... a giraffe?


do you know what can we do here in Nairobi?

You can visit this place called " Giraffe Centre "

Giraffes are all around you

and you feed them

Can you imagine? it's all in the capital Nairobi

it means that everybody can get in here ... there's no need to go in a Safari Trip

Kenya is so cheap ... food is perfect

Safety is highly rated in Hotels

as I saw

- it's amazing, right? - in less than three days

I didn't get enough

for me ... I just arrived so ...

- Maybe, I will come back to you in two days

Let's see how this trip will goes?

I swear to God that " Maybe, I'll come back to you in two days "

We will see how this trip will start

the first day for us in Kenya but he's already leaving

Let's start

for this video ... because Kenya is fantastic ... we want


We're still in the capital

and our destination is so peculiar

still in Nairobi

get into the highest building

in order to see the whole city

some footage

Wild destinations Kenya

Episode one

Day 2

we will spend the second day in Maasai Mara National Reserve

the most famous around the world

that contains the most ferocious creatures

in Africa

Good Morning Guys

Even though Kenya exports coffee

but locals do not really like coffee ... they drink tea ... everyday

Today's destination is ...

Our mission starts now

from here

from Nairobi to ...

Maasai Mara

Okay Guys

Three hours left for us to reach Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara is the hometown for Massai tribes

that we're going to discover them

we brought the necessary tools

and heading forward

remember that the road from Nairobi to Maasai Mara

where the Maasai tribes live

will take about 6 hours

besides that, it has one of the biggest national Parks here

the most known park in Kenya

and it's home for all the wildest animals ... that you're going to admire

forget about south Africa

and let's explore what's in here

going to spend three days there

and let's get to know more about

the Maasai tribes and ...

- How are you doing? - Good, How are you?

the road to here was nice, right?

it was nice

Welcome, Bro

Thank you Bro ... nice to meet you

Thanks for having us

You're welcome

reached Maasai Mara

to the National Park

Animals are all around us from the main gate

it remind me South Africa

when we were driving between animals in the forest

but this one is not alike

every National Park is different from the other one

This region is the Maasai tribe's homeland

it's their's

you can see animals just when you get out

and you can also see Maasai tribes

it's them who rule in here

all those hotels are run by them

the Maasai tribes ... but there's something mysterious

about this ...



- How're you doing? - Good, thank God

Mustafa elbrolosy

Nature and Wildlife Photographer

Owner and Founder of Talek Bush Camp

I came here three years ago

I inaugurated this camp in 2017

the story of this camp

after big changes that affected my own life

it landed here after a long trip with photography

I loved ... I love photography

it's not my main field at all ... not my specialty

but it was a hobby for a long time

after that, I felt

not doing the right thing in the office lifestyle

I decided to carry on photography

and wild lifestyle

so you came here ... get enchanted by this place

so you build a camp in it

I resigned when I was here

I resigned when I was in photography tour here in Kenya

- Means, you resigned ... - While in a photoghraphy tour

- send it by E-mail to your boss - from here

- did you told him " bye ..." - from Maasai Mara

I told him " Bye-bye, I'm not coming back ... - not coming back?


He rent this for guests ... who wants to shoot some pictures

you have 500mm, right?

there's 500mm and 600mm

Can you Imagine? he has a 600mm lens ... National Geographic

Today, we're going to have a quick tour

before getting to know the Maasai people

actually, it's an open zoo

here, we are the strangers not animals

here, Land is for animals

and we're the stranger ones

the stranger ones

it's us who should adapt to their lifestyle

not them

look, what we can take with us

currently, it's " looking for the lion" time

everyone is like this

Only one hour before sunset

we'll try our best to find some wild animals

explore this area

now ... lions

you'll find so many cars around him

because they communicate with each other by phone

they tell each other about the lion's location


Simba is a Swahili word

known here in Kenya and Tanzania ... the same language

Swahili vocabulary derives from Arabic

it's really something new for me

give me a like for this information

arrived somewhere ... finding almost 20 cars here

it looks like there's a Simba in here

we find around 4 lions


it's a leopard, guys

The Mommy leopard hunted a gazelle for her baby

and gave him the opportunity to become stronger in the future

between me and him


5 steps

Known by his mascles, climbing trees to reach his preys, but he's not fast

He's eating a gazelle in front of us

more than a half an hour

National Joe Graphic

Do you know that we have only a day

We could see it ... " The leopard "

he wants Kebab

it depends

The lion is easy to distinguish but leopard

some steps

I'm the only Arabic in here

and recently I got a partner

so you're a Maasai, now?

I'm not a Maasai ... but half/half

it's time to go back guys

this is the end of the day

look how beautiful this tree is

End of Part one

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