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Last upload we talked about The Black Dahlia, remember?

Well today's story is kind of like, I technically

should have done it before The Black Dahlia story,

I guess it would have been a good like lead-in, but I didn't so it's okay.

It's about the Cleveland Torso Killer, today's story.

And it is...

It's intense.

So during the 1930s, Cleveland was a city on the rise, Cleveland, Ohio.

The population continued to grow and became a melting pot

of laborers needed to support our steel and manufacturing base.

Now despite the effects of the great depression,

people were beginning to get on their feet again,

but during this time, one of the most prolific and gruesome serial killers of all time

carried out acts of horror, which led to one of the biggest unsolved crimes in history.

Yeah, unsolved baby.

So the place?

Lake Erie, it's near Cleveland, Ohio.

The year is 1934, the month September.

What seems to be a woman's body washes up the shore of Lake Erie.

What was found was a woman's torso,

with her thigh still attached but amputated at the knees.

It was believed that she may have been covered in some sort of chemical,

which left her skin really red, tough, and textured, almost like leather.

The authorities searched the area, locating a few other body parts,

but her head was never found.

It was believed that this woman had been around her mid-30s,

but authorities were really unable to identify who she was exactly.

Sadly, she would be referred to as "The Lady Of The Lake",

but with no leads or clues, the case really just went cold.

Like where was the head, you know?


So about a year later, in an area called Kingsbury Run,

it's along the east side of Cleveland,

two more bodies had been found in a very similar fashion.

Now Kingsbury Run once contained a natural watershed

that drains storm water into the nearby river,

but in the 1930s it was said to this area was considered

a rough part of town, and a lot of crime was happening as well.

During the great depression, many families, they had lost everything.

One out of four families didn't have any source of income,

many of them ended up living in very terrible conditions, like just really, really sad.

Now this area, the Kingsbury Run, it was said to be covered in just trash and waste,

and many people built little homes out of mud and the trash in the area.

Now close by to Kingsbury Run,

there was this area called Roaring-- (slight laugh)

Roaring is like one of those words I really cant--

Roaring Third, which this area had a lot of--

Not a lot, but a few different bars, brothels,

and also gambling dens, and also a flophouse,

where people were constantly coming as going,

because it was really close to a train station out of town.

So there would be lots of people coming from all over, passing by,

and then they would stop in this area.

In September 1935, two teenage boys, they were walking around in the area,

and they discovered what seemed to be a decapitated body of a male.

So the authorities go out there, they go out to the scene, right?

And what they find is indeed a decapitated male.

They see that the body was naked, he's just wearing a pair of socks,

there were rope burns around each of his wrists,

also the victim's body was drained of all blood, does that not sound familiar?

It was drained of all blood.

There was no blood on the body.

There was no like smudge marks of blood.

There was no blood!

Nothing around the scene, it was clean, it was weird,

it was real suspish, okay?

Where's the blood?

Where's the head?

Where's the head?

Sadly, also, the lower area of this victim.

You know.

It was cut off.

So the head and the wei was missing.

Now the coroner determined that the cause of death had been decapitation.

Fingerprints, it did help identify the victim as 28-year-old Edward Andrassy.

At the crime scene, police are kinda looking around the area,

trying to find any type of clues, evidence, something, right?

That will help them put the pieces together

as to what happened to this victim,

but when they're searching the area they don't find--

Well they do find something Bailey.

What do they find?

They find another body.

There was another body!

Now this victim also, his head, he was decapitated,

and his lower area was cut off.

So it's clear to the police that, you know,

it was probably done by the same person.

Now this is when the police start connecting some dots,

because that's when they noticed that on the second victim that they find,

it appeared that he had some kind of chemical

put on his skin in the same way The Lady Of The Lake was,

because his skin was also red, rough, and super leathery.

It was apparent that this victim had been dead for at least a couple of weeks,

whereas the first victim that they found nearby, it seemed like his was more newer.

It was like, it wasn't sitting there for as long.

Sadly though, they were unable to identify who this victim was, the second one.

So that's when police start, you know,

figuring that they're probably dealing with a serial killer,

a really sick one at that.

So then in January of 1936, a lady's out doing her thing,

minding her own business, okay?

She comes across two baskets that are sitting alongside

this manufacturing building she's walking in front of.

So she sees these two baskets, and they seem to be filled with like

newspaper or something, like something's wrapped in them, right?

So she kind of goes and takes a look inside,

maybe it's money ,that's what I would think, you know?

And she sees something that's like wrapped in a bunch of newspapers.

So she's feeling a little curious, she opens it up, what does she see?

She sees that wrapped inside the newspaper seemed to be like human body parts.

She wasn't sure as to like what she was looking at,

but it was clear that it was like skin and just parts, oh yes.

"Why'd I look in there?".

So authorities come out to the area,

and they see that it is indeed-- (slight laugh)

I'm not laughing because of that, Im laughing because of how like

awkward I am sometimes.

They see that it's a woman's body parts wrapped up in these baskets, it's a woman.

So they search the area, they're not finding anything.

Now they have um like people going out and searching the area

over the next couple of days, in hopes to just find something, anything right?

And about 10 days after finding the victim's body,

that's when they were able to recover most of her body

that was cut up and scattered around.

It was scattered around just in different areas,

hidden in like some bushes over here,

and then in the baskets over here, like it was very strange.

But they were unable to locate her head.

Missing, yeah.

Where the hell is that?

I don't know.

So similar to the other victim we had talked about, Edward,

the coroner also determined that this victim had died from decapitation.

The cause of death had been decapitation.

With this victim though, it was a little different, it was a little odd

because the killer, whoever it was, they waited.

They waited for the rigor mortis to set in

before dismembering the rest of the body,

whereas the previous victims, whoever was responsible, didn't do this.

They're thinking like--

This is gonna sound inappropriate, but it's kind of what they're thinking.

It's almost like a little science project going on or something,

like maybe the killer wanted to see what happened, like trying something new.

Who freaking knows.

So fingerprints were taken from this victim as well,

and they were able to ID her as a woman named "Florence" or "Flo".

She worked in the area as a waitress, a barmaid,

and she also worked as a sex worker,

and she lived right on the edge of the Roaring Third,

so right where a lot of people were coming and going.

So it's like "Oh s--t".

Could have been someone who just left town.

Investigators were feeling like they had to kind of like work fast,

because the person in the area could easily flee.

So I mean, investigators are doing their thing,

they're questioning as many people as they can,

but nothing is coming from it, no leads, no clues, nothing.

So then in June 1936, early in the morning in Kingsbury Run,

two boys, they decided that they were gonna skip school, you know?

"Let's go hang out and walk around. because they don't know what else to do.

So they're walking around the area, and then they come across

what seems to be, you guessed it--

No, they come across a pair of trousers, there's trousers on the floor,

but that they see that there's something wrapped in it, okay?

So being the little curious cats that they were, they go up

and they kind of open up the trousers, and they see that it was a head of a male.

So okay these boys find the head, they report it to police,

and they take it in, they take the victim's head, and hopefully find an ID.

But the very next day, police, they find the body of a man,

another man, who seemed to be in his 20s,

and he was dumped in front of the police building.

Again the body was super clean, it was drained of all blood,

but this time the body was fully intact,

like not cut up like the previous victims,

but once again he was decapitated.

The victim's fingerprints were taken,

but sadly they were unable to identify who he was.

With this victim, he had six very distinct tattoos on various parts of his body,

now hoping, police were hoping that this would help identify who he was, right?

So they put out there in the newspapers and stuff like

"Hey, if you know someone with this tattoo let me know.".

So they put his tattoos out there

in hopes that somebody will come forward and say, "That's so and so",

but again sadly this victim would just be known as

"The Tattooed Man", and he was never identified.

Nobody knew who this man was.

Oh my gosh, Im just having like a light bulb moment.

Because the train station was so close by,

do you think maybe the killer was bringing in people?

No, that'd be silly.

It's probably just people from out of town.

I feel like that would be too much work.

Okay, not a lightbulb moment, but it's a thought.

So then July 1936, a teenage girl was walking through the woods

and came across a decapitated man.

First of all, Im not sure why all these kids are just

walking around alone in the woods and stuff.

So this victim seemed to be in his 40s,

and appeared to be dead for about two months.

The previous victims that had been found,

they seemed to be killed in different locations,

and then they were dropped around the town,

or in the area that the killer left them at.

But with this victim it was different.

It was believed that this victim was killed on the spot,

maybe this person saw something he wasn't supposed to see,

because nearby was a pile of bloody clothing,

and there was a large amount of blood that had seeped into the ground,

which led authorities to believe that he was killed on the spot,

I mean it was clear as day.

His head and the bloody clothing was found nearby,

like it was right next to the body pretty much, but it was just different.

I personally am leaning towards like,

maybe they witnessed something, and the killer had to--

Didn't have to, but you know, he felt like "Well I gotta get rid of you now.".

So then in September 1936, a man is walking to the train,

he's gonna catch a train so he can get out of town, right?

So he's walking and then he trips, and he looks back to see like

"What the hell did I just trip over?", right?

And he's looking, and he sees like what seems to be a man's torso.

He tripped over a man's torso.

Yeah, that sounds really weird, but based off of what I was reading

and some of the pictures I saw, there seemed to be--

Or like the area was really bad, and they were just like piles of trash everywhere.

And the torso wasn't just like laying out in the open with like nothing around it,

where you couldn't miss it, you know?

It was just kind of like buried, or kind of mixed in

with all the mess that was going on in the area, so yeah.

'Cause when I was reading that, I was like "He tripped over a man's torso?".

So this man, he was just trying to get out of town and is walking,

trips, look back, "What is that?", man's torso.

Police went out there, they searched the area, right?

And nearby is like this large pool.

So it's like, when you're walking there's a lot of the trash,

and debris, and everything, right?

And then nearby is like this huge pool,

which was said to be nothing more than just a big open sewer.

"Someone's gotta check that, who's gonna check that?", police are thinking this.

"I'm not checking that, you're checking that. You're going in there. Mhm.",

theyre like "That's your job".

But eventually, they got a diver to come out to the area

and dive into this large pool that was pretty much a sewer, like it was rough.

And they're searching this area

because they're thinking that maybe, you know,

the rest of this man's body parts could be in there, right?

Now this brought on a lot of onlookers,

people want to know what the heck's going on.

Now the media was reporting about the bodies being found and whatnot,

and kind of keeping everyone up to date about what was going on.

So a lot of the people knew like, nobody knew who this killer was,

and these bodies are being found, you get it, okay.

When they see people in the area, they see police searching the pool,

they're like "Oh jeez".

So everyone's like huddling around this pool thing,

not even huddling because it was a lot of people who came.

It was said that up to like 600 people showed up to see what police found.

So they're all just like watching.

Nowin this pool, they were able to recover

the lower half of the torso and parts of both legs.

Now at this point they were on to victim number six,

who was believed to be in his late 20s, who again was decapitated.

The coroner takes a look at this victim, and had noted that

there was a lack of hesitation marks on the body,

which made them believe that whoever had done this was very strong,

but also a very confident killer, who had to be very familiar

with the human anatomy.

Which is really interesting when you think about it,

that the coroner was able to tell that the person who had done this,

didn't hesitate when they were cutting up the body.

I found that really interesting.

It may sound morbid, welcome to my channel, I guess.

But wow, it's something you just don't think about,

or I didn't, I don't know.

Anyway, so it was noted that the victim's head had been cut off

with just like one bold, clean stroke, which said that is what killed the victim instantly.

Sadly though, they were unable to identify this victim as well.

Now at this point they were, again, at six killings in just one year,

not even just like normal killings, which are still awful,

but these were very intense killings, right?

Where are the damn heads?

They had no clues, no suspects, nothing to go off of.

The local newspapers were reporting on the killings almost daily,

and the fact that they had no suspects created a lot of tension in the area.

Well a lot of tension and a lot of fear, I would say.

Some sicko is out here just chopping up people

and you guys are lollygagging, the police, they're lollygagging,

like why haven't they got anyone?

The media started referring to whoever was doing this, the killer,

they were calling him the "Mad Butcher",

and other than calling him the Mad Butcher, that's really all they had.

They had nothing, nothing.

You know, sometimes I think back, not even think back,

Ill be like sitting on a toilet minding my own business, right?

And Im like "How did they even solve crimes back then?",

unless they caught him right away,

you could get away with so much though back then,

not that that's a good thing but it just--

I don't know how they did it, I really dont.

The mayor steps in, and he appoints a new safety director

named Elliot Ness to get involved into the case,

he's gonna be like the lead main investigator guy,

he's gonna solve the crime.

Together, they put this group of people,

the police, the coroner, and a bunch of experts,

they come together, and they create some kind of profile

to who they're looking for.

Some of the police also went undercover

and started hanging around the Roaring Third

listening into conversations, they were talking to people

acting like they're gambling--

They probably were gambling, like.

But they were just trying to talk to people and figure out,

you know, what's the inside scoop.

The police would say over time

that they had interviewed up to like almost 5,000 people, okay?

They were trying, they were talking to everybody.

And it would soon become, or at least turn into,

the biggest police investigation in Cleveland history.

They were questioning any and everybody,

and they still came up with nothing.

I don't think they were asking the right questions.

I mean, don't you think somebody would have said something?

People like to talk, people love talking,

especially when they know something.

I feel like somebody would have said something,

out of 5,000, nothing?

Well the killings continue, and in February of 1937

a man finds the upper half of a woman's torso washed up on the shore,

unlike the previous victims this cause of death,

or her cause of death, had not been decapitation.

It was believed that she was decapitated after she was dead,

see before it was like the decapitation is what killed the person,

now it was believed that the killer didn't chop off her head until after she was dead.

So the torso was found, and then three months later

the lower half of this victim's torso had also washed ashore,

but again, she was unable to be identified.

June 1937, a teenager, a teenage boy,

he's out walking, and he gets to like under a bridge area,

and under this bridge, that's where he finds a human skull,

next to the human skull was a burlap bag containing skeletal remains.

Now police take in the, you know, the skeletal remains and whatnot,

and they are able to determine that this was a 40-year-old woman,

and her dental records were able to identify her as Rose Wallace.

'Cause they were able to get her name, they were able to...

Trying to get anything, something, s--t.

Nothing came from it.

I mean there's bodies everywhere.

July 1937, a national guardsman saw the first limb of the next victim

in the wake of a passing tugboat.

Over the next few days police recovered the entire body from the river,

but once again the head was never located.

With this victim they saw that the abdomen had been gutted

and the heart was ripped out.

Also this victim was never identified.

I don't know what kind of science project was going on,

but holy moly, what the hell.

What was this person doing?

Just keeping a bunch of heads, oh my gosh.

So then for a minute, things just kind of went quiet,

not sure why, but like nothing happened for almost a year,

no new victims were being found, which is good, but it was like

"Okay this is finally over. Did the killer leave town?".

But as the months passed, it seemed like

"Okay, I think, I think it's over", nae-nae.

No of course not, because then in April of 1938,

that's right, maybe the killer like went out of town for something,

a business meeting or whatever, I don't know,

we don't know but he was back in town,

and I shouldn't say he, but I have a feeling.

April 1938, a man on his way to work

saw what he thought was a dead fish along the riverbanks,

oh it wasn't a dead fish though.

He gets up to it, right?

It's not dead fish, of course it's not a dead fish,

it was the lower half of a woman's leg, not even the full leg,

just like the shin and the calf and whatnot.


And then about a month later, police pulled two burlap bags

out of the river containing both parts of the torso, and most of the legs,

but this time the coroner was able to detect drugs in the victim's system.


So this could provide some answers, okay?

Because they're thinking like,

"Did the victim take the drugs themselves?"

"Were the drugs given to her? Maybe that could kind of give some clues.".

The coroner thought if they could find the victim's arms

it might give further answers, but unfortunately the victim's arms

were never located, and she was never identified.

So August 18th, 1938 a victim's torso was found

wrapped in a man's blue blazer.

It's wrapped in a blue blazer,

and then it's wrapped again in like an old quilt.

The legs and the arms were discovered in a makeshift box,

it was wrapped in like brown butcher paper,

and it was held together with rubber bands ,

kind of more creative than the other bodies, right?

Or the other victims.

Like, I wonder what that's about actually.

This victim was also decapitated,

and the head it was wrapped on its own separately,

but it was wrapped up in the same way.

Now it was noted on this victim that some of the parts look like

as if they had been refrigerated or put in like a refrigerator.

I don't know why I keep covering my mouth, sorry.

But while searching for more evidence,

that's when police discovered the remains of another freaking body, yeah.

Bodies, on bodies, on bodies.

Like just a lot of bodies going on.

But there was another body just yards away.

Now these two victims were never identified.

Now do you remember Elliot Ness?

I like mentioned him earlier today.

Now Elliot Ness was the one who was like, the main guy,

the main investigator on this case.

Elliot was famous himself, and he was most famous

for bringing down Al Capone, yeah.

So he was pretty known, especially by criminals.

But it seemed like the killer was definitely taunting Elliot at this point.

It was in plain view, another body.

Elliot at this point was like "Okay, game on b---h.",

no, I was kidding, he didn't say that.

But Elliott round--

Yeah, he probably did actually,

because he pulls the douchiest move of all time.

Elliott deserves douche of the year,

because he rounded up about 35 police officers and detectives,

and his plan was for them to go search for the killer in the hobo jungles,

that's what they called this area, where all the rundown houses were out

and all the homeless people are living.

He, Elliot was believing that this is where the killer was living.

So all these police officers, they raided through the Run.

They were going from place to place, arresting around 63 men.

While police and firemen searched the deserted shanties for evidence or clues,

Elliott at this time was seeing red, whoever this killer was,

was taunting him, and his ego is probably just a little bruised.

What does an angry man do?

Well he's like "Let me call police and tell them really quick"

"to set the shacks on fire and burn down the town to the ground ".

So Elliot calls for a police and firemen to go out there

and set these shacks on fire, and just burn the whole section down.

This is where like all the homeless people are living, and you know,

the great depression had happened a couple years prior.

People are not really fully back on their feet,

a lot of them are just living in these little shacks

because it's really all they could do.

They can't go anywhere, they don't have money to go anywhere,

this is where they're living, and Elliot is has them burn it all down,

like these people already had nothing.

They do it, they burn it down,

the whole thing gets burned down to the ground,

and then Elliot's like "Yay, fixed it".

So the newspapers are reporting on all this, right?

The people of the town were angry,

a lot of them were very angry with Elliot for what he had done,

he was heavily criticized for his actions.

People knew that the raid would do nothing to solve the murders,

burning down people's homes did nothing,

if anything, you just burned down evidence that may have been there.

Now many were saying, or at least thinking,

they were thinking that whoever was responsible for these murders,

had to be someone who was familiar with the human anatomy, right?

That's what the coroner said.

Well, in order to be familiar with the human anatomy,

you would think this person may be a doctor

or something along those lines, right?

So many thought that like, if this were to be true,

what are the odds that the killer would be

living in one of the run-down homes in that area?

Whoever was responsible needed more room

to drain the bodies of their blood, right?

Cut them up, etc. etc.

People are thinking "You just burned down a whole area"

"and ruined all these people's lives, for what?"

"There's no way the person could live in there".

I think Elliot just used this opportunity

to get rid of the homeless population,

that was probably like an eyesore for him or something,

that's just my own personal opinion, not a fact.

After the area had been burned down,

the killings had stopped completely, so maybe he did live in the area?

No, I don't think so.

But I also forgot to mention that eventually the--

Not eventually--

Yeah, eventually, the media gave this killer the name

"The Cleveland Torso Killer".

So the Cleveland torso case ends

with a letter addressed to the chief of police on December 21st, 1931.

Let me tell you what this letter said, it's typed out,

it's typed not written or anything,

and it says "Chief of Police, You can rest easy now"

"as I have come out to sunny California for the winter."

"I felt bad operating on those people but science must advance."

"Just laboratory guinea pigs found on any public street.

"No one missed them when I failed."

"Right now I have a volunteer who will absolutely prove my theory."

"They called me mad and a butcher but the "truth will out"".

"The body has not been found and never will be"

"but the head minus features is buried in a gully on Century Blvd."

"between Eastern and Century Crenshaw."

"I feel it is my duty to dispose of the bodies I do."

"It is god's will not to let them suffer.",

that's the last they had heard of this Cleveland Torso Killer, right?

From this letter.

Now eight years after, this is when Elizabeth Short, "The Black Dahlia" is found,

dead in sunny California, with the same markings

of The Cleveland Torso Killer.

She, like if you remember in my last video,

was drained of all blood, she was cut in half,

similar to the victims out in Cleveland, Ohio,

and this is why a lot of people believe that The Cleveland Torso Killer

is the final suspect in this case.

Who knows, who really knows.

In July of 1939, a 52-year-old man, named frank,

confessed to the murder of "Flo".

Frank said that he had lived with Flo,

and had been acquainted with two other victims, Edward, and Rose,

but his confession turned out to be all over the place.

His story was flip-flopping, and almost seemed rehearsed, practiced.

They took him in, they booked him, and he sat in jail waiting for his trial,

but before he would appear in court, Frank was found dead in his jail cell,

he hanged himself, or did he?

What appeared to be a suicide, left people with more questions,

a lot more questions, okay?

Because during the autopsy, was revealed that Frank

had six broken ribs, and Frank was five foot eight,

but hanged himself from a hook only five foot seven inches off of the floor,

with six broken ribs, like thats a little weird.

Many people did not think Frank was the killer, okay?

That police forced him to confess, because people wanted,

you know, someone in jail for all these murders.

So Frank is the one that got hit with it,

and then maybe they killed him before trial,

because like the broken ribs had to happen while in police custody, but why?

So these murders, they just remain one big mystery,

nothing has been solved from it.

I mean, nobody knows what the hell was going on,

there are so many rumors out there as who the killer may be,

but there's been no solid leads as to who it was.

Eliot Ness believed whoever the killer was,

continued to taunt him for years after the killings had stopped,

he would get letters, he would get pictures, it led him nowhere.

The biggest bummer of all, is that all official police records on this case

have been destroyed, or they were lost.

Never been solved and all the files are gone,

so it's like, that's it, you know?

Many believe that The Cleveland Torso Killer moved out west,

and then that's when this person may have killed Elizabeth Short.

We may never know who this person was,

and what the hell they were doing exactly.

And it's disturbing, like this one's really disturbing,

because I don't know.

Once you start chopping people up, I just feel like...

That my friends is a story about The Cleveland Torso Killer,

whoever the hell that was.

If you know or if you have any information,

maybe you were related to this person, let us know--

Well don't let me know, let the police know first, okay?

And then come back and let me know, but no tell the police.

But yeah, I mean it just remains one big mystery.

Man this one is so wild.

I would love to hear your thoughts and theories down below.

Do you think The Cleveland Torso Killer

may have been the one who killed "The Black Dahlia", Elizabeth Short?

Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today.

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The Description of The Mad Butcher, Cleveland Torso Killer - Still Unsolved ?? Mystery and Makeup | Bailey Sarian